8 Diseases that don’t have any cure yet

Even though there is continuous progress in medicine industry, some viruses and diseases are still a mystery to some scientists and doctors everywhere. For only 30 years, it’s really amazing that some diseases are now curable like lupus and tuberculosis, and HIV is not considered anymore as a sentence of death. Nevertheless, the world is still needing a long way for all diseases to be taken away. Below are the 8 diseases that don’t have any cure yet.

1. Polio

Diseases that don't have any cure

For almost thousand years, polio which also known as poliomyelitis has been all around. The nervous system is affected by polio which is considered to be an acute viral infectious disease. The legs are mostly affected which sometimes ends to paralysis. Fever, fatigue, nausea, muscle pains, and headaches are usually the first symptoms.

It spreads via contaminated water and food and seen especially in children ages 5 and below. Increase number of kids in South Asia and African are observed to be affected by paralysis which is considered to be the top-most effect of Polio. 57,628 cases are seen throughout the country of the United States, which is the biggest outbreak of Polio in the country ever.

For now, polio is still incurable, however, it’s one of the most important vaccines given to children.

2. Ebola

In West Africa way back 2014, Ebola has been epidemic. The name Ebola was taken from the river in Africa which is Ebola River, originated last 1976.
Ebola virus came from Filoviridae which is the cause of human disease. The disease is commonly fatal which has profuse hemorrhaging and extreme fever. Until now, in spite of wide research, this fatal disease has still no cure. The percentage of fatality rate in humans who are infected is 90%.

3. Schizophrenia

In mental disorders, schizophrenia is considered to be the most complicated and interesting. It’s an illness in mental health which deactivates the mind to logically distinguish the reality from imagination. No definite medical examinations are recommended that’s why it’s still a mystery to the doctors.
Delusions, loss of rational thinking, hallucinations, non-coherence of speech and thought, and loss of capability to distinguish real people in the real world.

Since the illness can’t be diagnosed medically, there’s no cure yet for the disease. Even though there are some medications given, it’s only used to treat the symptoms.


Diseases that don't have any cure

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is included in Top 5 fatal incurable disease worldwide. The main cause of AIDS is the infection of HIV or human immunodeficiency virus. The virus mainly passes through unprotected sex, body fluids, and unsterilized syringes.

The main goal of the virus is to put down the immune system of the patients, which make the patients disposed to or become easily prone to infections. 30 years ago, AIDS was recognized and still remains fatal, and take the lives of the numerous number of people. As per the United Nation (UN), 38 M (million) people living with HIV, 5 M (million) people are annually infected, and almost 3 M (million) deaths of people from AIDS every year.

Currently, there is a treatment for HIV which called Antiretroviral therapy that makes the CD- 4 cells to have an increased chance and stops the virus (HIV) from multiplication. However, AIDS or HIV is still incurable for now.

5. Diabetes

Obesity, as we all we know, is a big problem ever since and as a result, diabetes can be found anywhere. Since the disease becomes common, people nowadays usually don’t panic if they have a diagnosis of Diabetes. Nevertheless, the illness still gives danger. It’s not actually fatal but it will cause cardiac arrest, blindness, or you can even lose your limb.
Diabetes is characterized by increased glucose in the body and chronic illness of the metabolism of the carbohydrates which mainly affects the insulin hormones’ role within the body. It has two forms: The Type 1 Diabetes and the Type 2 Diabetes. Insulin-dependent Diabetes (Type 1) affects the production of Insulin through pancreas and hormonal injections are needed by the patients everyday. The most common type is the Non- Insulin Dependent Diabetes or Type 2. It mostly develops in obese or overweight people and for some it’s reversible.

6. Asthma

Asthma may sound typical, but people may realize it’s more dangerous. It’s a lung disease which is chronic wherein the inflamed airways may become enormously sensitive and swollen. Coughing, breathlessness, tightness of chess, and wheezing are its symptoms. The stimuli like smoke, exercise, pollution of air, pollen, and weather conditions are sometimes the reasons why airways become hypersensitive.

In patients, when breathing, the muscles that surround the airways contract and expand rhythmically. The airways become narrower that prevents the air flow into the lungs.

Even though it can be treated by inhalers, it’s still incurable.

7. Cancer

To simplify cancer, it’s normally caused by the abnormal growth of a cell to potentially invade different or other parts of human anatomy. The disease is usually included in the broad diseases that come in a lot of forms and usually affect different parts of the body. This is partly the reason why it’s still incurable for the 2nd leading cause of fatal in the U.S.A.

A lot of people are affected by cancer everywhere, in fact, in three people, more than 1 of them can develop cancer at one point of their lives.
Until now, cancer is still incurable even though some of its cases are treated, attacked, and removed.

8. Alzheimer’s Disease

Diseases that don't have any cure

Alzheimer’s disease still remains a big mystery for scientists and doctors and it is such heartbreaking for those who have it and to the people that surround them. It’s a dementia type that causes difficulties in behavior, thinking and memory.

This disease is progressive and the symptoms of dementia become worst over a period of time. Mild memory loss is noted in early stages of dementia and loss of responding to their surroundings and capability in conversation is also lost during its late stages. Those who suffer have rare moments of lucid.

The symptoms are treatable to some extent, but it can’t be stopped from progressing and the illness itself can’t be prevented or cured.

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