How to Handle Rejection in a Mature Way – 10 Tips

Acceptance and rejection are the two sides of the same coin. While the former is desperately sought by one and all, the latter brings disdain and hopelessness. Rejection becomes a negative aspect of life which people fear and wish to avoid at all costs. So, there is minimal acceptance and tolerance level of being rejected by anyone in life. You ought to understand that you would be able to cherish and celebrate acceptance and success in life only after having faced rejection and failure at some point of your life or another. To value the worth of one it is imperative to have gone undergone the harsh blow of another. If lately you have been in a daze and unable to tackle a rejection, be it of any sort, then here is something to your rescue. Read the 10 tips listed below and help yourself overcome that gloomy feeling.

Handle Rejection

  1. Analyze.

You might have faced rejection, but it is not mandatory that you simply sit and whine about it all throughout. There is always a particular factor or thing about us which triggers the rejection. You need to accept the fact that things could be wrong with you or on your end as well. It might not be the other person’s fault entirely. Here comes the analyzing part where you ponder over the entire situation in your head and come to a final clue. Once you are successful at picking up that one factor, you would be able to work upon it for the next time.

Handle Rejection

  1. There is a future.

Being rejected is not the end of the world. Things would be better once again. If you keep yourself hooked to sadness and pessimism for a very long time, then you would be risking your future prospects. You never know what the future holds for you, so why not be optimistic about it. Have hope and faith. Take a failure as a testing period for your good days to come. Always chant a mantra, ‘things will get better’.

Handle Rejection

  1. Look forward to new opportunities.

It is okay if you could not grab hold of one chance that came your way. There would be many coming in soon. However, this doesn’t imply that you sit waiting for a brand new opportunity to be served to you on a silver plate for life does not operate that way. Only when you make serious efforts, you would make a step towards satisfaction and happiness in life once again. Let not one bad experience deter you from exploring several other opportunities. If you continue being upset for long, there are great chances that you might miss on some amazing opportunities.

Handle Rejection

  1. Don’t take it too personally.

While it is healthy to analyze a situation and come up with a reason that caused the rejection, you must avoid going over the top with this. Restrict yourself to determining the negative points in yourself and do not make it entirely about you. That would simply cause you immense pain. Many times it is totally possible that the rejection that has come to you had nothing to do with you as a reason. If taken personally it could hamper with your emotional growth to a large extent.

Handle Rejection

  1. Cry and grieve.

Sometimes what gets on our nerves is the inability to express our disappointment. Why not let go of those emotions the way they want to for once? Cry openly. There is nothing embarrassing or childlike in expressing your sorrow with the help of your tears. If you allow yourself to grieve and weep over a rejection then it would help you soon in recovering from it. It is commendable that you are composed and strong in front of the world in the face of a rejection, but be open with yourself at least. Venting out emotions is a good way to eliminate negative energy from your system. Free yourself.

Handle Rejection

  1. Talk about it.

It is natural for you to feel cheated and abandoned by the person whom you dotted upon whole heartedly. Accept the fact that he is gone and is not coming back for you. Seek solace in a friend or a confidant to whom you can bare your heart to. Talk about how it has hurt you and how it makes you feel. Get rid of those disturbing thoughts by giving it words. If you are at a loss of having a confidante, simply go to the old method of maintaining a diary. It would be like reaching out to yourself.

Handle Rejection

  1. Refrain from unrealistic expectations.

It all amounts to the game of expectations by the end. You set a very high expectation level and then mayhem strikes on you. It is then that you start feeling hopeless and worthless. If from the very beginning you train your mind to set realistic and earthly expectations, then the blow and trauma of not having met it would definitely be lesser. There is a very thin line between keeping realistic and keeping low expectations from yourself.  Understand the difference and abide by it to avoid a marred faith in yourself and in your life.

Handle Rejection

  1. Don’t react instantly.

Abstain from expressing strong and immediate response in the face of a rejection. You certainly are not in the right frame of mind as soon as you undergo a massive disappointment. Saying or reacting loudly in such a situation can be fatal for your words would be driven by a whole set of negative energies. It is best suited if you don’t indulge in an instant reaction for a while.

Handle Rejection

  1. Learn.

Take a lesson from every failure and rejection. There is always something hidden to be learned in every negative aspect of life whether you realize it or not. Learn your lesson so that you do not find yourself stuck in a similar situation ever again and gain an ability to alter the situation in your favor beforehand. Rejection may come your way once, twice but there will be a stop to it and that would be for good.

Handle Rejection

  1. Believe and be positive.

Have believe in yourself. It is you and your faith in your abilities that can make the greatest difference in your life.  Do not let others put you down, and bring down your confidence. Develop such a powerful optimistic thinking that it remains unaltered by any person or any situation that you encounter. Make yourself immune to the ill effects of rejection.

Handling a rejection and that too in a mature way can be one difficult task to do. But then it is never impossible to master your instinctive reaction to such an experience.

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