15 Unbelievable Superhuman Qualities that You Might Have

We are born to be heroes in our own little way. But did you know that some of us have those unbelievable superhuman skills or qualities? Are you excited to know what they are?

Below are the 15 superhuman qualities that you might have:

1. The ability to use your left and right hands equally well.

Superhuman Qualities
Ambidexterity is the ability to use both hands- left and right equally well. In sports, this ability is the biggest advantage (switch-hitting) for the athlete, and it adds extra income for them. Research studies say that out of a hundred people, only one is ambidextrous. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. You can instantly recognize notes.

Superhuman Qualities
Perfect pitch is a unique sensory aspect that determines a particular person whether they have the skill to distinguish or can recreate a presented musical note even without a source of the tone. A study says that out of 10,000 individual, there is only one absolute pitch exists. A study has been conducted and it is considered to be genetic because of its rarity- but, no DNA marker was detected.

3. Superb power in taste testing

Superhuman Qualities
Do you think that taste testing is just a simple task? Well, you’re wrong! The experts who are doing it are not getting income to just like or dislike the product. They need to give information regarding the products such as taste, aftertastes, aromas, and mouthfeel. A taste tester must pass many types of acuity tests that include sensory ability screening (a skill that distinguishes the difference of salty, bitter, sour and sweet) and also sniff tests.

As a coffee taster, it is needed to have a sensitive palate, amazing taste buds, and mindblowing knowledge of art and science of coffee making. Wine tasters can earn $160,000 every year and chocolate specialists can earn greater than $100,000 every year. So cool!

4. The power to distinguish millions of additional colors.

Superhuman Qualities
Research says that the average human eye can identify 10 million different colors, but wait, some individual can see more and more colors aside of 10 million. A precious genetic ability, tetrachromacy, enables a specific individual to see far and many colors compared to others because of additional pigment in their eyes.

It is said that a person’s eye cell has three cones, the cones generate the light’s wavelength to illustrate color. While tetrachromats possess 4th cone in their eyes, it gives them the power to identify more than a hundred of millions of colors.

5. Incredible vocal range.

Almost everyone can sing, though not all. The normal usable vocal range is about two octaves. Qualified singers can reach a wider range than the normal, but a little minority of the community can obtain unique extremes.

For example, Mariah Carey has a vocal range with five octaves, Josh Groban‘s voice has one note and three octaves, while Ariana Grande possesses a semitone and four octaves.

6. Can’t feel the physical pain.

Superhuman Qualities
Congenital analgesia is an amazingly unique genetic disease that inhibits a person to feel physical pain. According to the study, one out of every million individual is born with congenital analgesia and only 20 incidents have been recorded in the scientific research.

PRDM12 gene’s homozygous mutations can be remarkably dangerous even it sounds beneficial for someone. A person that can’t feel these physical pains misses out essential pain warning signs, such as excessive temperatures, cuts or broken bones. Our pain sensors are necessary for existence- just think the danger of unintentionally bathing in boiling water or being attacked by a dangerous snake.

7. Ability to warm yourself.

Superhuman Qualities
Do you want gloves? Obviously, not these religious monks. A circle of doctors in 1981 made research among the Tibetan monks. The research says that while praying, the temperature in their fingers and toes is rising by 8.3 degrees centigrade.

Meditative practices are linked with lower activity of the sympathetic nervous system, other people can knowingly warm themselves!

8. Superior Autobiographical Memory.

Superhuman Qualities
Hyperthymesia is a condition in which a person possesses superior autobiographical memory. As of 2013, there are only 25 circumstances that have been established in peer-reviewed reports.

The most popular incident study gave an explanation. “AJ,” a person who can remember every single day of her existence since she was 14 years old, presented an expanded temporal lobe and expanded caudate nucleus.

9. Human calculator.

Superhuman Qualities
Do you have a hard time in summing up or dividing up the bills amongst your companions at a restaurant? If yes, don’t assume yourself as one of the human calculators in the world. Mathematical skills are not common, but surely they aren’t unfamiliar.” Human computers” have been examined every year at the World’s Mental Calculation Cup.

One of the most remarkable mathematical wizards is Scott Flansburg, he is recognized by the World’s Guinness Books of Records as the Human Calculator. He has the gift to add or compute the same number to itself in 15 seconds, faster than a normal person that uses a real calculator.

Do you have an idea who found the 13th root of the following numbers? 85, 066,045,877, 894, 602, 718, 144,549, 850, 202,158, 599, 878, 748, 247, 771, 314, 023,390,284,151,465,842, 798,373, 571, 826,242,290, 153, 823, 030,300,045,932,405,615,591, 429,773,640,895,929, 526,967,430,991,763,592,650,521,841,103,923,204,661,308,357,381,613, 923,223? It is Alexis Lemaire! It gave him a mere 77.99 seconds to solve. Faster than anyone who will only read these numbers aloud!

10. Ability to sense objects by their echoes.

Superhuman Qualities
Lots of animals such as dolphins, whales, and bats use echolocation to identify and locate the objects. “Many of these animals” and including humans. Humans can create noises like finger snapping, stamping of feet, others can feel things based on their imitations or creating clicking sounds the same to other animals. The blind person uses this method as their way to locate or identify their environment, practicing sensory clues rather of visible ones.

Have you heard about Ben Underwood? A man who suffered from losing his vision to retinal cancer at the age of two popularly teaches himself to echolocate before turning five. He does some tongue clicking to play football, ride a bicycle, basketball and skateboarding. This skill can be learned and lots of blind people have practiced themselves to familiarize with the sound waves that reflected off of the things around them.

11. Clear vision underwater

Superhuman Qualities
Who says that only mermaids can see underwater? The Moken people of Myanmar and Thailand catch fish with their common methods without wearing a mask and goggles underwater.

It sounds unbelievable but it is true, Moken people can gather shellfish at the bottoms of 75 ft underwater without mask or any eye covering. This skill can be explained through the research of Moken children, whose underwater vision is twice as clear as European children of similar age.

12. Ability to speak a multitude of languages.

Superhuman Qualities
Do you know that there are several theories about polyglots? These are the people who can talk or speak several kinds of languages. According to Neuroscientist Katrin Amunts, while she was studying a German polyglot, the subject’s brain especially the Broca’s area has a different arrangement than monolinguals. Some theories tell that other people who have interest in learning multiple languages and adequate intelligence can’t only master new words quickly but can become more efficient with every word.

Particular polyglot intellectuals like Christopher have been greatly examined. He is fluent in 16 languages, and has the skill to obtain different words easily, and can clearly distinguish languages that he can’t speak. While lots of research to do, it seems scholars with unbelievable language skills generally have a weak hand-eye strategy, lower problem-solving capabilities, and communicative and conversational problems.

13. Ability to withstand cold.

Superhuman Qualities
Other people are made for a cold climate. Researchers say that compared to non-indigenous Russians existing in the similar community, native Siberians are suitable adaptor of cold. The research discovered that an individual native to cool weather has around 50% above basal metabolic rate, can remain their body temperature properly without shaking, and produce fewer perspiration glands on the face and body.

14. Universal blood donor.

Superhuman Qualities
Do you have an idea in blood transfusion? With regards to that, type O RhD negative is a huge plus! Certainly, every blood type has its price and when onhand, it is absolute for matching recipients with an equal type.

Type O RhD negative blood type can create undesired effects in some persons, but it can be given to anyone in the emergency setting especially in critical condition.

15. Increased muscle mass and muscle strength.

Superhuman Qualities
Incredible strength is not out of reach for everyone. Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy is a unique status that hits the MSTN genes and is identified by lessened body fat and higher muscle size. Affected people have up to the double-the-normal quantity of tissue mass in their bodies and manage to have developed muscle energy.

It is a good thing to know that there are few individuals that are about 40% stronger than normal individuals.

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