7 Important Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is yet another successful and ‘at-the-top’ method for reserving and retaining water in your locality, to start from there. For all those who don’t know what rainwater harvesting is, it is the technique of collecting rainwater for large scale or small scale purposes. For example for cultivation, for use in households, industrial purposes etc.

It is a very easy, yet a principle technique of saving rainwater so that not just your household but all other families in your locality or even small and big industries can benefit from them. It works in favor of all and is known to have helped a lot of cities and villages across the globe!

So, here are reasons as to why this process is important for us :

Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting


Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

Oh, how we pay those bills with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes. Water is such an integral part of our lives but still, sometimes we forget its vitality. And that shows in our bills. But, here’s a simple way to not get your bills up so high.

Rainwater harvesting works in your favor here. Collecting rainwater and purifying it can make it usable, drinkable and even savable. It’s necessary that you put this to use, as it can be used for various tasks. Water lets you cook food. How will you survive without that? Food is life, life is water, so food is water. Learn the math already now.


Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

Again, as I explained the math above this, water is necessary for a living. In day to day life and in emergency conditions. And the best way to save rainwater is through rainwater harvesting.

To make this a little simpler, do something like this:

Keep buckets or huge containers or vessels outside your house or in your balcony. (It also depends on how much it rains, of course.) Make sure the water doesn’t overflow though. It is vital for the containers to get filled and then you put new ones in their place. Also, please keep praying that the rain doesn’t stop. Thanks.


Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

So, here we get a little specific about where we would like to utilize this water. Let’s understand that farmers too, need it for irrigation and cultivation purposes. Now, here’s the thing. Crops and other cultivated plans need rainwater from time to time otherwise usually, underground water from the wells is required all the time. Instead of using up so much of underground water, it’s better to let the farmers use up the water that is retained directly from the rains.

Plants also react to some levels of acid or other bacteria in the rain. It is better if it is purified first before it spoils the crops and there’s no cultivation whatsoever.


Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

From small scale to large scale industries, from farmers to rich landlords, everyone needs water in order to keep their business running. But, what about households? This is where it is most needed.

Collecting rainwater is as easy as it sounds and can solve a lot of problems at home because of its multiple usages. It can be used for bathing, for cleaning the house, washing clothes, watering the plants, etc. Also, if boiled and purified, it can be used for drinking purposes too. So, it is utilized best in households.

Also, direct rainwater removes all kinds of body rashes that were caused due to extreme heat. So, go and stand outside and get rid of all those rashes!


Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

Everyone depends on groundwater. Societies and localities are build up and their pipes and all the drainage systems are all connected to pipes that directly give way to groundwater. The water used at your place, in offices and industries is all groundwater.

Alongside, there are also a lot of difficulties caused because of the shortage of groundwater these days as there’s been exorbitant use of it. Solution? Yes, it’s rainwater harvesting.

So, make sure that whenever it rains, you’re ready with your containers.


Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

As discussed above, water is the most powerful resource. It is unfortunate that it is being used in excess and it is also assumed that our future generations will not have much water to survive. This is a very unfortunate situation for those living in this generation as they know that the groundwater levels are decreasing, but they still use it in excess.

Water is a basic amenity without which no one can survive. But using it for things that will only waste it makes no sense. There are people who don’t get water supplies and live without water for days. There are people who only depend on rainwater in order for their crops to grow and earn some fortune out of them. And then there are people who have to travel long distances to get water.

We need to distinguish between what is important and what isn’t. Rainwater harvesting plays a considerable role in saving water and no matter how repetitive this may sound, but saving water is saving lives of all those people who never get to use this resource on a daily basis.


Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

There are proper and legitimate systems for rainwater harvesting that are beyond households and are only done by government organizations and other builders. They make sure there are proper rainwater systems on the roads and other parts of it so that it prevents that area from getting flooded.

It also connects pipes and other systems so that the rainwater can directly get accumulated into the ground and can be helpful in providing water to all the houses in the locality.

So, it is our duty to understand the rain, although very unpredictable, can be used for a lot of purposes and can be used for saving lives across the world. Rainwater harvesting is a well-known proceeding that is used worldwide and is saving a considerable lot of water. Thus, it is vital for us individuals to start doing this, if we aren’t, and use it if not for other purposes, but at home so that there’s never a shortage of water. Let us all uphold the groundwater level so that it is available and accessible at all times for everyone in our locality and there’s never a situation where it starts decreasing rapidly.

A healthy environment is a safe environment!

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