Top 10 Cool Summer Hairstyles for Women

Say goodbye! to blow dry, curl or flat iron because it is summer time ladies. It is that time of the year when you must try something creative. So beat the heat this summer by trying something new with your hair. It is the most perfect time to experiment with your hair so show off your locks to look cooler in this hot season. Some new braiding technique, a haircut or some fun color can be super energizing for your summer boredom. For those of you wondering to cover their head with scarfs, a look at these cool summer hairstyles would not allow you to do so. These hairstyles would surely tempt you to try few of them. Here is the countdown of some of the coolest and most stylish hairstyles for this summer

10.Easy knotted ponytail-

Summer Hairstyles

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The easy knotted ponytail is definitely one of the easy and coolest summer hairstyles. Add an interesting element to your simple ponytail with this knotted ponytail. Some days you just don’t want to open your hair due to this hot weather so this look is perfect for you.


-All you need to do is separate the hair over your shoulders into two parts.

-The part of hair from back should come forward and down.

-Then tie the hair into a simple knot and secure the two ends together using elastic.

-Slide the elastic up underneath the knot to conceal it.

9.Braided updo-

Summer hairstyles

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This hairstyle is pretty adorable and if you have some grown out bangs then it looks absolutely beautiful. It is super easy and looks pretty cool on every type of hair.


-Divide your hair into two sections like you do a half updo.

-Back comb underneath the top half and smooth over the top, this will give you a lift in the front.

-Divide the lower section into two parts and braid.

-Now pull each braid to the opposite side of your head and secure with pins.

8.A ponytail with height-

Summer hairstyles

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It is time to mix up the mundane so spice up the plain old ponytail with this hairstyle. It is a great way to style your hair for almost any occasion and can be done in minutes.


-Create a line from ear to ear and the hair on the bottom can be made into a low ponytail.

-Divide the top into 3 even sections.

-Tease the middle section to add volume and texture.

-Twist the middle section and pin it to the low ponytail using a pin.

-Now tease the side section also and then twist it back and pin it to the low ponytail.

-Repeat the teasing and pinning on the other side and you are done.

7.Twisted updo-

Summer hairstyles

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This one’s a little complicated but it is so ideal with an elegant, backless dress for any event. The updo looks gorgeous on any hair and keeps your hair out of your way for the day.


-First of all, you need to clip the front and top up then create a messy bun at the nape of your neck.

-Now take individual parts from the top and front sections and loosely twist them.

-Pin the part into the messy bun.

-Keep on pinning the hair on alternate sides until you reach the top section.

-Back comb the crown area for subtle volume.

-Twist and pin that section into a bun and the last step is to gently loosen a few strands around the face to soften the look.

6.Braided up Mohawk-

Summer hairstyles

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This is a fun look that can be worn anywhere from the beach to a night out.


-Create a middle section and that will be your Mohawk. Section the sides into three parts that will be braided.

-Starting at the top side section, French braid hair going back towards the center of your head.

-Continue through all three sections, securing with elastics at the ends.

-Moving to the bottom back section, gather and lift hair up off your neck and give it a slight twist.

-Secure this section with pins. Lift top Mohawk section and back comb until desired height is achieved.

5.Twisty buns-

Summer Hairstyles

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Twisty bun is a neat way to tame out of control curly hair in this hot season. It can be styled with a daytime outfit or going out at night. Best of all, it only takes about five minutes to style. It is the perfect summer hairstyle both pulled together and effortless.


-Separate your locks into four to six sections.

-Twist each section and roll it into a mini bun at the bottom of the back of your scalp.

-Pin each section as you twist it.

-Continue twisting and working your way to the centre of your scalp.

-Be sure to try a variety of accessories like a handmade flower or bow.

4.Easy breezy braid-

Summer Hairstyles

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Effortless soft waves with a simple braid create a perfect look for this summer. It is super easy to achieve although no one will ever believe it with how fabulous it looks.


-Section hair into three sections each side and the back.

-Secure each section with clips.

-Bring large sections down and create two to three inch sections to curl.

-Start curling three to four inches away from the scalp.

-Continue curling through entire head.

-Create a section in the top front of the hair on each side of the part and braid through ends.

-Secure with elastic band.

3.Vintage Vamp-

Summer hairstyles

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Striking vintage rolls with imperfect curls updates this vintage classic for a fun look this summer. This hairstyle looks best in wavy or curly hair.


-Create a part and two sections in the front.

-Brush hair down and starting at ends, begin to roll hair up towards the top.

-Secure with bobby pins.

-Repeat this with the second section.

-Oval and heart shaped faces are perfect for this style.

2.Happy chick-

SUmmer hairstyles

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Fun waves, a side pony and a braided headband. Yes please! This ultra feminine look is a great take on a 70’s classic.


-Section hair into three parts- each side and back and secure them with pins.

-Begin curling your hair and once done lightly comb over to desired side.

-Secure hair using elastic.

-To make this more interesting you can leave out a piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure with pin.

-Do not worry about your front layers that fall out of the ponytail because this makes the look.

-Add a braided headband or you could use your own hair to braid and drape it over your forehead.

1.Double Boho braid-

Summer hairstyles

This look can be worn at the beach or dressed up with heels and jewellery for a summer night out.


-Separate hair on the left and right side of your head.

-Using your part as guide, continue the part down the middle of the back of your head.

-Tie one section with a hair tie to keep it out by the way.

-French braid the free section of hair back to the nape of the neck and secure with pins.

-Repeat this on the other side of your head.

-Gather the hair into a low ponytail below the clips and secure with a hair tie.

-To finish the look wrap a section of hair from underneath the pony tail around the hair tie.


Summertime is not exactly kind for your hair, but that does not mean you have to power through three months of bad hair days. These hairstyles are just perfect to flaunt your inner fashionista. The weather is getting hot and so are the hot trends for this summer and these hairstyles will definitely have you celebrating summer in style.

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