Top 10 Almost Non Democratic Countries

Paint the sky, make it yours.” In today’s world, each of us is born with the burning desires to make our lives count among the crowd of billions. But imagine the world where heads are chopped for raising questions, bodies are whipped for following a religion, women are tortured because of their sexuality, children are deprived of fairy tales and citizens are all slave of one leader. Although tough to visualize, away from the sparkles of glorious developments and improvements there still exists the world like this. The reason behind such ill-happenings is the lack of democracy of common men.

Democracy: A system of government in which all the people of the state or polity are involves in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament or similar assembly.

A democratic country is the one where the people are the king. The citizens of the country choose their leader hence every individual possesses power.

However, numerous renowned countries follow communism, dictatorship or monarchy type of government in which the citizens have absolutely no or very little contribution in the choosing their leaders. Often in such nations, wars and political instabilities are observed. Some of these countries top the news regularly because of the tragedies and miseries being suffered by the people. But others have supreme power to keep these negativities enclosed within their country’s boundaries.

Today almost all the countries have adopted democracy up to some extend for the welfare of the people. But there still remain some interesting and shocking methods of governance on the face of the earth which will keep your jaws dropped.

Following is the list of countries with less or non-democratic government –

Non Democratic Countries

  1. Cuba.

The country of Cuba operates through communism system. The Communist Party of Cuba is the only ruling party since the 1950s. Co-workers select the members of the party through interviews and connections. The populations of Cuba are not entitled to basic human rights. Numerous cases of torture to innocents, unfair imprisonments and trials are some accusations in the name of Cuban Government.

Non Democratic Countries

  1. Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the northeastern Asia, runs under a monarchy. The King heads the nation in his lifetime, appoints the Crown Prince, who takes over the reign after him. The entire country is divided into 13 provinces, and each of it is under the control of governors appointed by the king. The constitution of the country has been declared to be Quran, and Islamic laws govern it.

Non Democratic Countries

  1. Vietnam.

Until the very famous Vietnamese war between North and South Vietnam, the Northern part was democratic, and the Southern ran by a monarchy. When North Vietnam emerged victoriously and took over, the Communist Party came into power and had been single-handedly ruling the country ever since. The President is head of the state, and the Prime Minister of Vietnam is head of the government.

Non Democratic Countries

  1. Bahrain.

Since 2002, the politics of Bahrain has been under the framework of constitutional monarchy. The king is the head of the state which is later taken over by Crown Prince. But the government is led by Prime Minister. Bahrain has a bicameral legislature, in which 40 seats of Consultative Council is appointed by the King and the 40 members in the Council of Representatives are elected for four-year-terms.

Non Democratic Countries

  1. Morocco.

Morocco also has a bicameral parliament. Although the judiciary is independent, the ultimate power lies with the king. Hence, the constitution runs under a monarchy. The human rights in Morocco are mixed. Although the Freedom of press is considerably high, the journalists are not allowed to discuss the monarchy. Whereas freedom of religion has several limitations as Christianity is banned in the country. However, the country has witnessed vast improvement in the rights towards women and children since the beginning 21st century.

Non Democratic Countries

  1. Syria.

The government of Syria claims to be of a semi-presidential republic, but CIA has exposed that the power is entirely in the hand of President and his family. Dictatorship is the rule that controls the citizens of Syria. As a result of it, the peace of the country is highly disrupted and the population is now fighting to get a democratic system and governance.

Non Democratic Countries

  1. Qatar.

Qatar is ruled by the absolute monarchy, headed by the Emir of Qatar controlling the state as well as the government. Sharia Law is the main source of legislation accepted by the constitution. The laws of family, inheritance and certain crimes are followed according to the Sharia Law. The Female testimony is valued half as that of men. Moreover, the female witnesses are still not accepted at all in some cases. Flogging or whipping is the way of punishment in Qatar.

Non Democratic Countries

  1. North Korea.

The governance in North Korea is defined as “Communist state one-man dictatorship”. After World War 2, since the separation from Japan, Kim family line has been heading the country. Korean Worker’s Party, established by Kim Il Sung, independently rules the country and the high posts in the government are majorly controlled by reputed militants. North Korea functions under single political party under the dictatorship of the Kim Il Sung and his heirs. The concept is also described as an absolute monarchy. This powerful party imposes every rule and regulation of their choice on the citizens.

Non Democratic Countries

    2. Vatican City.

In Vatican City, the head of Catholic Church, the Pope exercises all the powers over the country. The country showcases an infrequent case of a non-hereditary monarchy. When the Pope in charge dies or resigns, another pope is elected in a conclave held at Sistine Chapel, composed of cardinal electors under the age of 80. The electors are locked up at Sistine Chapel, and an election takes place until a two-third majority is reached. The Pope has supreme judicial, executive and legislative power over the state of Vatican City.

Non Democratic Countries

     1. People’s Republic of China.

China is the growling dragon of Asia. The world has witnessed it’s immense development over the past decade and acknowledged the power that the nation holds. However, the fact that China is one of the countries on the map that doesn’t yet possess democracy shocks every being. The power of governance is distributed among – the legislative, executive, judiciary and the military branch. Although not democratic, China is a republic country which means the citizens have certain rights and they vote for their leader. But majority’s opinion is not always represented. Many major aspects in the functionality of the country are still not open to the opinion of the population. Some basic human rights like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press have seen improvement over the past years, but certain restrictions in them still sustain. In China, more than 60 internet regulations exist, and police personals are ordered to keep a watch on the same.

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