7 Tips to Keep your Spectacles Clean and Scratch Free

Do you feel knackered by your unclean and warped glasses? Assumably yes, if you own one for yourself. It however is moiling to keep them ideally immaculate, but the chore to keep them revamped has to be your diurnal task. There are certain tips that should be kept in mind if you yearn your spectacles to be absolutely clean and scratch-proof.

It sometimes happens that you tend to clean up your glasses, remove the fingerprints that are unintentionally stamped on your spectacles, but unfortunately you land up making it even worse. This makes your task as well as your glasses equally  rugged. This may happen when certain inappropriate material is used to make the glasses thoroughly limpid. Use of an absolute dry cloth or other dry material  is a bad idea because this makes the vision hazy and blur, thereby ingraining scratches to it. You don’t have to be apprehensive about cleaning your glasses, because there are many generic steps that can be followed in every day life to keep your lenses well maintained.

Here is a list of seven tips to keep your glasses clean and scratch free.


7. Wet and dry:

Your pair of glasses demand enough care and protection. You need to keep them clean and scratch free if you want them to last long. The type of material that you use to make your glass pellucid determines how appropriate it is to wear the same pair in the long run. The cleaning method implies to it all. There are some tactics and techniques to clean your glasses and keep them crystal clear. It is indeed a good idea to clean your glasses with a wet material, but it is even better if you first clean it with a wet material and then clear it with a dry material. This makes your glasses absolutely lucent, thereby making your vision untroubled. This is the best and simplest method to keep your glasses perfectly clear.

6. Soap and water:

This again is a simple and a reasonable method to keep your pair of glasses clean and scratch free. A simple wash with soap and water and soap will help you keep your glasses absolutely. you can even make a mixture by diluting soap and water. you can dip your spectacles into it and then gently rub the glasses with your hands, but in a single direction. This method will make your pair of glasses perfectly limpid without even inculcating a single scratch to it. This method can be easily followed once or twice a week. Keep your glasses clean and have a perfect vision.

5. Rinse the lenses under warm water:

When you feel helpless about the method to clean your glasses, access to warm water will be a good solution to it. You can simply choose to rinse your lenses under flowing warm water. Rinse both the sides of your lenses immaculately well. The next step involves the perfect wiping. Use a clean and dry fabric to wipe your pair of glasses that you just rinsed under flowing warm water. This the simplest and unvarnished method that you can follow any where you go, without much effort. This makes your lenses perfectly clean and there is no scratch of a scratch.

4. One direction cleaning:

When you require an emergency cleaning of your glasses, all you can do is- use a soft, dry and clean fabric. Because, it is a dry fabric, you should keep in mind that the process of cleaning is carried on in a single direction. This method also needs gentle hands handling, if you move on by roughly wiping your glasses, you may end up giving it a scratch. Though it sounds very simple, but it is not very accurate. It is a “Handle with care process.” But, it definitely gives you a clear pair of lenses.

3. Use a micro fiber glass:

This perhaps, proves to be the best option. These are a different type of glasses, light in weight and scratch repellent. They obviously cost more than the general glass lenses, but at the same time are more benignant. You don’t really have to always keep worrying about keep your spectacles scratch free because these micro fiber glasses provide it all. All you need to do is keep them clean using simple tactics and protect them from extreme substances that may be cause for a scratch on it. You can enjoy the freedom of wearing a light weight and scratch proof pair of lenses by paying expending your expenditure to an extent.

2.  Glasses with scratch repellent coatings:

There are glasses available that come with scratch repellent coatings. These glasses require less maintenance and care. They just need a time to time cleaning and the general services needed for every spectacle to keep it long lasting.  These coatings may stretch your expenditure a bit, but they undoubtedly prove beneficial to you. By this you don’t have to worry about taking the decision of wearing your glasses while driving a two wheeler or so on. There are a lot many advantages to it. Using glasses of these type bounds to be proved as profitable.

 1. Windex and other detergents:

Certain available detergents and some semi solid substances undoubtedly help you clean your glasses, there by making it perfectly clear. These material contain ammonia, which has been proved to be a great cleaning product and agent. But, there are certain disadvantages of using products like these. Although these are great cleaning products, they tend to destroy the coatings of your glass very quickly, they wear off the coatings of your glass. There are coatings that are designed to protect your lenses from scratches- once these coatings are destroyed or removed they make your glasses even more vulnerable.

There are varieties of glasses that are available. You need to have proper knowledge and idea about the various types that are available and suitable at the same time. For most of the people spectacles have become a necessity for life, because of the constant deteriorating visions due to numerous factors and reasons. It is important that we adapt the commodities that best suits us, ignoring other factors. To get the best results and long lasting durability you need to take enough care of what you have.  Your spectacles are like your chums. You have to carry it along with you, where ever you go. This may be a factor that the condition of your spectacle comes to stake. But, then it becomes your utmost responsibility to keep them safe, clean and scratch free.  These simple tips can help you do the same and keep them pellucid.

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