70+ Beautiful Tattoo Ideas for Girls

How many tattoos do you have? None? WELL, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET ONE!

Tattoos are something that are directly personal to you. Some bring back splendid memories whereas some just give us a ride back to our past. However good or bad the reason maybe, we get tattoos done because we don’t want to forget that particular point in our lives from where things changed. Broadening that down to how women see it, there are loads they can think of.

So, here are about 70 absolutely gorgeous tattoo designs for women:


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Having a history of being depicted as something that was related to the sea and sailors, anchors still have that meaning but with the new generation shining their way out, it means having a fair reason to be alive, to be able to give love and take love.

  1. STARS

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Shine bright and live brighter. Stars give a ‘half-day’ (so to say) expression. Reason being, they’re seen only at night and depict a night life and usually people who consider night over day. At the same time, it can be inked for remembering a deceased person as a star.


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

This is straight and self-explanatory. A compass represents a particular direction or a flow in which one wants to lead their life. Sometimes, in some tattoos women choose not to put in a needle to as to show that their life has no absolute direction.

  1. BIRDS

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

‘Do not clip my wings.’

That quote up there says it all. Birds represent freedom and joy. At the same time, it also can represent something directly personal to you.

  1. CAGES

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A cage would depict something exactly opposite. However negative this may sound, but cages are to store that memory or that one particular day and they express a feeling of never letting go of something or someone.


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Music is something that is directly personal to someone and is completely their choice. Sometimes, some women feel very differently connected to music and relate everything with it. And so, for women like these, musical notes and songs etc. are some ideas that suit their lives best.


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Hold on. Don’t think this is the same as that of a musical note. Lets get a little more specific here. Bands form an important part of our lives and what we listen to expresses what’s basically going on in our lives. So all the women out there get your band’s name tattooed right away because you never know how their lyrics change your life!


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

An utterly authentic piece of love, an instrument defines what we have for music. It’s a hobby and at the same time, something that we take up when we’re distracted or stressed. It defines love and pain, at the same time.

  1. IDOL

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Everyone has an idol in mind. Women especially, have someone or something in mind even before men do. This is usually a personality who’s made it utterly big for themselves in life. It is an amazing way of showing your gratitude towards them and idealizing them.


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

And again, directions lead us where you want to go. To all the women out there, arrows are your thing.

At the same time, sometimes they define you. How you feel and it is mostly pain because when you get killed by an arrow, you either die or you’re scarred forever.


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Cutest, simplest, powerful and the most attractive tattoos. Hearts represent love, destruction and at the same time, the fact that you’re living each and every moment and being alive to it.

A lot of girls also get a broken heart tattooed to remind themselves of that one day, when their life took a turn.


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

As amazing as this may sound, song lyrics can be both good and bad. They represent what you’re feeling directly and what comes from inside you. It is one of the best ways of showing how much a woman wants to move on and forget everything and enjoy her life.


Probably the most important one for a woman. Love is something that doesn’t stop showing and growing. If we’re very sure about it, we want it inked on our bodies forever. And sometimes we’re just unfortunate when we can’t stay on with it forever. But again, life doesn’t stop.

  1. DATES

This may sound very cliché, but dates are something we never want to forget. Especially those that have changed our lives forever. Beautiful and enigmatic, dates represent that particular day of your life where you found yourself.

Ps – get it done in roman numerals. Looks absolutely classy, women!


The one tattoo that is getting really common these days, heart beats represent PURE LOVE. Being alive for someone who makes your heart beat to other levels.

It is the best way of showing your affection.


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Completely in love with the way your city looks? Oh often we girls are up all night looking out of the window to see when the sun will rise and hurt our eyes. But you know what happens? We get to see how amazingly beautiful the buildings look and their skyline looks absolutely brilliant. We love where we live and we want to be there forever!


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Well let’s face it. We girls have a different kind of attachment with our families and so that it stays forever, we do whatever we can to maintain that. We want to keep reminding ourselves of how much they’ve done for us. And so, we get ourselves permanently inked with their names. This can also be in the form of a family tree!


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

We’re all food lovers. And you may not know this, but sometimes girls have sentiments attached with it. First dates, all those times when they cried, what they eat when they’re bored, what makes them crave for more, all of it.

So, please respect hunger more than any other emotion. Thanks.

  1. PUMPS

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Girls and shoes should be synonyms. Truly, we know how to carry them off really well, how to wear them and exactly what to match them with. Again, we will have some memory attached with every pair of pumps and heels we buy. So, let have that inked on us now shall we?


Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Very special and dear to our hearts, flowers represent color, life and being alive fully. They represent how they blossom in the right season, only when taken care of. They bring about a lot of emotions in us and are responsible for our change of thinking and outlook towards life.

  1. PETS!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

We adore them. And because we run out of ways to show them how much we do, we do whatever it takes. We spend time with them and most of the times, they’re there to take care of us. So, show some care and emotions girl and lets get their names tattooed!

  1. Butterflies

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Representing a form of freedom and choice, butterflies at the same time also add color to our lives. Girls love being cheerful and full of life all the time. And so that that doesn’t die very easily, we want to set ourselves free!

  1. Paws

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

To all those animal lovers out there, this tattoo represents your feelings towards wildlife and how even you would want to be reserved if you needed any help. This is for all those who feel sensitive and can’t open too easily.

  1. Illuminati

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Dark and absolutely powerful, the illuminati is a secret society with a lot of symbols of their own. They represent the skull and bone society. Their symbols are owls, triangles etc.

  1. The sun

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

The sun is known for its brightness, the light that brightens everyone’s day. And so, getting that tattooed would simply mean that we’re one of those girls who’re trying hard to be someone’s LIGHT in SHINING armor!

  1. Doodles

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

For all those who don’t know what these are, doodles are basically random and abstract designs that are drawn with mostly black ink. It comes out beautifully and this design is for all those artistry girls out there who love doodling!

  1. Time

Well, believe it or not but there are times we girls want to go back to our past and fix everything. And so, we want to have a time machine inked on our body so that at if we can’t, our bodies can remember what went wrong and how we can learn from it!

  1. Scenery

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A very simple and yet a very exceptional design – a scenery. A beach and a hut, a cottage and an island. It can be anything and everything!

  1. Lipsticks!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

‘Sugar and spice and everything nice.’

This quote should definitely get replaced by one term – lipstick. We girls love to put on new colors. Lipsticks also define woman power and how much we do to change the world too!

  1. Moon

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

‘Oh shine upon us, this light of faith.’

A crescent moon is what is most common among girls these days. It tells us that not everyone is capable of being yours forever and not everyone deserves your love. So be strong about it!

  1. Movie

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

We all have that one favorite movie that has inspired us and made us the women that we are. Some of them made us believe how amazing it is to be able to be on own and live a life so amazing!

  1. Fashion!

We girls are full of all the glitter that we want to carry. We love dressing up well and being appreciated for it. So, get going and get one of your best dress’ tattoos done!

  1. Alcohol

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Oh, we have our brand now don’t we? It is our second friend when it comes to handling depression, or just being alcoholics. Some of us love drinking and we have made it our signature. So, which brand do you have?

  1. Best friend’s name

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Some people come in our lives and just change it and put it upside down. Your friends are people who would stay with you forever (if nothing goes wrong.)

So, get set and leave and get their names scarred on your bodies forever!

  1. Favorite quote

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

This is always inspirational. It takes a lot to make up our minds and move on in life and to be strong. And so, to always have our source of happiness and inspiration with us, we shall have this tattooed, girls!

  1. Horseshoe!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A horseshoe is considered lucky for everyone. And so, it is mostly girls who get this done by the name of their loved ones. They think it is for luck and a great future.

  1. Thunder

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

For the fiery and strong ones, yet again. This tattoo is for those who fight their battle alone, for those who’re ready to face all kinds of challenges and consequences in life!

  1. Favorite book’s name

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A book is every girl’s best friend. They’re there to give us a life lesson whenever we need it. And every little word of it teaches us something. It is an absolutely adorable idea to use this up!

  1. Row row row the boat!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

This basically talks about the best memory of some amazing place that you have had. Or maybe you’re just a sailor in a lost sea!

  1. Mistletoe

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Ah, festival lovers! Christmas is something that mostly all the girls out there absolutely adore. And sometimes, a lot of stories start and end from there. So, never let go of those memories!

  1. Flame

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

An expression of freedom and a fire inside you, this one is for those girls out there who believe in a free world and they believe in themselves. A very strong and aggressive tattoo, definitely for the strong hearted ones!

  1. A bow

Representing what is called ‘affection and secrecy.’ A bow is a knot and it expresses the most important things and decisions in our lives that we have tied a knot to. At the same time, we make them look absolutely beautiful.

  1. Spade

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Sometimes very normal, and sometimes absolutely meaningless. A spade is for all the card lovers out there and for all those girls who believe in the beauty of it!

  1. Feathers

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Feathers represent people who are sensitive, soft and very gullible. It happens with almost every woman. Most of the times we are misunderstood too and so, a feather also represents a need for everyone to understand us.

  1. Single words

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A very uncomplicated and untangled solution to everything – getting a word tattooed. A word that has let you move on, take major steps and risks, make you strong and capable of making exceptional choices and independent.

  1. Dream catcher!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A very common tattoo these days, women believe in it’s power. Dream catchers are for those who believe in having good dreams and so that no nightmares catches their eyes!

  1. Infinity

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Making one’s decisions and choices immortal. Infinity expresses one’s desire to be forever alive to everything happening around them and to let one know that no matter what, this particular moment, will be infinite.

  1. Cross

As simple as it is, a cross represents one’s devotion towards God and his faithfulness. All the women who believe that they get their strength from there, they get this done.

  1. Cat eyes

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

For all the bold and sly women out there who don’t want to be outrun by other people’s tricks, this one is for you. It represents one’s own choices and that no matters how sweet we may look from outside, we’re watching you. From inside too.

  1. Dragonflies

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Strong willed and mature, these types of women are those who get dragonflies tattooed on them. It is a very bold and a very sensitive tattoo as even dragonflies have a very short life span and they explain so much in such less time.

  1. Lock and key

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A sign of love, a lock represents something that has happened to you and wants to stay with you forever. And a key represents that one tool that you can lock away your love with.

  1. Balloons!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

The cutest way of showing one’s care and affection. But at the same time, balloons represent all those girls who are sensitive and caring. We make one mistake of pricking them and they burst out.

  1. Angel

As the word says it, an angel represents someone who changes your life. Someone who’s made to do more good and less harm. And so, in order to become one of them, we keep reminding ourselves of them. So, we get ourselves inked!

  1. Wings

Freedom, choice, liberty, wisdom and independence. This is what it expresses as all girls are looking for it.

It means faith in oneself and setting free, our problems and demons.

  1. Moustache!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Pervasive and simple, a moustache is a sort of slang. It is a tease and a lot of people all across the world have it on!

  1. Favorite cartoon.

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Come on girls, we have all grown up to be one of those cartoon characters we always wanted to be. We loved watching Powerpuff Girls, dexter etc. as kids and nothing has changed even now, now has it?

  1. A locket

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A memory, a dream, a kiss, a life, a cry. Lockets have everything in them and they bring out all those emotions out. That one locket someone gave you and you want it on forever but due to some unfortunate reasons, you two aren’t together, it marks a memory!

  1. A ring

A ring represents hope and wisdom. It depicts that one dream every girl wishes for. A perfect wedding and a perfect someone. It solves every problem and if not, it represents the fact that we will marry ourselves because we love ourselves more.

  1. A bracelet


A very common and an amazing one. Bracelets are for those girls who love designing themselves in different patterns and adding on some other forms of jewelry in it!

  1. An anklet

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Another piece of jewelry and we love making it a permanent one. An anklet represents our choice and the kind of colors and brightness we want in it!

  1. Your pet name!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

This isn’t just another tattoo. We women love being called by different names and the cutest one? Goes right on our skin. Yes! It brings out love for the one who calls you that.

  1. Mask

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

We sometimes become what we don’t want to be. And that point comes in every woman’s life. It becomes impossible to come back to who we were because we’ve forgotten how truly beautiful that was.

  1. An insect!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

This might not make any sense, but insects are the cutest way of showing what we really are. Insects don’t have a lifetime to tell us what they mean. They have a very short life span and whatever they do, they do it in that short period.

At the same time, it can mean absolutely nothing at all.

  1. Clouds

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

And again, simply put up, they represent smoke and color. Sometimes they’re full of sunlight so they’re beautifully white and when they’re full of water, they’re grey. It depicts how our lives go about too!

  1. Constellation

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

‘I’m a universe full of secrets.’

That quote explains everything thre is to say about stars and constellations. It represents something so deep inside you that you shine from outside, but it takes a lot for you to shine. You’re made up of a lot.

  1. Hashtag

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

This is very new. We use hashtag on Instagram and other social networking sites. It just marks everything about that particular day or episode. Something like #bestfriend

So, give it up for a #life and get this tattoo done!

  1. A cycle!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

For all those girls who’re in love with travelling and doing something completely different, a cycle represents freedom and independence. So choose your cycle and lets go for a ride!

  1. Semi colon

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A very important punctuation mark. It shows that there were times we wanted to end our lives but we didn’t. We left it for something better than life could give us. We’re emotionally strong and that’s what it represents.

  1. Saturn

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Simply putting it, it basically means that we belong to a completely different world. No human lives in Saturn and so we emphasize on the fact that we are defined by how different and uncanny we are.

  1. Tree branches

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Usually, we girls get about 2 branches done to show that no matter how different we may be, we’re all a part of the same tree. Growing and trying to be different in a world which is so similar in so many ways!

  1. Cigarettes

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Some of us laugh it out and some of us smoke it out. Cigarettes represent smoke that stays for some time, destroys everything and goes away. It represents the bitter sweet truth of life and girls; we’re strong enough to face it.

  1. Safety pins!

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

All of us girls want to something or someone to keep us safe and to keep us going. Life is hard sometimes and so are pins. A safety pin determines that part of our lives where we were totally in need of some cure.

So girls, tattoos and you? Sounds like synonyms now don’t they!

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