5 Best Men’s Sweater Types For Fall and Winter

The colder months are here and it’s going to be very necessary to choose the right sweaters that will keep you both warm and stylish. So, we came up with our list of the 5 Best Men’s Sweater Types For Fall and Winter seasons.

Sometimes clothing that is conventional and practical isn’t always stylish. So, what are some of the sweater options that can be worn for the Fall and Winter and still keep you looking stylish? Well, the answer always lies within the person who wears them, but being as we like to dish out a little advice, we will share a few pieces that we found worked the best.

We realize not everyone is a fashion guru or even needs to be fashionable when it’s 15 degrees outside. However, if you want to add a little style, well, it never hurt anyone right? So check out the five options we have for you below in our list of the 5 Best Men’s Sweater Types For Fall and Winter.

5 Best Men’s Sweater Types For Fall and Winter

1. Cardigan Sweater

The cardigan sweater is getting to be super conventional at this point but it’s a timeless style that can really add a mature factor to your look. Some may say it’s a bit too grandpa-esque. However, if you pair it with the proper outfits, cardigan sweaters will have you warm and stylish. We recommend heavy but comfortable ones.

Mens Sweater Types

2. Cable Knit Sweater

If you’re fed up of plain sweaters that simply lacy character or depth, you can try out a cable knit sweater. The name refers to the distinct pattern on the sweaters and for the most part, many of them are heavy enough to brave the cold weather. Throw one on in the fall and you may not even need a jacket.

Mens Sweater Types

3. Ribbed Sweaters

Ribbed sweaters are a little more tamed than cable knit sweaters and provide a nice textured option over the plain sweaters. They are super stylish and in some cases, you can pull off an oversized version of the sweater for a fresh look. These are great for the colder seasons.

Mens Sweater Types

4. Fair Isle Sweater

The Fair Isle sweater has a pretty awesome pattern to it and comes in a couple of cuts, however, the classic crewneck cut should pretty much cover all of the points you need in terms of style and wearability.

Mens Sweater Types

5. Half-Zip or Full-Zip Sweaters

We are adding half-zip or full-zip sweaters to the list because of their versatility. These sweaters allow you to layer so it’s pretty likely that you could have a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, button-down shirt or even a lighter sweater underneath. A layer is key in the colder temps because you can throw it on if you’re heading outside and if you get super hot inside, simply remove it easily.

Mens Sweater Types

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