5 Legendary Carpool Karaoke Skits From The Late Late Show

Whenever you need a little comic relief, The Late Late Show With James Corden never disappoints. They have developed one of the biggest viral hits and we decided to recognize it by sharing 5 Legendary Carpool Karaoke Skits From The Late Late Show.

carpool karaoke

Thanks to the late George Michael, he and James Corden came up with something that brings comedy and music together. As these elements combine, the result is a fun and upbeat video that will brighten anyone’s day.

The carpool karaokes that we have selected feature some of the biggest names in music and one historic woman who knows how to have fun. Carpool karaoke is essentially a light way to hold an interview and it’s very refreshing. You can check out our 5 Legendary Carpool Karaoke Skits From The Late Late Show below.

5 Legendary Carpool Karaoke Skits From The Late Late Show

5. Adele

Adele showed us all why she is one of the most powerful voices in music. Over the years she has released hit after hit and from the smile in the thumbnail below, you can see she also had the time of her life with James Corden.

4. Elton John

From starting this spectacular journey with George Michael to calling upon music legend Elton John, James Corden has really outdone himself. John doesn’t always appear on these talk shows but him appearing for carpool karaoke speaks volumes.

3. Madonna

From one legend to another, Madonna joined James Corden and showed just how flexible she can be. She also showed that she hasn’t lost a beat and still knows how to have fun. Not to mention she revealed who made the first move when she dated Michael Jackson.

2. Lady Gaga

With the release of Joanne, Lady Gaga joined Corden and together they sang their hearts out. Gaga has an undeniably beautiful and powerful voice and shared a bit of her fun side, despite the emotional tone of her album.

1. Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama showed that even though you hold a respectable position, you can still have a ton of fun. Spoiler alert, Missy Elliot made a guest appearance on this installment of carpool karaoke.

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