30 Easy and Unique Nail Art Ideas and Designs

Do you want to carry art on your body, but not something as permanent as a tattoo? Fret not, now you can show your creativity through those beautiful long nails, which took you months to nurture and grow!  Nail art may appear cumbersome and time consuming however, you can safely let that thought find its way out and try out these super easy, funky and fabulous nail art designs. Ditch the boring old monochrome paints and let the world get a glimpse of your artistic side!

So here are 30 simple and unique nail art ideas and designs to look for.

  1. The untidy curves

the untidy curves

This chic design is super easy and the best part is that is doesn’t need to be perfect! Choose any 2 of your favourite colours that go well together. Apply the base, let it dry, and then draw curves and dots as you want to.

29. Easy smileys

easy smileys


It couldn’t get any more easier than this, yet it looks cute and funky. Apply the base paint as per your liking and then draw the smiley using the round end of a bobby pin. You could draw different expressions or the one which represents your present mood.

  1. Zigzag cuts

zigzag cuts

A small piece of tape helps you create loads of funky nail art designs. Put the base paint, cut the tape in a zigzag fashion and stick it over your nail. Apply a different polish and remove the tape when it dries off.

  1. The crazy eyes

the crazy eyes

These adorable eyes will take you less than 10 minutes to perfect. Paint your nails black, put white dots with the head of a pin, and then draw the eye balls as you wish! Let these cuties look at different directions.

  1. Mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse

For all the Disney lovers, this is the perfect nail art for you. Paint your nails bright yellow. With the head of a pin put 3 dots close by. Join them to create the classic Mickey Mouse symbol.

  1. Musical notes

musical notes

Music lovers, this is the design which truly reflect your personality and interest. All you need to do is, paint your nails white. Put 3 lines at the lower ends, and make the musical notes with black paint.

  1. The magical cross

 crisscross pattern

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the key. These humble crosses give a different angle and vibrancy to your nails. Paint the base colour, and make a cross. Use different shades to make more crosses to add liveliness.

  1. Multi-coloured abstract

colourful abstract

This design is a must try for those you want to add some colour and freshness to their lives. Buy as many bright paints as you can and try out these doable patterns, which can never ever go wrong.

  1. Minion love

minion love

Nowadays, minion are getting immensely popular. No one can possibly hate these delectable evil- serving assistants! Highly fashionable and trendy, this design will definitely earn you a lot of compliments. Use a small tipped brush to do draw the intricacies.

  1. Rolling the dice

rolling the dice

The dice is one of the most popular nail art design. These are basically DIY dots alone, but with a twist. Making dots can be a little stressful and shaky, but using the round end of a bobby pin will do the trick.

20. Floral beauty

Floral beauty

If nothing works out, you could always make flowers! One of the simplest nail art design,flowers make your nails look extremely feminine and gentle. All you need to do is use the blunt end of a pin and put dots. You could use different colours, or make different shapes too.

  1. The majestic bow

the majestic bow

The bow gives you a very non- fussy and formal look. This unique design will surely gain you a lot of attention! All you need to do is paint a transparent coat, then make the little bows with a pin.

  1. Yes to glitter!

yes to glitter!

Glitter nail paints are available everywhere. Use tape to make diagonals and straight lines. Fill the diagonals with glitter nail paint. Apply transparent paint in the upper region and sprinkle black glitter lightly, so that it gives a smoky effect.

  1. Make way for polka dots

make way for polka dots!

Polka dots are the least time consuming and look super attractive. Bobby pins and a dash of colouful nail paints are all you need. Colour your nails differently and apply the dots carefully. These look perfect when you are headed for a party.

  1. The outline

the outline

Outlining your nails is a very unique nail paint idea which looks spectacular. Firstly, paint your nails white. Then outline it with a blank paint. To make crescents, use reinforcement stickers, by sticking them on the top. After all, practice makes a man perfect!

  1. Halloween special

Halloween special

Scare your peeps out with this Halloween inspired pumpkin heads! It isn’t as difficult to make as it looks like. After applying the base coat, draw the crescent heads and stalk. Make scary expressions as you please.

  1. The Frankenstein

The Frankenstein

People who are into Goth will surely love this. Frankensteins make one of the best nail art designs. Paint your nails green and draw the hair, mouth and eyes with the blunt end of a pin. It can be messy too!

  1. Continued designs

continued design

It’s the perfect example of unity! When you place your nails together, they bring out a different meaning altogether. Paint your nails bright orange. Draw a pair of scissors on your thumb nail, and consequent dots on the others.

  1. Sparkle all the way

sparkle all the way

Whenever you have doubt, use glitter. Paint a bright coloured nail paint. When applying the second coat, sprinkle glitter while it’s still dry. Glitter nails accentuates your look and adds a glamor quotient, whenever you are headed for a night out or clubbing.

  1. Crisscross diagonals

crisscross diagonals

This is easy to attain, with a little practice. Use the fabric that makes up loofah as a stencil. This fishnet looks highly sophisticated. Paint your nails and let it dry. Hold a piece of loofah over your nails and paint another colour.

  1. Royal design

royal design

This nail paint will make you look prim and proper. Gives you a majestic look. Choose light colours which will bring out more effect. Cut the tape in different shapes and use that to get a clean shape.

  1. Christmas special

Christmas special

Reindeers and Christmas go hand in hand. Get in the festive mood and help yourself to these cute reindeer heads. Get a sparkly red polish and paint it. Then use a greyish paint to draw the heads.

  1. Delightful lady bugs

delightful ladybugs

Lady bugs add an ‘aww’ factor to everything. These pretty red bugs are easy to draw and look very cute. You just need to perfect the art of applying dots. Draw the bug in one nail and keep the others simple.

  1. The rainbow

the rainbow

As the name suggests, you can use as many colours as you possess. All you need to do is, make diagonals, which can easily be done using tape. Make as many diagonals as you can and fill them with all the vibrant colours.

  1. The branches/ Lightening


This either resembles the branches of a tree or lightening, depending on what you perceive it. Divide your nail and paint each half with contrasting colours. Make the branches/ lightening as you want to and you will be all good!

  1. Splatter nails

splatter nails

Could it get any easier and more fun than this? Cover the area around your nails with tape and apply the base coat, preferably white. Now use straws to splatter different colours of nail paints on your nails haphazardly.

  1. Stone nails

stone nails

Now it’s possible to get your nails to look exactly like pebbles and precious stones! Take a crumpled up ball of plastic, and paint a few portions of it with a metallic colour. Pat it gently on your nails over the base coat.

  1. Curly designs

curly designs

This artistic nail art design looks tiresome, but isn’t. Apply a bright base coat to give weight to the design. With the help of a bobby pin, make curves and dots all over your nails, with black paint. It is an eye catcher.

  1. Gradient


Yes, it’s possible, and without any professional help. Paint your nails the lighter colour first. Put as many paints next to each other and swirl them at their meeting point with a toothpick. Dab the sponge onto it, and move it up and down slowly on your nail.

  1. Delicate strips

delicate strips

To get these delicately thin striped nails, first put on the base colour. Dip the tips of a fan brush’s bristles in different colours and swipe horizontally over the nails. Try out different colours only after the previous one dries up.

Do try out these unconventional designs and showcase your creative side to the world!


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