50 Life-Changing Steps For A Happier and Healthier YOU.

Are you not happy with how your life is going? Is every day just full of obstacles and you are finding it harder and harder to overcome? Try these 50 Life-Changing Steps for a Happier and Healthier YOU.

1. Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water will ensure you’ll stay healthy and look it.
Life-Changing Steps
2. Have a good breakfast. It’ll keep you going the whole day.
Life-Changing Steps
3. Snack on veggie sticks and drink lots of milk.
Life-Changing Steps
4. Include Omega-3 in your diet. This is a proven way to overcome sadness and depression. Tuna is rich in Omega-3 (and protein too) in case you’re wondering.

5. Tea time. Take a few minutes a day to enjoy a cup of herbal tea.
Life-Changing Steps
6. Don’t forget your green leafy vegetables like what your pre-school teacher taught you.

Life-Changing Steps
7. Have a healthy snack handy. You’ll never know when you’ll crave for some chow.

8. No sitting for more than an hour. What I mean is, make sure you take a couple of minutes to stretch your legs.

9. Remember, eating should be pleasurable so don’t make it a race.

10. Make sure you are full before step in a grocery store. I think you already know why.

11. Stop worrying about laugh lines. Afterall, laughter always is the best medicine.
Life-Changing Steps
12. Be appreciative. Always be grateful for even the smallest blessing sent your way. It will make you feel better.

13. Remember Confucius. “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”. So treat others the right way.

14. Practice a few morning rituals that you enjoy. This will make it easier for you to get out of bed.

15. Make everyday leg day. Well, not really. Just make sure to use the stairs instead of the elevator every time you can. This is a good cardio workout.
Life-Changing Steps
16. Camp. There, the air is way less polluted and it’ll give you a sense of peace.

17. The Early bird catches the worm so to speak. Rise early. No more “5 more minutes”.
Life-Changing Steps
18. Have you ever heard of the phrase “faith in humanity restored”? Wouldn’t it be nice if you know others will think just that seeing a good did from you? So always do good deeds. Believe me, it’ll feel good.

19. Take a really good care of yourself. Your family will thank you too.

20. Never underestimate the benefits of aromatherapy. Find your favorite scent to diffuse. I personally recommend lavender and/ or chamomile.

21. If you are angry, count to ten before hitting send. I’m serious. You don’t want to say/ write something you’ll probably regret.

22. Love Mother Earth and She will love you back. Recycle.

23. Stop complaining and start working on a solution.

24. Be sensitive to others.

25. Don’t dwell on the past. Live the present and be excited about your future.

26. Accept life nor you are perfect but it can be happy if you make it.

27. Set your goals. Track your progress. Celebrate your achievements.

28. Follow your passion. Do the things you love.

29. Do not be afraid to discover and explore.

30. Know the facts first. judge less.

31. Slow down when you can. Life is meant to be lived.

32. Appreciate yourself and don’t envy others.

33. Be organized.

34. Know that it’s ok to say no.

35. Nourish your relationship with other human beings. May it be your friend, partner or family.

36. Be optimistic yet realistic.

37. Dance or sing or do both more often, whenever you feel like it. You can do it in the shower if you’re not confident having an audience.

38. Stop procrastinating. Why wait until tomorrow for things you can do today.

39. Get enough sleep.

40. Read from a real book instead of Kindle.

41. Smile. Smile. Smile.
Life-Changing Steps
42. Know how beautiful you are.

43. Stay true to yourself.

44. Stop worrying about things. It’s sometimes true what they say about things (doesn’t apply to everything, of course), sort themselves out.

45. Stop talking and start communicating.
Life-Changing Steps
46. Learn to admit your mistakes and learn from them.

47. Indulge yourself but not to the point where you spoil yourself.

48. Embrace new knowledge.

49. Dream big.

50. The perfect time is NOW. Start acting on these life-changing steps that will surely make you healthier and happier.

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  • Practicing a few morning rituals is really important. It always helps to maintain your health and give you positive vibes.

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