People with Down Syndrome: 10 Things that You Should Know

Just like you and me, those individuals with Down syndrome are wonderful human beings.

The more you understand them, the more you become compassionate and helpful towards them.

1. Down syndrome is not an illness.

Down syndrome’s extra chromosome can lead to different disabilities with different levels of severity. It’s not a disease or sickness and is not contagious.

Down syndrome is not an illness

2. They have unique personalities.

Every individual with Down syndrome is unique. Some are shy, kind, gentle, while others are loud, fun, and outgoing. Embrace the process and the gift of knowing them.

Down syndrome - They have unique personalities

3. People with Down syndrome have a successful life.

Every individual that has Down syndrome, if with great support system, can do great things that will lead to purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Each has aspirations and dreams. If given the right training and education, they can achieve it!

People with Down syndrome have a successful life

4. Communication with them may be a little bit difficult.

Down syndrome has a symptom of low muscle tone that affects the muscles in the mouth and body. This is also the reason why understanding them is a bit hard, but it’s okay.

It takes time to understand every person with Down syndrome who speaks differently. It would help to ask them to slow down and repeat what they’ve said. Make sure you listen more attentively.

Remember, excellent communication requires practice and patience.

Down syndrome - Communication with them may be a little bit difficult

5. It’s a gift.

It’s not a tragedy to have a child with Down syndrome. It’s a gift!
They have their own way of showing love, affection and care to their respective family. So it is truly a blessing if you have someone in your life who has Down syndrome.

Down syndrome - Communication with them may be a little bit difficult

6. They have careers.

Down Syndrome people have flourishing careers and are extremely successful in many fields such as performing arts, retail, design, fashion, administration, technical work, and hospitality.

Jamie Brewer in American Horror Story is one of the most successful TV actresses and also the first woman with Down syndrome that appeared on the NYFW runway.

Down syndrome - They have careers

7. Slow down.

People with Down syndrome are human beings that are capable too. Sometimes they just need time. Wonderful friendships and relationships can come if you just take time to understand them. The result is worth the wait. Believe me!

Down syndrome - Slow down

8. They don’t want to be babied.

At some point, people with Down syndrome may need assistance. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t perform what other people can do. Allow them to explore and do things on their own. This can develop their talents and can help them discover new skills. They will ask for some help if needed.

Down syndrome - They dont want to be babied

9. They can be independent.

These people can live by themselves. Some wanted to be with family, but some want to live alone. It’s their personal choice. It’s not fair jumping into conclusions regarding their future and life. Never assume that these people will need to be assisted forever by their caretakers. A lot of cases proved it’s not true.

Down syndrome - they can be independent

10. Down syndrome doesn’t define an individual.

It’s just part of a person who is born with it. Down Syndrome does not define a person’s personality, future, or character. We must not judge people based on sexuality or race; disability shouldn’t also be a definition of a person.

Down syndrome doesnt define an individual

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