5 Greatest Power Rangers Ever

There are plenty of Power Ranger characters and seasons that just keep on coming. However, there are a select few who are just plain legendary. So, we bring you the 5 Greatest Power Rangers Ever list. There is room for argument but we’ve got gems on this list.

Greatest Power Rangers

Legendary Power Rangers are absolutely amazing and we have some real legends on our list. Of course for many purists, the original rangers are the greatest. We happen to agree with that statement for the most part which is why our top three happens to be some of the first rangers.

There are plenty of things that come into consideration when we speak about the greatest, the will, leadership and ability to defeat their opponents. The rangers below all have a great ability and some awesome suits to match. Check out the 5 Greatest Power Rangers Ever list below.

5 Greatest Power Rangers Ever

5. Silver (Super Megaforce)

Orion was the Silver ranger for the Super Megaforce and what made him so special was the power of the sixth rangers. Orion could access power of the sixth rangers from seasons past and also had the amazing Q-Rex Megazord.

4. Silver Ranger (Dino Charge)

Zenowing took on the role of the mighty and powerful Silver Ranger for the Dino Charge series. He was also able to control the awesome Titano zord which is still one of the coolest zords to date.

3. Gold Ranger (Power Rangers Zeo)

Trey of Triforia was the Gold Zeo Ranger and he made quite the splash in his first appearance. He fought with a ton of courage and later on the prestige of being the Gold Ranger was passed on to Jason. Let’s not forget the mighty Pyramidas zord.

2. White Ranger (Mighty Morphin)

Tommy was able to play two of the greatest Power Rangers in the history of Saban’s show. The White Ranger was the second suit he dawned and the power was incredible. The White Tiger Zord was a force to be reckoned with and let’s not forget the awesome sidekick Saba.

1. Green Ranger (Mighty Morphin)

The Green Ranger is the greatest ranger ever. He had that signature dagger that doubled as a flute, which called upon the almighty Dragonzord. He was evil at first, however, it was against his will. Once he came to the good side it was all over for their enemies.

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