5 Awesome Summer Hairstyles For Men

Summer is an opportunity to get stylish and try out some new hairstyles. If they don’t work, well, you can buzz it down and not have to worry about any styling for some time. Hair is starting to get a little wild and crazy but these are 5 Awesome Summer Hairstyles For Men that should help you look sleek for summer 2016.

Classic hairstyles are definitely making a comeback and that’s why we are seeing bigger hair with serious parts. It’s cool to have big hair no matter what time of the year it is but for some, managing that in the summertime could get pretty difficult and become a time-consuming process.

Below you will find 5 Awesome Summer Hairstyles For Men that are all tailored to the amount of patience one has when styling. We’ll go from the hairstyles that take the least amount of styling, to those that take a little more time for you to get ready for that summer party.

5 Awesome Summer Hairstyles For Men

Buzz Cut

There is nothing better than a buzz cut when it comes to low-maintenance hairstyles. Once it’s this short you don’t even need to run a brush through it, just simply throw on an outfit and carry this bad-boy look through the summertime.

Hairstyles For Men

Short Messy Spikes

Short messy spikes are great because they just require a little gel and some imagination. Let the buzz cut grow out for a couple of weeks and you can experiment with this style. No comb required, just let the hair grow a bit and use gel or pomade to style. Simply run the product through your hair and enjoy the messy spiked look.

Hairstyles For Men

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is the next step up from those short messy spikes. When the hair gets a little longer, you’ll need a little more patience. Taking the longer hair and moving it towards the center of your head like a mohawk hairstyle is easy with the right product. It can also look a little messy which makes it easy for those who aren’t too meticulous.

Hairstyles For Men

Man-Bun/Samurai Bun

The man bun is for those with longer hair who choose not to style it. You can simply put that hair in a bun and the ladies actually love it. Having the bun to the back or the top of the head is an old school look that is effortless and definitely not time-consuming at all.

Hairstyles For Men


The pompadour is one of the hardest hairstyles to master but one of the coolest looks for the summer. The fade has to be tight and the optional part must be well placed. The key to a good pompadour is the blow-drying which takes up most of the time. However, if the blow-drying is done correctly, styling won’t take long at all.

Hairstyles For Men

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  • I personally love the Buzz Cut look during summer. second in my list would be Faux Hawk, it looks really cool.

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