How to be more Confident? 10 tips that will boost your Self Confidence

Most of us are vulnerable to self-loathing when exposed to criticism; a little mistake and a bad review by the boss, we go down the rabbit hole of self-doubt to the extent that we drain ourselves of confidence and hence hamper ourselves from growth. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is knowing what you are capable of and what you can achieve. Just like salt is the basic ingredient for food; confidence is the basic prerequisite to success. Nothing can hold you back except for your own insecurities, and nothing destroys your confidence more than giving others the calculator to determine your self-worth. Stop beating yourself for your mistakes because you are work-in-progress; you are yet to flourish. But if you are losing faith in yourself; here’s how you can crank up your self-confidence.

1. Keep your chin up.

boost your Self Confidence

Yes, your mom was right; walking and sitting straight back is important. If you never paid any heed to her words, now is the time to act upon them, because when you push back your shoulders and stand straight, you will feel more confident about yourself. When a person stands tall and straight, he will undoubtedly seem confident and attractive. And in settings like interviews, the first impression is all that counts and you can always score high with a good posture.

2. Work the sweat.


boost your Self Confidence

Apart from health benefits, exercising offers some major benefits to our mind as well. Working out regularly will nurture self-confidence in you. All the stress will be washed away by sweat and you will feel the energy flowing through your veins. What can be better than starting your day with positive vibes? And let’s not forget another major boon of working out; of course when you exercise regularly you gain yourself a fit, appealing frame. A positive body image will straight away swell your self-esteem and you will not feel insecure about your looks and will carry yourself with pride.

3. Practice to perfection. 


boost your Self Confidence

Got an exam or perhaps a race? While feeling nervous is natural and ordinary, but doubting yourself can make it worse. Thinking negative about yourself and telling yourself that you can’t do it or did you practice well enough can prevent you from performing to your maximum potential. But what can you do about it? The answer is easy; prepare so well that there is no room for self-doubt. If you know that you trained yourself well for the task, you will not question yourself or your performance.

4. Dress to kill. 


boost your Self Confidence

Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today; the saying isn’t new and we swear by the words. When you put on your best outfit, you instantly feel good about yourself. If you are looking good, nothing can bring you down. Before heading to an important event or a social gathering, invest a little time in dressing and you will be served with an optimistic view about yourself. We aren’t suggesting you to splurge all your money on a pricey outfit; a decent looking outfit will do the job perfectly. Make sure you are feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and hold your head high; you are good to go.

5. The power of slow speech.


boost your Self Confidence

When a person speaks rather swiftly, they are drawing attention to their insecurities. If you speak hastily you are forming an impression that you don’t find your speech worth anyone’s time and attention and hence you are hurrying. Speaking at a slow pace is a sign of confidence and high self-worth; if you speak with ease, people will listen to you attentively and will grasp your each word. And a person who speaks slowly establishes authority and others perceive him as a confident person. But there is a thin line between sounding confident and boring; don’t speak so sluggishly that people around you lose interest in what you have to say and find ways to avoid you.

6. Put on your smarty pants.


boost your Self Confidence

Everyone likes to surround themselves with a knowledgeable person. Another great way elevate your confidence is by being cultivated. Keep yourself updated about the events happening around you and always try to learn something new. If a person can talk to you about anything, they will perceive you as an intelligent person and will find you attractive. Try to learn something about everything and everything about something as Thomas H. Huxley said, because knowledge is beautiful.

7. One step at a time.


boost your Self Confidence

Some people aim for the moon and when they lose, they lose all their confidence and beat themselves up for their failure; don’t be one of those people! Nothing can lift your spirits better than achieving something on your own. To develop a habit of establishing your goals, set small achievable targets for yourself. They can be anything; you can decide to walk 5 minutes more or drink more water than you usually do. Burdening yourself with huge chore will bring your self-esteem down and you will most likely procrastinate or avoid the job. Instead, break the task in small bits and pieces and finish them off one by one.

8. Let your body do the talking!


boost your Self Confidence

Looking at your feet while walking and avoiding eye contact while talking are the signs of a weak personality. Even if you aren’t confident about yourself, fake it. Try to maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to and don’t slump your shoulders; you will seem poised and confident. Practice your body language and don’t let your weaknesses show, because insecurities are loud. Spend a little time in front of the mirror evaluating your body language and trust us, your body language alone can speak what can’t be conveyed through words.

9. Smell good.


boost your Self Confidence

People are instantly attracted to those who smell pleasant. Smelling good can do wonders to your self-esteem when you know that you are smelling great, you tend to hesitate less in front of others. Smell is one of our strongest senses and influences the brain in the best manner. And smelling good suggests that you take good care of yourself and is associated with good hygiene, thus it makes you seem attractive. So, before heading out, spray some of your favorite scent and climb the social ladder.

10. Be kind and Be known for it too.


boost your Self Confidence

You must be thinking how kindness and generosity can boost your self-esteem; the answer is simple when you engage in good deeds you feel an upsurge of positivity in you about yourself. Doing a little volunteer or charity work will make you believe that you are a good person. If you have doubts about yourself and you keep asking yourself questions like, “am I becoming a bad person?” just give yourself some time and a chance to change your perception about yourself. Be kind to those treat you poorly instead of retaliating at them and always try to help those who are in distress. You will feel a lot better about yourself when you will count all the wonderful things you have done.

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