5 Awesome Chance The Rapper Tracks

With nominations at the 2017 Grammys off of a mixtape, Chance The Rapper proved that you can be a solo artist and give your music away for free, while still being successful. We decided to share 5 Awesome Chance The Rapper Tracks in our opinion.

The Coloring Book mixtape was filled with future classics from Chance The Rapper and his collaborators, however, there are plenty of previous tracks in his discography that we feel are must-listens. The hip-hop genre is filled with talent but Chance The Rapper brings something new to the table.

Chance The Rapper has an original style of delivery and there is just something very positive and real about his music. For our list we want to work backwards from his latest pieces to his oldest. You can see just how well he has progressed over the year from this list.

So, if you’re ready for some Chance The Rapper tracks, check out our 5 Awesome Chance The Rapper Tracks list below.

5 Awesome Chance The Rapper Tracks

5. “All We Got” Ft. Kanye West and The Chicago Children’s Choir

This happens to be one o the newer tracks from Chance The Rapper and it is absolutely uplifting. It’s an ode to music and it’s power. Having Kanye on the track is a nice touch however, including the Chicago Children’s Choir was a standup move and brought angelic light to the song.

Chance The Rapper Tracks

4. “Favorite Song” Ft. Childish Gambino

“Favorite Song” is just a fun song that blends sounds of the old and new. Chance The Rapper completely rips the track and so to does Childish Gambino. It was almost like a little competition between the two who brought their best. There are also rumors of a new collaboration between the two in the works.

Chance The Rapper Tracks

3. “Family” Ft. Vic Mensa and Sulaima

“Family” featured a very catchy chorus and masterful lyrics. They are very relatable which is a pattern in all of his music. Together with Vic Mensa and Sulaima, Chance The Rapper opened our ears to real music once again.

Chance The Rapper Tracks

2. “Doctor Oz”

On “Doctor Oz,” Chance The Rapper took on the stories of different students who seem to be struggling with their own woes. Each of the subjects want a change or help in understanding what they are going through. It’s beautiful and a very commendable piece.

Chance The Rapper Tracks

1. “In My Place”

Finally, Chance The Rapper channels Coldplay’s “In My Place” for a brief but impactful track. He uses his wordplay to get him through the track. Chance The Rapper also names many of his influences throughout the track.

Chance The Rapper Tracks

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