Top 10 Best Gifts to give your Boyfriend on his Birthday

Is your boyfriend’s birthday right around the corner and you have absolutely no idea about what to get him? Do you want to make your boyfriend feel special on his birthday? Fret not. Put some effort into it and make it unforgettable for him. Gifts are a way of showing affection to your loved one. Mostly, it’s the effort that matters than the gift itself. It does not matter whether the gift is expensive or not, however, it’s the thought and effort that leaves a mark. Show him the amount of time and struggle you put into giving him the perfect present.

Mostly, deciding upon presents depends on your boyfriend’s tastes and preferences. So make sure you are well aware of his personality and liking. When you remember these small things about your loved one, he will feel unique and your relationship will grow. So buck up, bring out your creative side, and give him the best birthday experience ever!

Here goes the list of top 10 best birthday gifts which will overwhelm your boyfriend.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Classic tie and cuff links

Every man loves dressing up formally. It adds to their masculinity and grace. A tie defines a man. An elegant and refined tie along with beautiful cuff links will automatically bring a huge smile on his face. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks, then you could get his initials engraved on the cuff links. This will make him feel super special and privileged.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Movie night with his favorite films

Gather a list of his most favorite movies, a large bowl of popcorn, a few comfy pillows and you are good to go! You can plan this romantic movie night for just the two of you. Both of you can enjoy a nice hearty movie and spend some quality time with each other. It is a fun and cozy way to end his birthday and it is highly doubtful that he will get tired of re-watching some of his favorite flicks. After all, who doesn’t like a comfortable and relaxing birthday, devoid of worries and stress? People yearn for some mental peace.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Frame it

Firstly buy a humongous and pretty photo frame. Next, take print outs of your favorite photos together. It can be a picture of both of you guys sharing a special moment with each other, or pictures of all his achievements. The pictures should be of the correct dimensions as per your photo frame. You can either take out individual pictures or make an innovative collage. To add your own touch, you can decorate it further and write small notes with each picture. And your job will be done!

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Cater to his interests

If your boyfriend has a serious obsession with some TV series/ video game/ sport/ book/ cartoon/ band / play station, Xbox or anything else, then it gets very easy to think of something as a present. Chances are he might already have the whole set, so switch to shirts, mobile covers, mugs, pillow cases, posters and other accessories which will feature his second love of life.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Tickets to his favorite game

If your guy is an ardent follower of a particular sport, then buying tickets to his favorite game will be equivalent to buying tickets to his heart. Nothing turns on a guy more than when he sees his girlfriend taking interest in his interests. Devote one day to do something what he likes to do, even if you don’t particularly prefer it. After all, if a game makes your boyfriend happy and content on his birthday, then there is nothing more that you could ask for.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Personalized playlist

If your guy is a big music lover, then this should take the first place. Get crafty, and gift the love of your life a personalized iTunes playlist! He will cherish this mixed tape and save it for special occasions. These kinds of gifts require time and sweat, and these are the ones which will help your relationship bloom. This will reflect how much you know your beau’s tastes and liking. Add songs which might have some special connection with the two of you, or has an interesting background story associated with it. This will help rekindle pleasant memories and experiences.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Give him a treat

Hone your cooking skills a bit and give him a large surprise! Hopefully, you are aware of his favorite meal. This is an undeniable fact that all men love food. It is a common saying that you could win a man’s heart through his stomach! Be prepared and try your luck. Baking his birthday cake seems like a nice plan too. However, if you have an irrational fear of the pots and pans, take him out to his favorite restaurant. Then watch him eat merrily away! Or maybe, you could experiment and take him out somewhere where he always wanted to go. He appreciates the fact that you were attentive enough to listen and remember.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

3. Make an emotional and a memorable video

Yes, there are ways to make your guy emotional. It might take a little time, but it is absolutely worth the struggle. Make a birthday video for your boyfriend and cast all his dear ones. Get in touch with all his best buddies, family, childhood friends, office colleagues, and everyone who means something to him. Ask them to send you a small video of them wishing him birthday along with a small message that they would like to convey to him. Finally, compile all these videos together (along with your part) and gift your boyfriend an exquisite tape of memories.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. A scrapbook

A scrapbook speaks a lot. It requires a lot of hard work and patience to complete it, but at the end, when you see the expression on his face, it will provide you with an immense sense of satisfaction. Purchase a scrapbook from the nearest stationary, and collect some photos from his Facebook page or some which you might’ve taken. Fill the scrapbook with cherished memories. There may be pictures of his childhood, his teenage years, his achievements, your first kiss and everything important regarding his life. Gifts like these can never be forgotten. He will love it and treasure it.

Boyfriend on his Birthday

  1. Plan a small trip

Plan a romantic getaway for the two of you, or you can even invite some close friends and family over. Everybody loves a refreshing break from work and monotonous lifestyle. A mini-break is what will make your boyfriend ecstatic. Other than making extraordinary memories, which you guys will be able to cherish forever, your boyfriend will also appreciate the fact that you put up so much effort into planning everything. To spice things up, you could hide the tickets somewhere where he is definite to go and let him discover the gift himself!

Do think of innovative ways to surprise your partner and make his special day even special for him. After all, he deserves one day worth of pampering and full- fledged attention!

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