5 Ways to Show Off Sneakers

Sneakers have become a vital part of any outfit. It’s now being noticed more and more especially with names like Kanye West and Drake releasing limited edition kicks from companies like Adidas and Jordan brand. In many cases people are now checking out your feet to see what you’re wearing especially if they happen to be a “sneakerhead.” Now, there are new fashion trends that allow you to properly showcase your kicks while still remaining pretty stylish. Below are five ways to show off sneakers in the proper manner.

5. The Tuck

Photoed below is DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame showing off his kicks using the tuck method. This is one of the most common methods of showcasing your sneakers and has been used prior to new cuts of pants which will be discussed later on. The tuck is mostly used with high top sneakers or boots where the tongue is actually showcased as the pants are tucked inside the entire shoe. There is also a method of the tuck where the front part of the pant is tucked behind the tongue and the rear half is over the back of the sneaker, sort of a half tuck if you will.


4. The Pinroll

Pinrolls are becoming more of a common style in mens fashion and allows those looking to show off their kicks a pretty cool way to do so. For the most part the type of pants you wear will depend on whether or not this look is right for you. Pinrolls tend to work with pants that are slim fit rather than the bootcut fit. The point is to have a tapered look that stops just above your sneaker. Pinrolls are more common for low-top sneakers and add a certain neatness to the overall look.


Pinroll Tutorial Via GTFan712

3. Shorts

One of the more obvious approaches to showing off your sneakers is by of course, wearing shorts. The high cut of shorts allows for more of a concentration on what you’re wearing on your feet. In the summer time it’s the go to option and for the most part it’s the most comfortable option. Though, if you live in New England where it snows often, it won’t be a viable option year-round.

2. Tapered Pants

If you want to avoid the hassle of the pinroll and tucking your pants in your sneakers simply having them tapered might be the best bet. A taper makes the legs of your pants slimmer and is often done from the knee down. The bottom of the pants will be tighter therefore it can sit high enough so that it does hide the top of the sneaker. In terms of high tops, it will bring an almost forced tuck that doesn’t require much additional styling. 


1. Joggers Pants 

Jogger pants are becoming more of popular staple in mens fashion and it happens to be an excellent way to show off sneakers of any height. The cuff at the bottom of joggers makes it easier to tuck in high top sneakers. Meanwhile, the cuff also helps the bottom of your pants sit above the sneaker putting them in a full view for admirers. They also make for some pretty awesome shots of your sneakers such as the one below.

#StaffDress – @_Bunp in the @AsicsTigerUSA Gel-Lyte V | #Feature #AllThingsGood

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