How to Feel Fresh in the Morning? 10 Simple Tips

A wise man once said that early birds get the worm and all the successful individuals are the proof that the saying is true. We all have 24 hours with us but it’s how we use those hours that makes all the difference. The people who are winning at life are early risers and because they start their day early, they get more stuff done than the rest us and that’s their only secret mantra. But let’s admit, waking up early isn’t as easy as it sounds. Dragging yourself out of your comfortable warm bed is a real struggle and you find yourself making up excuses to yourself to catch a few more minutes of sleep and before you know it, you tend to oversleep. But with a little help, waking up early won’t be as terrible; we guarantee you. Here are few tips that will mold you into a morning person.

10. Have something to look forward to

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Why don’t you tempt yourself to wake up happy by having something exciting to do during the day? If you know that there is something good coming your way, you will doubtlessly wake up feeling happy. It can be anything; you can start your day by indulging in your favorite sport or have a something different to do during the day. If you are leading a monotonous life, waking up will seem tedious and dull. Keep introducing yourself to changes from time to time to keep the spark of excitement alive in your life.

9.  Go to bed peacefully

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To wake up happy and feeling fresh; solve all the problems with your partner before the clock strikes bedtime. Sleeping with unresolved arguments will prevent you from having a good sleep and you are likely to wake up with a headache or fatigue or heavy-eyed. And bad mornings will lead to a bad day that’s for sure. Going to bed happily with your partner isn’t just great for your sleep but it is also the secret to a healthy relationship.

8. Keep the window open

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Keeping your window slightly open while you are sleeping has some pretty good advantages. The open window will allow the fresh air to pass in the room hence regulating the temperature of the room. And all the carbon dioxide you are exhaling throughout the night will let itself out of the window granting you a healthy sleep. Keep your bedroom window open from tonight itself and you will notice that your mornings will be much better.

7. Adequate sleep

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Waking up with a bad mood, droopy eyelids and under eye bags are the side effects of not having enough hours of sleep. Though, the amount of required sleeping hours may vary from person to person. While some people need exactly eight hours of sleep, others may need as little as 6-7 hours of sleep. But the important thing is to be consistent with your timing; you should go to sleep and wake up at a certain time. Go to sleep at the same time every day and set up and alarm for the next day; we promise that you will be more of a morning person than you used to be.

6. Take a bath ASAP

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You will continue to feel sleepy yet after waking up which is why you should take your bath as soon as you can. As you will feel the cold water running down your body, you will feel energized. The cold water will get your blood circulating and get rid of laziness and drowsiness. Instead of dreading and postponing your bath to the last minute, do it just after your exercise routine.

5. Delicious breakfast

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Many of us either choose to skip their breakfast or grab a bite of some unhealthy junk on their way to work. The importance of having a hearty, delicious meal in the morning is highly underrated. Skipping your breakfast is a poor way to start your day. You body starves throughout the night and it needs some serious nutrition in the morning. No, skipping breakfast will not help you lose weight as some might assume; on the contrary, it will add extra pounds to your weight. If you skip breakfast, you will likely suffice yourself by having more than the required amount of food at lunch. And an empty belly will, of course, make you irritable and moody all day long. Take a little time to have a scrumptious breakfast and the day will instantly brighten up for you.

4. Music

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Apart from having a great breakfast and exercising, listening to some upbeat music will also get you pumped up for the day. Music will awaken your senses and you will feel fresh and energized. Make a playlist of happy, energetic songs and play them as you are getting ready. You will be surprised by the feel-good vibes it gives and your mood will be way better by the time you are ready to head out to work.

3. Walk/stretch

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Going to the gym in the morning isn’t an ideal option for many as the there’s hardly enough time to finish off the daily morning routines. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. Take half an hour to go for a walk or stretch a little. A light session of walking/stretching can get your blood pumping and you will feel energy surging through your veins. It will chase away all the grogginess and will fill you with freshness. The feeling that you get after having a good stroll through the park is something you shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of.

2. Water after waking up

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Drinking water the first thing in the morning upon waking up is the best habit you can develop and we can’t recommend it enough. It speeds up your metabolism and hydrates your dehydrated body and pours life into your cells. Also, it will flush out all the toxins from your body and replenish energy; you will feel absolutely refreshed and revitalized. For those who are working on losing a few pounds; the habit will surely speed up the process as it will increase your calorie burning potential. Your morning will undoubtedly be happier and energetic and the practice will also promise you a happy, healthy and clear skin.

1.Expose yourself to sunlight

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Light guides your biological clock and tells you that it’s time to wake up. It activates our brain and when we turn on the lights during the night we often find it hard to go back to sleep. We feel sleepy and tired because of the hormone melatonin which reduces when we are exposed to the sunlight. When you wake up in the morning, draw back the curtains and let the light inside your room. you will instantly feel active and ready to start your day.

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