Self Discipline and Why is it Important: 10 Reasons

Self-discipline is not about restrictions, it’s about self-control. It’s a sign of inner strength which controls your mind and body. It helps us to overcome our weaknesses by maintaining order in our lives and it builds our character. As it aptly said- “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backward, or sideways.”

‘Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.’-Clint Eastwood. Such words are capable of changing your life. This is so because when you start accepting yourself, everything starts changing around you. We often feel that we can’t do anything, we lose all our willpower in this process of self-discovery. This is all because of lack of a certain skill known as Self-Discipline. As Napolean Hill states, ‘Self-discipline is very much important as it helps to keep our thoughts balanced and controls our action.’ Self-control is very essential, it not only controls our actions but also our thoughts. Feel strong, feel enthusiastic and be whoever you want to be. This can all be achieved through Self-Discipline.

Read about 10 Reasons Why Self-Discipline is Important, and start changing the world around you.


  1. Decision Making: Make A Healthy Decision

Self-discipline is a skill which brings clarity to our thinking. It makes it easier for us to understand how everything should workout. In return, it improves our capability to take healthy decisions. We realize our aim through clear visions of thoughts and we take correct route at right time. Self-control and self-discipline work simultaneously for making decisions.


  1. Time management through right balance

Time management is a very important task of our lives. Everything we achieve, we do it by managing time in such a way that we perform best in our work. It maintains a right balance in our work and life. It coordinates with various factors of achieving success and self-discipline just forms a base to do so. The failure in managing time is because of lack of directions. The direction of our lives is dependent on how we spend our time. Time cannot be saved, it is perishable and irreplaceable. Once it is wasted, you can never retrieve it back. So spend it correctly and pay attention to things with high value in your life.


  1. Apt Satisfaction Towards Life

Self-discipline gives an appropriate satisfaction towards our life. We often observe that some people are not satisfied in their lives, even if they are super rich and live in most luxurious apartments or have a big car. They are not satisfied and this makes them unhappy. Self-discipline can easily bring that long lost satisfaction in their lives. Self-control can make you happy as it manages conflicting goals. We then tend to avoid conflicting situations in our path to achieve our goals. In long terms, self-discipline is the best route for attaining gratification.


  1. Be Responsible, Learn to Achieve it

Without certain rules and regulations, we sometimes don’t understand our limits. This kind of situation leads to very terrible results. We should become responsible as it promotes good behavior. We honor our own rhythm and consistently take correct actions. Discipline and responsibility are some of the factors seen in leaders. Discipline is facing life face to face and act without haste. We should become responsible enough to move step by step in our course of actions. By honoring structure and function by acting responsibly we’ll just resolve confusions and it will help us to achieve success.


  1. Be Positive, avoid Negativity

Self-discipline brings self-control and clarity of thoughts. This also helps us to see all the negativity around us. Avoid such negative characters and demonstrate positive behavior by showing strength of mental and moral courage. Willpower and persistence can change your model of moral understanding. This will only happen when you instill positivism around you. You should always try to rise and become the change you always wished to see. Stop criticizing and accept your mistakes, then handle them in a positive manner. You surely will achieve great in life.


  1. Brings Stability in Life

Self-discipline brings stability in our lives. It teaches us to be respectful and responsible. It enhances character traits such as obedience and patience. As told before, it brings clarity and makes our mind free so there is no possibility of confusion. This, in turn, maintains clear perspective about things and keeps away the mental pressure, stress and thus, brings stability. Well defined rules are very essential to a society as people would do whatever they want, recklessly, which may cause harm. Hence to promote good behavior stability is very essential.


  1. Self-discipline improves your thoughts

Attaining self-discipline is not a difficult task, it keeps our mind calm and all the chaos settles down. It helps us to differentiate between right and wrong. We become capable of taking good decisions. Self-discipline can be considered as a selective trait. It creates new habits, thoughts, actions and speech which bring improvements in you. Scheduling tasks in your mind would help you focus on priorities. It can also avoid procrastination as you start focusing more on your tasks with more attention. You start keeping records and this will harness the power of your routine.


  1. Live a Balanced life

We are always swinging between our personal and professional lives. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to keep them apart. We realize that we are in a mess and we can’t do anything about it. Most people bring the work of office at their homes, disrupting their personal lives. They are consistently under pressure of work even after reaching home. This must be sorted out and one must maintain a right balance between work and family. This can be achieved by developing the trait of self-discipline in our lives. As we have seen self-discipline brings stability, time management gets better and we become a responsible being. This, in turn, helps to strike a balance in our lives as well. Take some time to spend with your family and put an honest effort in your work. Keep in mind that you don’t become too much of a workaholic.


  1. Keeps you away from drawbacks

Ability to have self-restraint allows consistent stringiness and control in our behavior. Self-discipline brings rules and regulations in our life. People with no self-discipline lack control of their actions which in turn has long term effects. We start making right decisions when we follow certain rules and we start understanding our drawbacks. We become more cautious and start anticipating future results by connecting it with our present actions. In this way, our mistakes no longer exist. Confusions get dilated and we start focusing on our task with confidence. Our drawbacks now are our learning experiences.


  1. Pave your way to Success

As we have read self-discipline brings stability, clarity in thoughts, balance in our lives, brings out positivism, makes us responsible, brings out satisfaction, time management, keeps in check our drawbacks and we start making right decisions. This all paves way for us to succeed in our lives. With such traits, we start achieving more and more. We get motivated by our failures and start learning from them. Be on the right path, be grounded and success will find its way towards you. Winners always try to achieve success by inculcating these traits. Be a winner and not an idle person.

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