4 Best Ways To Wear Jogger Pants

For some reason or the other, jogger pants jumped back into style and is now being manufactured by almost every company you could think of. If you’re a little unsure on how to wear jogger pants, we created a list of the 4 Best Ways To Wear Jogger Pants.

Wear Jogger Pants

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What many considered to be a fitness piece in their closet that was a bit baggy and freeing, has now become a fashion staple in many men and women’s closets. It would be very crucial to say that the European influence and sneaker culture made these pants pretty popular. So popular that companies started churning them out in all colors and styles.

Now, fashion-minded individuals are finding ways to wear jogger pants whether it’s to show off the flashing kicks due to the signature cuffed bottom, or, to have a more tapered look to your outfit, there are multiple ways to rock these pants. So check out our list of the Best Ways To Wear Jogger Pants and let us know which one you prefer.

5 Best Ways To Wear Jogger Pants

4. Dress It Up

It’s pretty simple to transform normal joggers into a piece of clothing that you can freely sport with some dress shoes and and dress shirt and easily get away with it. Some jogger pants are more chino-looking with a cuffed bottom. Throw on some long socks and dress shoes, tuck your button down in on top, tie is optional and throw on a blazer. It’s a fool-proof way to look good and stay comfortable.


3. Lifestyle

The streetwear lifestyle is now seriously pushing jogger pants. All you need for this look is a cool undershirt and a bomber jacket or puffy jacket of some sort. It’s an easy way to look smooth and if you have some flashy kicks you want to show off, simply add it to the mix.


2. Sporty

This is the simplest look you could possibly put together and it’s a pretty slouchy look but really works. Grab a hoodie or sweatshirt and throw that on with some joggers and active/running sneakers. It is possible to mix and match the colors so don’t worry too much about that.


1. Casual

In the spring and summer time, while shorts are cool, joggers can simply push your outfit up a level. Sport some joggers with a t-shirt or long-sleeve tee and pull up the bottom about halfway on to your calve. A light henley could work perfectly to bring this look together.


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