Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Sports can prove to be a time for merriment and a great source of entertainment for everyone involved from the players to the fans but every now and then, injuries and even death can cast a shadow. Involving a lot of physical contact, it hardly comes as a surprise that every sport entails an element of danger. But which would you consider the most dangerous in this lot? From extreme sports like Base jumping to well-known ones like football, here are 10 of the most dangerous sports in the world.

10. Base Jumping

most dangerous sportsIf you thought jumping off an airplane with 15,000 feet to go dangerous, think again. For many, this isn’t challenging enough apparently and hence they choose cliffs and man-made objects like towers. Jumping from such heights may sound safer while in reality they tend to be trickier due to virtually no time available to deploy the parachutes or deal with any problems. BASE is actually an acronym for the type of objects people jump off. It stands for Buildings, Antennas (tower), Spans (or bridges) and Earth (natural formations like cliffs, canyons, gorges, etc.). First developed by Carl Boenish in 1978 it has grown in popularity since.

9. Horse riding

most dangerous sportsEver hoped to one day own your very own pony and ride on it every single day? Well, I’m sure many of us have but did you know that horseback riding also happens to be considered as a very dangerous sport? Fatal injuries and even deaths are caused every year by horse riding accidents. The most common cause of injury is getting trampled while on the ground near the horse. The hooves are potent that could easily make you a permanent fixture in the hospital. Other causes include getting thrown off your horse or fatal kicks while leading the horse into the paddock. So should you get that pony you dreamed of, please do remember to exercise extreme caution.

8. Scuba diving

most dangerous sportsScuba diving is an underwater sport fast gaining popularity across the planet. This recreational sport involves using SCUBA – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus to stay underwater long enough to savor the serene beauty of marine life. While for some the allure of scuba diving lies in the charm of underwater life for others it’s the thrill of exploring a wreck or a cave. The danger in this sport chiefly lies in the changes in pressure. These changes in pressure could potentially rupture a lung, ear-drums or damage the sinuses. Prolonged exposure to high pressure gases can result in the build-up of nitrogen and helium in our blood stream which may lead to damage to tissues, blocking of small blood vessels or even shut down of blood supply! Other casualties could be due to failure of diving equipment.

7. Running of the bulls

most dangerous sportsThe festival of San Fermin or running of the bulls as it is more popularly known takes place on the 6th of July in Pamplona, Spain. It originally was a means to transport bulls from where they were bred to the bull ring where they would be slaughtered. Youngsters would jump in beside these bulls to show off their bravado. Over the years it developed into a festival marked by music, dancing and markets. The run starts off after the first two rockets and comes to an end with the third and fourth rockets signaling that the bulls have entered the bull-ring. The dangers of running with bulls are imaginably immense. Every year on an average 50-100 people get injured due to goring, asphyxiations, piling up of people leading to suffocation and even getting crushed by the bulls.

6. Jallikattu

most dangerous sportsJallikattu also known as bull-taming is another sport that involves bulls though it occurs on a different continent with a different set of rules. Taking place in villages across Tamil Nadu during the Pongal (thanksgiving for plentiful harvests) festival, this is a sport in which only one emerges the winner – man or bull. In one form of this sport a person has to hold on to the bull for a specified time or distance to win while a variant to this game involves releasing the bull into an open field with the participants trying to subdue the bull. The dangers as can be anticipated are many and as many as 200 have died in this sport over the last two decades. Also due to protests by animal activists against the cruelty meted out to the beasts the sport has been banned in the country.

5. Bull riding

most dangerous sportsThis is a rodeo sport that involves staying mounted on a bull for as long as possible while the bull tries to buck off the rider. The very mention of mounting a 1000kg bull invokes jitters amongst us; so I guess much needn’t be said about the perils entailed in the actual sport. It has been considered as one of the most dangerous sports in the world with damage to the neck, head and face besides concussions accounting for most of the injuries. In 1989 after a bull gored and punctured the heart of cowboy Lane Frost it was made compulsory to wear protective vests made of ballistic material. This and a slew of other protective measures have brought down the accidents in the sport but despite this it still continues to be the “most dangerous 8 seconds in sports”.

4. Gymnastics

most dangerous sportsGymnastics is a sport that tests balance, strength, flexibility and control. Though originally devised to test soldiers for war in the military it now is an Olympic sport contested by many. This sport which invokes an image of graceful women and men in leotards has an ugly face to it too. Yes, I’m referring to the risks involved. Wrist fractures, spinal fractures, ankle sprains, cartilage damage are some among the various injuries involved. Julissa Gomez was a victim of one the worst accidents in gymnastics history. In May 1988 months before the Olympics during a warm up she slipped and slammed her head resulting in a neck-down paralysis  that lasted until her death in 1991.

3. Boxing

most dangerous sportsA contact sport where the participant’s sole goal is to punch his opponent it doesn’t come as a surprise that this isn’t an injury free sport. Statistics reveal that 90% of boxers suffer brain damage during the course of their career. They could even be prone to diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s later in their lives. Sounds scary doesn’t it? But with proper protective gear the risk of sustaining injuries can be minimized.

2. Soccer

most dangerous sportsSoccer is ranked second on this list probably due to the frequency of injuries in this sport. This could simply be ascribed to the vast number of players playing football but it still deserves a mention due to the frightening statistics of injuries and death in this sport. Statistics claim there’s a 75% chance of getting a concussion in this game as opposed to 5% in other games. Every footballer is conscious of the risk to his body and brain throughout his career but the sheer love for the sport and massive fan following keeps the fire alive in them.

1. Cycling

most dangerous sportsBiking also called cycling is sported first on this list due to the high number of casualties involved. Many might immediately jump to the conclusion that the injuries can be ascribed to extreme mountain biking while in reality the major cause of injury is, wait for it, ‘other vehicles’. This has been documented vividly in the film Premium Rush. Every second of the film will keep you on the edge of your seat, such is the risk involved. The streets could prove to be an extremely dangerous place to frequent on your cycle and possibly a gateway to the hospital.

Ranking sports on the basis of the dangers involved isn’t exactly that easy. There are many sports that haven’t made this list but that doesn’t necessarily make them any less dangerous. But one thing that can be remembered is that being prepared and taking the necessary protective measures could go a long way, possibly even save your lives!


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    • Soccer is for babies and crybaby’s all of the Injuries are put on to get attention WHY IN MOTOCROSS NOT THERE IT SHOULD BE AT LEAST 7th

    • Guys makesure your life is not relying on this stuff because not everything you see here is real most of it is fake for entertainment

    • Horse riding is the most dangerous sport. I think. It takes effort, time, money, and patience. You have to trust an animal with your life. And one mistake may cost us that. Have you ever been afraid of loosing control over the thing you love most?

    • Okay everyone listen. Every sport may seem easy but they´re not. Every sport is dangerous and tough in there own way so stop being immature and competing on a sport when every sport is dangerous!

  • Have you ever watched a sports game, soccer is not a dangerous sport rugby should be on the list, it is the roughest team sport in the world.

    • Agreed! Soccer is most certainly not one of the most dangerous sports and rugby is far more dangerous!

      • As somebody who’s played a lot of Rugby and Football (Soccer), I’d say that Football is the more dangerous. The problem is that football requires you to twist your body into odd positions, which increases the risk on injury a lot.

      • Honestly I think competitive cheerleading should be on there but not football or basketball cheerleading just because the tumbling and stuff is the same as gymnastics but also in cheer we have stunts where if you drop a girl from being so high in the air she could get paralyzed for the rest of their lives but also could get some really bad broken bones .

        • I totally agree with you, my sister is a cheerleader and she comes home with a new lump on her face every night she has practice because she doesn’t want that to happen to her person.

        • Absolutely, without a doubt. Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports there is. They may not list it here because they don’t think of it as a sport, but it is (I repeat), one of the most dangerous sports there is!

    • yeah that is true but it is also very dangerous cuz of the lack of gear especially because of goalkeeper most of there injuries are in the face those shots are coming at them at very high speed and if they don’t react quick enough they will probably pass out because of the kick

        • Same! I always go cycling it’s like bike riding. Cars go behind me I go to the sidewalk or go on the shoulder of the road! I don’t think it’s the most dangerous sport.

      • i believe competitive cheer is the #1 most dangerous sport bc u tumble in different positions that could lead to baddddd brian damage if u don’t do it right. also u do stunting stunting u can fall right out of that stunt if u do not completely lock out. u can also land in a very BADD position such as: head, neck, face, arm, etc. i now believe i have proved my point ????????

        • fool. Cheerleading is BS and you need to get a life. Horse riding is very dangerous. My cousin died jumping and I am almost qualified for the Australia’s National Show Jumping and it is incredibly dangerous. Cheerleading is not so get a life american loser

        • I don’t believe in that opinion if you get stepped on for a split second from a horse you could die instantly

    • Hmm. I’d like to see you try gymnastics. And actually technically speaking competition cheerleading is far more dangerous than gymnastics. In cheer you do all types of things you do in tumbling/gymnastics. You even throw people up into the air and then catch them so that don’t fall and DIE. When you stunt a flyers life is in your hands. They could die at any moment and you have to keep them alive. You need about the same amount of strength to do cheerleading as you do to do gymnastics

      • lmao u snowflakes should try some rugby and football. or better yet, mma or cage fighting. maybe wrestling? no? don’t want to? then shut up about the “tumbling” and “balance” and “the horse can kill you.” a car is much more dangerous than a horse, so based on your crazy ideas, driving should be on that list. grow tf up and know what true danger is. and we haven’t even gotten to the sports involving guns yet.

  • Okay okay okay. you are tying to tell me gymnastics is higher then horseback riding… ya um no. While riding horses, you dont only need skill, patients, strength, trust, ect. , but you also need to communicate to control a 1000 + pound animal! Bull riding and horseback riding need to be on the top of the list… Dont agree? how about u try to get on one or the other.

    • ok you just have to sit on a horse and watch it prance around… but in cheerleading and gymnastics over 80% of cheerleaders get hurt in fact my sister got paralized by falling out of a stunt in cheerleading now we have to feed her and help her in everything we do

      • Uhhh no you don’t have you jumped over a fence with a half ton animal go about 30 mph then get refused and train OVER the jump only to get back on and try again?

        • have you been thrown 30 feet in the air.. know there’s a chance they might not catch you and ‘ a pretty good chance you will get paralyzed..

          • Cheer is gay. horse riding takes guts, horse riding is the only sport where your equipment has a mind of its own and can kill you in 1 second. It is the most dangerous sport besides bull riding and bulldogging.

          • Buddy your just saying this cause when you were 5 you got on one pony at a fair while someone was leading you around I did cheer for 6 years and quit because I got my own horse a year later that horse almost broke my neck but guess what after the doctor told me not to get back on for over a month I was back on training again in a week you get thrown in the air for entertainment we do it for things that mean something go do your makeup and organize your bow collection

          • I’m a 13 yr old girl who has lost a toenail and been bucked off of two horses. Yet I ride twice a month. Horses are beautiful but they’re not something to mess with. They’ve all got dangerous mustang instincts which makes it dangerous to ride. I put my FULL trust into the horse I ride. It’s not easy. And for people who think it is… try barrel racing. Or jumping or racing in general. Then you see our struggle. I end up with tight muscles and pulled muscles even though I don’t go higher than a canter. Leave the horse people to do their thing. We know how to do it cause we were taught or born with instincts.

      • Ohhh so you think horseriding is easy?… why dont you try i would like to see you try. You dont have to just control you posture your balance your skill but

      • Ok, i would like to see you get on a horse and perform an intricate dance, a course of over 1m10 junps and for you to gallop full speed on an animal with a mind of its own. Have you ever fallen off of a horse and broken bones or been thrown into a fence. No you havent so you dint just sit there.

      • You say what you want but every person will tell you that horse riding is more dangerous your riding 1000 ton horse and a horse has a mind of its own so you skate or make a mistake on a horse or pony you can die get paralyzed and also break multiple bones got it

        • First of all you could die on a horse around or near a horse my mom sprained her leg just sitting on one you could get bitten, kicked , the horse could bolt, and worse of all circle rear .

      • Can gymnastics kill you in gymnastics can you be trampled in gymnastics do you have a partner that doesn’t speak your language in gymnastics do you spend 1,000 dollars a month in gymnastics are you on 7- 10 foot animal That has I mind of its own no so be quiet

      • HA! you have NO idea how much work it takes to ride a horse. All you have ever done is sit on a horse at a walk on a trail in a line. In real riding (i ride english which is jumping horses), you have to control the animal with your legs. You also have to have A LOT of core strength and leg strength. Think about having to stay on the horses back while they run at a gallop. It looks so easy but thats part of what we have to do. We have to keep our bodies quiet and stay on this moving creature. In cheer 90% of the time when you do stunts in the air and drop, you get caught by the girls. Not to mention you can talk to them and that there are several girls catching you. In riding, you can’t talk to the horse, and if you get bucked off/fall off, you hit solid ground, You get back on the horse and say “my fault” when you might have broken a bone, when you fall in cheer, you sit out crying with a sprained ankle. 100+ people die A YEAR from riding, and almost 15,000 get seriously injured a year ( paralyzed, broken bones, torn muscles, brain injuries, blindness, loss of hearing). So go get on a horse and jump it 6 feet at a gallop, making it look like its the easiest thing ever, without falling off. Have a good rest of ur day!!!

      • Your so wrong about equestrianism. You are on a 1,300 pound animal who is very intelligent and knows they can kill you. Riding horses requires mental strength along with way more physical strength than Gymnastics and Cheerleading. Every corner equestrians turn they are faced with their life on the line for their sport. As simple of brushing your horses tail can end in fatality. So stfu, we don’t just sit there. Watch videos of riders being crushed and shattering most of their bones because they messsd up a stride count before a jump. Then we can talk when you know more logic about equestrianism.

    • I agree I had this conversation yesterday I think horse racing is the number 1 most dangerous sport if you take into the fact jockey s ride horses from 6 am in the morning and if they go t o a night meeting also it could be 9 at night in summer they finished 7 days a week to me stats are high as its all year round they ride it has to be the most dangerous sport

  • I so agree with sylvia horse riding is the best sport ever and super dangerous it puts every other sport to shame

  • Where’s motocross?! That’s definitely a super tough sport along with horseback riding. I do both and I can tell you it’s a whole lot harder than soccer or football.

  • Cheerleaders are stronger than you think. Bases have to lift people their weight above their heads not knowing if she is going to lose her balance and fall any second and flyers need excellent balance and have to trust their bases with their life because if they fall they may never get up again. You think this is easy because we always have a smile on our face because that is what we are trained to do, we never let our pain show. We need more balance than you horse back people. Don’t think we are not tough because of our perfect makeup and hair and smiling faces.

    • Listen you also need to be strong to do horse riding so stop saying that cheerleading is more dangerous because it isn’t so get over your self

    • First off, we are seven feet above the ground. Yall are 3. Yall have about 3 minutes we have 2 minutes. Yall can communicate to each other we are communicating to a 1,000 pound animal trying to not die within 2 seconds. Yall handle break ups and we handle dirt. When we fall 10 feet off the ground we get back up again and rub the dirt off our jeans and keep trying. Yall fall and start crying and sit on the bleachers. Now who is the balanced one now?! Not saying cheerleading is not hard it’s awesome but it is hurtful when you say we aren’t balanced. My friend is a cheerleader and she is awesome but girl you need to get a life.

      • I horse back ride and I’m twelve. I did gymnastics for three years and now I just started horseback riding. It is so much harder to handle a 1300 pound horse than falling of a bar with MATS under them. Us riders have to handle getting thrown of a horse on SOLID ground with No mats to help. WE fall then get back up on our horses. Talk about brave.

  • ROADRACING (motorcycles) should be at the top of any list. Sliding your knee on the ground at speeds upward of 150mph while sitting on a motor. Yeah #1

  • Soccer should not be on that list, in field hockey there has been way more accidents that cause people to be in the hospital for a few weeks then on crutches for months.

  • SPECIFICALLY…… The most dangerous is not cycling…… It’s MTB Downhill Racing and Freeriding

  • I would think American Football is going to climb up this list as it becomes more widely known of the dangers of developing CTE as you continue to play the sport at a high level.
    I wonder if this is just an opinion piece or it’s based on the probability of injury with an index that multiplies this number based on the severity of that injury.

  • For everyone saying gymnastics is not dangerous sport I’d like to see you try to do a backflip on a 4-inch wide beam that is 4 feet up in the air gymnastics is extremely dangerous you could easily die with one wrong move

  • I feel like Horse riding should be number 1. Reason being is because you could die at any given second if that horse falls and crushes you. You could be jumping and the horse refuses and you fall into the jump. You could be barrel racing and get you leg rammed into a metal barrel or worse your horse could trip causing you the horse to fall on top of the barrel. Or your horse could spook and you could get bucked off and go flying. I definitely think cycling shouldn’t be be number 1 as pretty much all of these are worse . I feel like any equestrian would agree with me

  • Literally the dumbest list. Dangerous sports are ones with the highest chance of serious life altering injury or death. This means, wingsuit base, tracking suits, regular base jumping, speedflying, climbing above 8000m, etc. All your other sports are quite safe in comparison. This list is ass. I’m sorry, I don’t care if you did a double backflip on a motorcross bike and broke 10 bones in your body, you survived. The most dangerous sports in this world don’t have that as an outcome in 99% of accidents. People, just die. Cheerleaing is not tough, horseback riding is not that cool, football is safe, soccer is a joke (in comparison to ws base)

  • My cousin was doing a simple warm around a arena with her horse and he got spooked by a flock of geese flying above and he did a crow hop them a buck then a rear and when he reared she fell back words and thats when he decided to do another buck and kicker her in the face as she fell. She died right them and there. I still ride horse, but i definitelyshould be up in the top 5. I once was tacking up a horse and she had a soar spot on her back that I didn’t see it when I was grooming her and she bucked that saddle off and it landed one me leaving me with a few bruises (which isnt that bad, but it shows that its harder to communicate with an animal than it is a person.)

  • Gymnastics was originally developed to test men for war in the military? uh no it wasn’t. Unless you mean in military in ancient Greece….

  • where tf is swimming cos i ripped all my toe nails out of the toes and i couldn’t walk for 1 wk and a kid bashed their head on the wall

  • HA! YOU SAY CHEER IS HARD! Try riding a 1,000 pound kg animal that has a mind of its own. Just saying but I own a pony named Pepper (as you can see in my name) and I have fallen off over 100 times. I’m not saying that gymnastics or cheer isn’t hard I’m sure it is, but equestrian is SO much harder! you have to be tough to do equestrian. I have been riding since i was 3 so i know this stuff so before you go off dissing another sport just because of what YOU see maybe do some real research and talk to real equestrians because I’m sure they will agree with me. IT IS REALLY HARD! you have to have grit, passion and perseverance because a rule that i have and I’m sure a lot of equestrians have is that “if you fall off you HAVE to get back on again!!” BTW Pepper (my pony) goes crazy if she has her gear on so i have to ride BAREBACK! sooo yeah when i ride Pepper it a little bit… y’know… interesting ahah.

    PS – the girl in the photo for horse riding ^^^^ has not got her heels down and her stirrups are to long 🙂

    • I have done horse back riding for most of my life and won a bunch of ribbons but I still think COMPETITIVE cheer is harder ( horse back riding is still very hard)

  • This list is utter load of crap Gymnastics is not that dangerous as for soccer don’t make me laugh. Running with the bull’s while dangerous is not a sport. Have you ever seen Australian rules football, down hill mountain biking, dig wave surfing now there are some dangerous sports.
    Who ever wrote this is an idiot.

  • Huh. Whoever thinks cheer is more dangerous than horseback riding, you’re wrong. Trying to control a 1000 pound ANIMAL is hard enough as it is, but making it jump over a three foot fence while your are ON TOP OF IT is SO dangerous. And BTW, I broke my femur last summer when I got on a tall horse bareback. Any of you break the LARGEST BONE IN YOUR BODY in cheer??

  • Can we just all stop arguing what sports are more dangerous than others. clearly all of these on here are dangerous. Soccer players are not wimps. Soccer doesn’t really belong to be most dangerous.Yes all of these are dangerous.

  • I played soccer and do love it, yes it has some injuries but I can assure, these are less likely to happen, because generally when you’re playing soccer, you’re avoiding full body contact.

    American football on the other hand, are way, *waaaaay* more dangerous and violent than soccer. Those tackles, collisions, slams, they are basically wrestling in a 120 yard ring. Gotta wonder how the players recover so fast from those concussions.

  • Where is ufc’s mixed martial arts? Its more dangerous than boxing. Boxing is just hands. At ufc they use hands , legs, submissions that can break ur neck, hands or legs.

  • Gymnastics and Cycling should not be on here. There is one sport I would have liked to see on this list. That sport is highlining. Its a wobbly 1 inch wide piece of webbing that you have to balance on as to walk across with a deadly drop beneath you. This usually takes place between 2 cliffs at a high altitude and there is a deadly drop beneath you.

    • Because you are controlling a huge heavy animal which could kill you easily. You are sitting on top a 7 foot animal which could buck, spook, you could fall and get kicked. I know a lot of people who have been killed. Horse riding is very dangerous.

    • First of all you could die on a horse around or near a horse my mom sprained her leg just sitting on one you could get bitten, kicked , the horse could bolt, and worse of all circle rear

  • wow I think football should be there There were more than 41,000 injuries and 25 million athlete-exposures from 2004 to 2009.

  • My own opinion, I play football a lot and I have been playing it for years (soccer) but I would think that rugby should be on this list as I have attempted to play it but got a leg inury from playing it.

  • This list is dumb… How did soccer and cycling make it on this list? And even so high on this list. BASE jumping, scuba diving and wingsuit flying are so much more dangerous then fucking soccer.

  • Gymnastics is a dangerous sport because if you make one wrong move you break your neck and that’s the end of your career!

  • I am a cyclist I race road races and much more I am very happy that u put it up there because in reality it deserves much more attention then it gets. But soccer is for cry babies and involves no skill and is not at all dangerous other then the players own stupidity. Anyway thanks for giving my sport the attention it deserves because in reality it is and it is probably the hardest sport too. Thanks

  • SOCCER is b4 HORSE RIDING ?!?!
    I’m sorry, I rlly do agree with u,
    But soccer is for idiots who can’t do any other sports and they play ball cuz it makes them feel better.

  • The injuries that make all the other sports go high on the list are the same injuries that happen in horseback riding. Sports where you rely on another animal are VERY dangerous. We get injuries every time we get on our horse for crying out loud! But we’re not all in the Olympics so oir injuries dont count. All im saying is that all thoses sports with animals deserve a mich higher rating

  • Horse riding is definitely the most dangerous sport, you can get killed by one small move, I got concussion from getting stuck under a horse, if I didn’t have a helmet on I would of died. For everyone saying Equestrain sport isn’t hard I would like to see you get on a unpredictable animal 30 times ur size and control one. More then 30 million horse acccidents accrue each year, hows that for you ????

  • Seriously, why is soccer second place and horseback riding 9th? Like fr we equestrians get kicked, get bitten, we fall off but we just get back up again no matter what. We need to trust a 600 kilo creature with a mind of its own. In soccer you rely on a ball. Not a living thing that could trample, kick, and kill you on the spot. I do like soccer, but trust me, horseback riding isn’t easy.

  • My son does Base Jumping. It should be mentioned in this article that base jumpers only have 1 parachute … if they strike a problem with this shute they die or are truly badly injured.

  • I know horseback ridding but for the kids who see this Will be afraid of doping What love or the parentens Will have to stop Them from doing it
    Just somthing to about

  • As an alpinist I think climbing mountains is the most dangerous thing to do specially there’s some external factors (crevasse, avalanche, falling rocks..) that can cause serious damages or even in most cases death

  • I thought this list was for the most dangerous sports in the world not the most injury prone sports with no accounting for competitor numbers. I’m sorry but there is only 2 sports on this list where your life “might” be on the line each time you compete and they are Boxing and Jallikattu. The fact is that if we are using the words “Most” & “Dangerous” literally, the only sport on this list that actually puts the athletes life at risk every single time they compete, the title would have to go to Bullriding wouldn’t it. Maybe we could check athlete health and life insurance premiums with the leading sports insurance companies around the world.

  • People in my class say that horse riding isn’t dangerous… I’m sorry but each time we get NEAR a horse we risk death, paralyzation, etc. And if you haven’t seen what a rotational fall on a horse is, look it up. It’s not good

  • Drag racing you miss and hit a concrete wall at over 300 mph. You will not play soccer or football or cycling after that

  • Hurling where on earth is hurling!? It should take soccer’s place the peopled whok get injured are just weak or unfit

  • where is cheer in this, you get tosted in the air not know if your bases and back spot can get you when u come down and if they dont get you u either have a concution or a broken bone

  • Everyone really be fighting about this. It’s not real its not proven, every sport is dangerous in their own way. Yea one might be more dangerous then the other but you can get still get hurt in any sport you do. This is some dude who just Googled dangerous sports and made this and probably is a cycler/cycling/biker whatever tf its called. Everyone gotta chill its just this dudes opinion????

  • Dangerous sports, I would have thought meant life and limb, rather than muscle injuries. Watch an Isle of Man TT to see life and limb dangerous. Then tell me that legitimate road racing on motorbikes shouldn’t be near the top.

  • This is stupid! How is cycling number 1. There’s probably only been so many fatal injuries because it’s so common and there’s loads of cyclists. What about cheerleading and mountaineering?

  • Soccer is the most pussiest sport in the world and it should be the lowest on the board people fake everything. Somebody ran and tore there ACL by running like how

  • Looks like 95% of the commenters here are close to illiterate…Is this due to brain damage from their respective sports or just lack of education? LOL

  • I’m a barrel racer and only have 1 leg and believe me it isn’t easy so just admit it. EQUESTRIAN IS HARDER THAN CHEER!

  • Omgggggg you guyzzz are sooo idiots I love ridinnng ponie an it’s soooo danger i saw someone get bit once by a poni it was very bad they almost ded!!!!!!!!! Idk why peple think cheerleader is bad they just wave pompous like LOL!!!!


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