Going for your First Date? Here are 10 Must Read Tips for Boys and Girls

“First impression is the last impression.” – True in most situations of life, especially a relationship.

The first dates are the trickiest. A span of time you experience all possible emotions– ceaselessness, scared, nervous, excited etc. Name it and the feeling will be present somewhere in the back of your mind.

So here are some tips to for all men and women to help make their first dates run smooth.

For Men:

You thought gathering courage to ask her out was the most difficult part, but now that she said yes, what’s next? If you are almost becoming nail-less over this question, here are some tips to make your life easy:

first date


Letting a first date go with the flow is not a great idea. Exact plans are a must! First of all, wisely choose your location based on common interest so you are both comfortable. Go for some interactive ideas! It may range from few hours of bowling to a visit to a famous museum. As long as it makes you both happy, nothing is too much or too less.

Boys, also remember all girls need a good pretty-up time for their parlor, manicure, pedicure and check off their endless list of beautification, hence make sure to inform your partner 3-4 days prior the decided date.

first date


Opening the doors, pulling chairs for her, or adding a “ladies’ first” once in a while, never goes out of style. No matter how independent a girl might seem, an essence of “gentlemanly” gestures always make you hundred times more attractive.

And always be on time, or even a little earlier. In case she is a little late, be gracious.

Moreover, make sure to pay the bills. Even if the girl insists on splitting it, deny her genuinely.

first date


She is there because she is interested you. So stay calm and confident!

And she is probably more nervous than you are; it’s your job to make her feel comfortable. Initiate conversations by asking her general yet interesting questions about passion, family, favorites, and topics of common interest. Listen, pay attention and smile. Show her you care and genuinely want to know her.

first date


Be light and witty. She is expecting a nice and light time with you. Give her that. Don’t get started with serious and grave topics on your first date. Share some childhood embarrassing stories or any funny incidents – make her laugh!

Compliments are a must, however, don’t overdo it. There is no need to pull out a never ending list of compliments describing each and every feature. One or two once in a while is good enough. Also on the very first meet, avoid sexual comments. A beautiful always works more than a sexy.

first date


First dates are the most crucial chemistry tests of your life. Make long eye contacts, touch her hand during conversations, try walking close to her – make her feel warm and special. In case you find her uncomfortable with skin contacts, a nice and genuine smile will do the magic.

Don’t forget, goodbyes are the deciding moments. If you had a great time, let her know. Be very honest about your feelings. Also, put in a little mention about a second date by the end. This way she will know that you are interested. Finally make sure end the date with a kiss, hug or at least a handshake.


For Women:

Oh My God, he finally asked you out! And all your friends are busy bombarding you with advices, but what exactly to do on the date?

first date

  1. RELAX.

Yes, just relax – The most important thing. You obviously have butterflies rumbling in your stomach. It’s the same with him as well, so don’t get too nervous. Unwanted silly things might slip out of your tongue in nervousness, so try to stay as calm as possible. Let him start the conversations, answer honestly and keep the conversation going smoothly.

first date


It’s usual for you to have too many things to say. But control yourself. Give him the chance to speak as well and pay attention when he does. Do not interrupt him, rather respect his opinions. If you disagree on something, you may politely let him know. However, it’s not okay to make faces or show any gesture of disrespect.

Be on time. Though you would not like to reach before him, but don’t make him wait too long.

Moreover, let him take the lead. If he wants to pay the bills, let him do so. Do not continuously insist on splitting. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can tell him about it in future dates. Remember, he will respect your opinions and decisions only when you respect his.

first date


Before first dates, friends often hand you a list of ideas on what to say and what not to. But remember he likes you, so he is interested in knowing you and not what your friends think is cool. You don’t need to talk to impress him, rather give him an insight of your true self.

Most importantly eat normally. He will rather feel strange if you show no appetite.

When he asks you about your choice -“I don’t know.” “I am not sure.” “You decide.” – are extremely unattractive. Just tell him what you want!

first date


First date is the best time to let him know about your comfort zone, so make your boundaries clear. If you are not comfortable with skin touches, don’t just let him continue with them. Give him polite hints of your discomfort.

Plus the last thing you want in your first date is making a complete fool of yourself. Avoid over drinking. Know your limit.

first date


You definitely have huge designer matching attires ready for your first date, but pumps for picnics won’t add any spark. Hence dress according to the situation and plans. Wear something you are comfortable in. The feel of comfort will surely reflect in your personality and that is impressive enough.



Now you know what exactly to do on your special first date. But there are certain things all boys and girls must avoid at any cost. Here it goes the list –

first date


Everything and anything about exes is a huge NO. There will a lot of times to discuss about them, and first date is the worst of them all.

first date


Remind yourself of all the possible details from previous conversations or at least go through their Facebook page once before the date. You don’t want to go on the date with a blank list about them.

first date


The reason you are on the date is to spend time and know each other. Trust me, your enthusiasm will remain the entire night to share each and every detail with your friends. You don’t need to send texts every minute describing what happened.

Now that you know how to make the first date your favorite date on the calendar, gather your guts and step into the big day.

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