5 Ways To Wear The Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 or Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG for those who enjoy full names, is one of the most versatile pairs of sneakers ever. So, we created a list of 5 Ways To Wear The Air Jordan 1.

Originally created for “his airness,” Michael Jordan, the sneakers were built around an on-court function. Today, the Air Jordan 1 is recognized for it’s off-court appeal.

Sneaker fanatics always seem to rip these sneakers off the shelves when they release. Some of that can be attributed to the legendary name attached to it. Who doesn’t want to own a pair of Air Jordans?

Some are more about the hype. Meanwhile, style-driven individuals understand the fashionable appeal of the sneaker. So, if you happen to own a pair and want to switch it up a bit, check out our list of 5 Ways To Wear The Air Jordan 1.

5 Ways To Wear The Air Jordan 1

5. Lazy Sweats

If you’re having a lazy day and you just want to wear a sweat suit. The Air Jordan 1 is pretty easy to wear. Lace it up and stack those sweats over the high top for a clean look that shows off your kicks and helps you remain comfortable.

Air Jordan 1

4. Jeans and Casual Wear

Jeans are the most popular go-to pieces for these sneakers. Skinny jeans are good but these sneakers don’t hold a bias. Instead of showing all of the sneaker, some decided to just show the mid-section and toe box. It’s not the most appealing way to go but it is a possibility.

Air Jordan 1

3. Shorts? Why yes!

Yes, you can wear these sneakers with shorts. Now we couldn’t recommend them with the shorter pairs. However, basketball shorts, regular cargo shorts and some variations of a slimmer pair of shorts are very much acceptable.

Air Jordan 1

2. Flannel Flannel

There is nothing like a pair of Air Jordan 1’s in the fall or spring. Those are ideal conditions for a flannel shirt over a graphic tee and some awesome AJ1’s. Black and red or black and blue, these sneakers help amplify that lumberjack look.

Air Jordan 1

1. Dress It Up

There is no definitive rule that says you can’t throw on a pair of Air Jordan 1’s with a suit. Of course we would recommend a slimmer fit on the suit if you do go this route but it is quite easy to pull this look off.

Air Jordan 1

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