Top 10 Best Magicians ever Born on Earth

The only word that we are very attracted right from our childhood is ‘magic’. Magic can be used to create  illusion to experience a change that is actually unforeseen. The world of magic and magicians has always been a source of entertainment and excitement for its audiences. Many great magicians have gained prominence and fame in the world for their wonderful magical performances. We all feel so enthusiastic and excited whenever we hear that magic is about to be performed. Over the years there have been many famous magicians and actually too many for all of them to get a mention.

Whom do you think of when you are asked about the most famous and best magicians ever born on earth?  Here’s our Top 10 list of Best Magicians.


Best Magicians

magician in top hat showing trick

10. Siegfried and Roy.

Best Magicians


The magician duo of Siegfried and Roy is considered as one of the best in the world. They are best known for their appearances with animals especially white lions and Tigers. They are known to be the greatest entertainers in Las Vegas. The magic and illusions of Siegfried and Roy can be categorized very old school in the type of tricks they perform but they managed to produce a spectacular result with their versions on stage. Their illusions helped them to achieve the ultimate accolade of ‘Magicians of the century’ in the Millennium year 2000.

9.Doug Henning.

Best Magicians


Douglas James Henning was born on 3rd May 1947 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is considered as one of the most famous illusionist of 1970’s and 80’s. He first showcased his talent when he was 14 years of age at a birthday party and from then onwards he gained a lot of appreciation and fame by his enchanting magic tricks. He soon became a great entertainer and a famous face at parties and television shows. He was also nominated for ‘Tony award’ and ‘Emmy award’. However, this great magician passed away at an early age of 52 on 7th February 2000 after suffering from cancer.

8.P.C Sorcar.

Best Magicians

P.C Sorcar was the stage name of Protul Chndra Sorcar who is the most famous Indian magician. He was born on 23rd February 1913. Born into a family of magicians of seven generations and was one of the internationally active magician throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s. He performed his famous ‘indrajal’ show before live audiences and on television. He established himself by conjuring up the art of Indian magic skills like the rope trick, the flying carpet and the x-ray eyes. Unfortunately, he died on 6th January 1971 of heart attack at an age of 58.

7.Harry Blackstone.

Best Magicians

Harry Blackstone was a great illusionist and stage magician of the 20th century. He was the first person to design the most famous and renowned designs and techniques of magic such as sawing any person in half and making the cage vanish. He was often called the ‘Great Blackstone’. Harry Blackstone began his career as a magician in his teens and was popular through World War 2 as a USO entertainer. He performed some of the most famous magic acts such as garden of flowers in which he filled the stage with lots of bouquets of flowers from nowhere.

6.Magic Babe Ning.

Best Magicians

Magic Babe Ning has been appreciated from people around the world as the best female magician in south East Asia. She is hugely inspired by David Copperfield and watched his shows since she was five years of age. In 2008 there was a show which gained a lot of popularity and the show featured her escaping from various locks, handcuffs, chains and shackles. She was named the sexiest woman in the field of magic by MagicSeen- which is UK’s largest magic magazine. Ning has also  been credited for popularising magic in Singapore by the local media and magic organisations.


Best Magicians

Dante is known to be the first man to have ever hit the news on magic for his wonderful magic tricks. He was born in 1883 in Denmark and was called Harry August Jensen when he was a child. He is regarded as the best magician ever born on earth. He used the words- sila sala bim in many of his performances which added an element of joy in the already excited people sitting in the audience. According to reports he mysteriously died in Northern ridge, California, USA in the year 1995. Many people said that the golden era of magic had come to an end when he died in 1995.

4.David Blaine.


David Blaine was born on 4th April 1973 and had started his magic acts after being inspired by a street performer. He is best known for his elaborate public imprisonments and high profile feats of endurance. He is also reported to have stayed three days entombed inside six tons of ice, being buried beneath a tank of water in New York and being suspended in a glass box over the Thames for forty four days in 2003. He has set and broken many world records. Blaine’s skills have earned him huge positive response throughout his career and he continues to intrigue people around the world.

3.Chris Angel.

Best Magicians

Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos more commonly known as the famous magician Chris Angel was born on 19th December 1967. He was deeply inspired by Harry Houdini and Richard Jr. He began his career in the field of magic at a very early age and performed at various events. He is an extraordinary magician who is said to have won the Merlin Magician of the year award two times. He has made the world record for spending longest time underwater and is the fastest to perform the metamorphosis act and straitjacket escape.

2.Harry Houdini.

Best Magicians

Harry Houdini was born on 18th March 1874 in Budapest, Hungary and was known as Ehrich Weisz in his childhood. He made his first appearance on stage when he was nine years old and performed a trapeze act. By the age of twenty he had been performing small acts throughout New York. He is famous for his sensational escape acts. His best act by far was ‘the Chinese water cell’. In a pre- television era, he gained worldwide acclaim by challenging any jail in each town he visited to hold him and then escaping from all of them. He famously proclaimed that there were no superficial or supernatural powers involved in his feats.

1.David Copperfield.

Best Magicians

David Copperfield was born on 16th September 1956. He is the undisputed leader among the best of the best magicians in the world. When it comes to magic he is a complete entertainer specializing in in various forms of magic including manipulation and illusions. His immense talent and charisma has earned him global fan following. He is described by Forbes as the most commercially successful magician in history. Copperfield’s career of over 30 years has earned him 11 Guinness world records. He has been named a living legend by the US Library of Congress.




We all have been obsessed with the supernatural at some point of time and magic is one of those fields which has made mankind very curious. Some people were able to use this field to earn name and fame and make their career out of it. It becomes necessary to take out some time from our practical lives and allow magic to take over our minds and thoughts. Sometimes we must leave logic behind and take a deep breath and allow ourselves to be enthralled by the consuming magical feats of these magicians and many others like them.

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