Top 10 Cute Romantic Ideas to Propose to your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)

Relationships and first love, eye contact and little giggles. Love is a very heavy, yet a very beautiful feeling. Those rosy red cheeks and the maddening heart beats tell you why. As integral as it might be, it is also important to let your feelings and emotions be known to the person you love and care about. Keep in mind the consequences. Although they can be good or bad, care less about them. Just do what you feel is right, anyway.

So, here are 10 ideas that will definitely make your love story work and take it to another level:

Romantic Ideas to Propose


Everyone wants to be perfect in their own ways and means. However, being perfect isn’t all that a relationship is about. Take your life decisions with someone who would accept you regardless. Someone who would marry you and your flaws too. It is imperative that we find ourselves our soul mates and someone, who is exactly like you. Flawed and maybe a little insecure but at the same time, the most loving person there is.

And when you have found that Mr. or Ms. flawed, here’s how you deal with it. When you’re hell-bound and you’ve convinced yourself that this is who you’re going to grow old with, you should ask them out like this:

A: ‘Hey, I think it’s time you knew, I would like to marry you and your flaws too.’

So before he/she could say anything, they would get awestruck. They would just stop and get the hint that you’re in love with the fact that you want them to be your other half.

Romantic Ideas to Propose


Well, be as secretive as you can about these. Don’t let your loved ones know what you’re up to. Find the right time and note down your vows. And finally, when you’re ready and you know that it is the right time to hand them over to the ones you love, this is how you should proceed:

Ask them out. Ask them if they’re prepared to spend the rest of their lives with you even if there are ups and downs, or mostly downs and even if there are times when you would have to stay away for days, you would. And instead of handing over a ring to them, give them these vows. Make them realize that this is what they’re in for and they should be known of the fact that you would value them, irrespective of anything or anyone.

Romantic Ideas to Propose


Very trivial yet adorable. This concept seems to have appealed to a lot of couples around the world. And as you may already know the magic behind this kind of affection, let me remind you once again. So this is how it goes:

Take your girlfriend/boyfriend out for lunch or dinner. Add some spice to your date and have some champagne or wine. And you got what I meant by ‘adding some spice’ right? Yes, put the ring inside the drink and let them sip it. And when they’re done with it, they would’ve never felt this amazing finishing a drink.

Romantic Ideas to Propose


Nothing is as brilliant as suddenly coming up with an idea of proposing to your loved ones. There are times when things aren’t going according to you or falling in the right place. Also, sometimes you can’t find the correct solution to it. So what? You could always find something else to deal with.

So, drive down/run/cycle/use public transport and just rush to your soulmate. Don’t think about anything, don’t let them have any clue and don’t have cold feet about anything. Make up your mind and get things going. Knock on their door, don’t think about anything and just tell them what’s been making your heart beat like crazy.

Romantic Ideas to Propose


Think of the most gorgeous city that comes to your mind. Think of how you would feel if you wake up to a beautiful and a serene environment everyday with your loved ones with you. Of course, plan a budget too. Give yourself loads of time to think about it. Let your partner know when it is all set and just elope. Make sure that whatever you do is perfect and is already giving them some hint.

And then, go ahead and do what God sent you to do. This would be the best way to tell him/her how much they mean to you and that they would want to see everything there is to see on this earth, only when you’re around.

Romantic Ideas to Propose


When you’re in love, you’re in for a lot of hard work. And so, to make things look like they’re right and so is the time, then make sure you do something for that one person you love. Everyone loves knowing what will happen in the long run. Of course, it is objective, but make sure this is that one proposal that is going to be permanent, for the rest of your life.

Hand over a fortune cookie to them that has this written:

‘The person who wants to marry you right away is sitting right next to you.’

Romantic Ideas to Propose


One of the best and the most unique ways of expressing your love. Get all of your pictures with your loved ones framed and put them in his/her room. Make sure they’re asleep and they don’t know what you’re up to. Leave a bunch of their favorite chocolates and sweets and make it as fancy as possible.

And once they’re up, they would wake up to a whole new world. And then, there you’ll be. Standing next to them with a ring. Well, isn’t that the most perfect morning?

Romantic Ideas to Propose


Again, popular yet exciting. The trick is a left hand’s play and it keeps testing you in every way. Well, if you already know what I’m talking about, you would already start working on it. And if you don’t, then let me give you a hint. So this is how you go about:

When your loved ones wake up/get back home from work, make sure they go straight to their bedroom and see a chit lying on the bed. When they read it, they would follow what you told them to do or where you told them to go. Let them keep picking up chits till they reach the last one. And when they do, they’ll see you standing there, holding their life in your hand. A beautiful wedding ring.

Romantic Ideas to Propose


This isn’t easy, as you’ll be spending a lot of time running around to get a puzzle made for your loved ones. So, do this. Get a picture of you two printed out on a puzzle and gift it to your girlfriend/boyfriend. Tell them to solve it. Also, get a message printed at the back of the puzzle. It should say:

‘See? You fix us. And because I want this to keep happening, can I be yours forever? Marry me.’

Romantic Ideas to Propose


Well, this is as simple as it can get. Taking help is definitely not a terrible idea. And most of all, it makes your better half realize that it’s not only them, but the entire world wants you two to get married. This can be expressed in any way. When your boyfriend/girlfriend go to work or college, have some friends around that hold placards or chart papers with your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name written on it and next to that, asking them if they would marry you.

And then, you take the lead.

Love is the best feeling there is. Make sure that you use it on the right person at the right time.

Happy Romancing!

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