Why Sleep is Important: 10 Reasons

Have you ever encountered a person with almost shutting eyes, vapid ways of response, dark circled eyes or even rude behavior? You might think that there might be some problem going on in their life but sometimes the reason could be very simple and unexpected at the same time, such as sleep. Yes, they might not have had a good sleep last night which stops them from being fresh.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

You must have come across this phrase a lot, especially in your kindergarten days. At that time, our main homework was to actually sleep all day long. Anyway, the reason you’re taught to have a good night’s sleep right at the beginning is because it endows you with a lot of gifts that you might not even realize and so here’s why you shouldn’t let go off that lifelong learning. We do go to sleep while we are tensed or in a bad mood or sometimes when we are working a lot late night. Well, that’s understandable for some of the rare occasions but everyday? The answer is a big NO. You just can’t afford to escape your relaxing period of the day for any reason whatsoever. Unbelievably, these top ten awesome reasons would really want to make you reach your bed. Just have a look :

10. Few calorie intake

Why Sleep is Important

And the bigger appetite award goes to sleep deprived squad. Yes, studies show that people who don’t get enough sleep in a day tend to intake more calories than people who get enough sleep. This means getting inadequate amount of sleep is a major factor in increasing obesity. If you’re trying really hard to lose weight, increase your sleeping hours to 7-8 at least per day. Above all, it is absolutely effective.

9. Wave bye to stress

Why Sleep is Important

Stress? No. De-stress? Yes, why not! Depression is one of the main causes of deprived sleep. Trust me, if you really want to combat depression and other mental diseases, sleep is the best stress buster. Sleep disorders like insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea can easily drag people into serious depression sometimes leading to fatal death. Sleep is the best medicine to boost your energy for the next day, thus keeping you fresh simultaneously.

8. Improves Immunity

Why Sleep is Important

Getting less than 8 hours of sleep can really make you prone towards acute diseases like common cold and cough, thereby damaging your immunity system. Our immune system becomes active during the time we are sleeping to make us feel good and energized later. Even a person who is suffering from a cold or a headache feels relieved in the morning after getting a good night’s sleep.

7. Never-ending capacity

Why Sleep is Important

For enhancing your physical fitness and athletic performance, sleep is the best and the easiest way to reach your set goals. It is the period when your body is at complete peace preparing your mechanism to perform with enthusiasm later. This is in relation with the revitalization of your body because as you spend your energy while working throughout the day, you gain it back through a well rested night. Not only it improves your capacity to perform but also your speed and accuracy in certain independent tasks. Surveys show that people who get less of sleep are found to have a slow grip in walking and another day to day tasks.

6. Makes you glow

Why Sleep is Important

Sleep makes you beautiful eternally. Yeah, you might not even realize this but the better amount of sleep makes you feel ultimate fresh the next morning, therefore, adding to the beauty of your fresh face. The inside of you glows naturally if you have slept adequately the previous night. The duration of your perfect “beauty sleep” should be between 22:00 to midnight. This is because it is believed during this time of sleep your skin, muscles and eyes repair at a rapid rate. Also, no more dark circles ladies.

5. Sleep and stay calm

Why Sleep is Important

Keeping calm for the rest of the day is as much as important getting good sleep. And what if the above two mentioned activities are connected? Yes, they obviously are. The trick to a get a fresh morning face is to drink a herbal tea with some honey in the evening itself. You will wake up with fresh new vibes and hence much calmed.

4. 10/10 concentration and productivity

Why Sleep is Important

The C²P² formula that goes by the mere vantage of a good sleep expands to Concentration, Cognition, Productivity and Performance. A healthy sleep can really hone your problem-solving skills as well as sharpen your memory. Even while you’re sleeping, your brain never does. It keeps on working on the unreachable thoughts and concepts, therefore, enhancing the creativity of your ideas. The key to upgraded brain power is the quantitative and qualitative sleeping hours.

3. Minimize mood swings

Why Sleep is Important

The mood is a juxtaposition of sleep. It can be both good and bad depending upon the amount of sleep you get. If you’re not getting enough of it, then you might find yourself snapping back at your friends or maybe feeling dejected etc. Continous lack of sleep generally leads to irritability, impatience and mood swings which can really harm your relationships with your social groups.

2. Less prone to heart diseases

Why Sleep is Important

The risk of heart diseases minimizes itself by getting the right amount of sleep on a regular basis. Not only deprivation of sleep leads to an increase in such chronic diseases as the obvious cardiovascular risks but if you’re not sleeping for 7-8 hours a day, you are more likely to get strokes than the people who are sleeping happily every day.

1. Lifespan x 10

Why Sleep is Important

This is not about making you immortal for life like the vampires you encounter in stories and movies. But believe me or not, sleep has proven to increase your lifespan at least by 10 times for any average person. Pills are not your thing to get a good night’s sleep but pillows are.  So, what are you waiting for? Just grab that pillow and quilt and set off on a journey to increase your life expectancy.


I hope this would have made you alter your daily schedule with giving the utmost priority to sleeping otherwise you do know it’s going to cost you heavy enough later. Now, since I can see I really need to improve my mechanism overall and I have a lot of work to do as well but I am just gonna take a nap. Sleep well!

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