8 Perfect Jobs for Extroverts

Deciding which career path you should take isn’t easy. It requires a lot of pondering as well as consideration to multiple factors such as job availability and demand for it. Aside from considering the qualifications of the job and required skills for it, it is also essential to take into account your personality type in committing to a career and job satisfaction of an individual. To know more about this, check our list of perfect jobs fit for the extrovert type of personality.

Extroverts are known for great socialization skills. They get energized and encouraged when there’s a social interaction that’s why they’re good in careers that require building relationships with clients and networking. There are numerous jobs that are available for extroverts who find social interaction enjoyable and motivating.

1. Restaurant Manager

Jobs for Extroverts - Restaurant Manager

Aside from the need to be an extrovert or a people person to succeed in the hospitality field, you also need to be passionate about what you do to cope with the longer hours of duty. Restaurant managers commonly socialize with several people; this includes the cleaning and kitchen staff, suppliers and servers, which requires exceptional intrapersonal and communication skills.

One of the most important aspects in running a restaurant business is the customers that is why restaurant managers spend their time as well in talking and welcoming clientele. This just means that managers of restaurants are required to be polite and friendly every time, even during their stressful times and tiring days. Since this job revolves around nonstop interaction with different people, outstanding candidates are usually those who are fond of socialization. The typical salary of restaurant managers is $48,111 per annum.

2. Hairstylist

Jobs for Extroverts - Hairstylist

Working days of hairstylists are spent mostly with other people. Aside from great hairstyling skills and knowledge about it, this profession requires great communication skills to know the needs and wants of clients clearly and make them feel at ease. Appointments usually take an ample amount of time or even hours sometimes, that’s why chatting with clients are necessary to avoid making them bored and for remarkable service which could also earn their loyalty.

Great hairstylists can make their job looks easy with talents and skills, but it can be quite challenging. With pressure and numerous demands of clients, which can take several hours, remaining collected and calm amidst nerve-wracking situations must be practiced. This is why extroverts are well suited for this profession, for they can surely excel and handle social interactions as well as volatile situations. The national average salary per hour for this job is around $7.53.

3. Event Planner

Jobs for Extroverts - Event Planner

To bring people together at occasions and social events such as birthday parties, business conferences, and weddings is the primary duty of an event planner. Although extroverts enjoy joining social events, it can be thrilling to organize one themselves. Aside from their clients, event planners also interact with numerous people, such as interior decorators, performers, suppliers, and service industry professionals.

Event planners do not just plan and coordinate events; they also talk with the guest, send invitations and even respond to their queries. Their presence is very much needed during the day of the event to make sure that everything will go smoothly and according to plan. Since this is a fast-paced job, remaining calm and collected and great interpersonal skills are essential. The national average salary for this job is $17.33 per hour.

4. Tour Guide

Jobs for Extroverts - Tour Guide

Satisfaction of customers is the topmost priority not only in the service industry but also in the industry of tourism. The job of a tour guide is to make sure that clients are inspired and entertained enough for them to return again. Again from great communication skills, having a pleasing and outgoing personality is also necessary. Most of the time, people in the group you’ll guide are strangers which could be uncomfortable. As a tour guide, it’s also your duty to make them feel comfortable and at ease enough to have a good conversation.

Confidence is also a must because you need to speak clearly and loudly when informing the tour group. You must know how to evaluate and sense the group’s feedback and reaction to know if they’re enjoying the tour. Learning how to be flexible enough in terms of adjusting the schedules is also needed when accommodating the requests of the clients. If this seems appealing to you and piqued your interest, then you may want to consider this as a career. In addition to this, tour guides’ national average salary is around $18.36 per hour.

5. Teacher

Jobs for Extroverts - Teacher

Teaching requires several hours of interaction with students, that’s why teachers must gain their energy from the presence of people as well as enjoy their company constantly. It is also essential and ideal to have an energetic and outgoing personality to keep the interest and attention of their students in the learning activities. Teachers also interact with their co-teachers and the parents of their students to update them regarding their children. If you enjoy the presence of children and want to inspire them, then this job is perfect for you. The national average salary of teachers is $14.62 per hour. Here are the top 10 qualities every excellent teacher must have to succeed.

6. Real Estate Agent

Jobs for Extroverts - Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are required to interact with various people regularly to show properties to potential buyers and bargain with the owners of the property. Professionals in this career generally can create a trusting connection with their customers; they often exhibit charismatic and colorful personalities as well.

In summary, excellent real estate agents are good at making new acquaintances and friends; they also make their network connections grow. Extroverts who are fond of forming new connections with clients and are having fun with networking may be interested in this kind of career. The national average salary of the real estate agent is $86,336 annually.

7. Registered Nurse

Jobs for Extroverts - Registered Nurse

Registered nurses aid physicians in different aspects such as monitoring patients during their recovery, educating patients about their choices regarding their daily lifestyle and administering medications. This job includes nonstop interaction with co-workers as well as with the patients. These professionals are required to have outstanding intrapersonal and communication skills. Interacting with vulnerable and sick patients requires sensitive and empathetic people.

In addition, nurses need to be calm and patient; extroverts who acquire their energy by helping other people are suitable for this kind of job. The national average wage for this job is around $28.91 every hour.

8. Public Relation Specialist

Jobs for Extroverts - Public Relation Specialist

Public relations specialists manage an institution’s reputation, whether an educational institutional, a political party, a multi-national corporation, or even a sports team. These experts use different strategies to polish a positive impression among investors, clients, and the representatives of organizations. These professionals share the outline press releases about the current developments in the institution to the important contacts and networks; they are the ones who coordinate with the spokespeople of the company for an interview.

These specialists are required to have excellent social skills to maintain and build a network of various media contacts. These public relations specialists’ image-driven and fast-paced working environment is excellent for extroverts who love exposure and the spotlight. The national average wage of the public relations specialist is $58,133 each year.

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