Top 10 Games Dogs Love to Play

‘If you can’t do anything about your laziness, get a dog.’

When is a PERFECT start to a day? It is when your absolutely energetic dog is over your head, licking you from tip to toe and pawing you. And, of course, you know what that means, right? THEY WANT TO GO OUT AND PLAY!

Our pets are our lifelines. In absolutely no time, we create such a deep and irrevocable bond with them, that it is practically impossible to live without them. Our loyal guards and keepers, dogs inculcate a very powerful sense of relationships as well and through this, we definitely know who our true companions are. Aren’t those cute puppy faces crossing your mind already?

So, when you take your dog out to play, you can be sure as hell that their excitement level has reached the sky! Therefore, here are those 10 games which are A MUST and your dog will love you for it:


Games Dogs Love to Play

A very common game and yet the most interesting one. And no, please do not think that this game is useless and nothing comes out of it. It definitely figures out how playful or lazy your dog is. A very ‘full-of-energy’ game and a very salient one for dogs.

So, all the dog lovers out there, get your own frisbee and let’s get going!


Games Dogs Love to Play

Pervasive, yet again. And all you’ve got to do is throw the ball, direct your dog and give him or her some time to figure out what happened, and let them fetch it!

This is a very mellow game. You have no idea how happy the dog gets when they finally catch the ball and run and give it to you. Oh, the look on their face is worth a million dollars!


Games Dogs Love to Play

Well, I literally mean turn here. Go round and round. Yes, this is a very fun game and will help you learn if your dog has good skills to figure out any obstacle. Here’s what you need to do:

Put about 5-6 cones lined up in a row and make sure that they don’t move and are firm. Try to tell your dog to pass through all 5 of them from left to right and keep them going. Initially, it might be difficult, so hold your dog by its leash and make him or her do it and after a fair few times, they will understand what you’re trying to do!

Haven’t figured it out yet? Watch Mr. Bean.


Games Dogs Love to Play

This is THE MOST PERFECT game or training you can give to your dog. If you’re going camping alone with your dog and you’ve decided where to set up your tent and keep all your belongings, you definitely need some help. And who can help you best? Your dog. Train him or her so they know exactly what to give you and be a helping hand to you. Direct them well enough so that they aren’t confused.

P.S. – the way you teach or train them also makes a huge difference. A dog would be clueless after a while if they aren’t given proper attention.

Also, please remember, confusion and dogs? They never go hand in hand. DON’T DRIVE YOUR DOG MAD.


Games Dogs Love to Play

No, don’t just run run run. This is something really exciting you can do. Pick up your cycle, and if this is your first time, then tie your dog’s leash on to your handle and start cycling. Your dog will walk for a while depending on your speed and when you accelerate, your dog will start running with you. Or maybe faster than you. So, it’s a great and yes, a very tiring activity for both you and your dog.

Also, dogs smile a lot when they’re given a lot of proper care and attention. Seriously, A DOG’S SMILE IS THE BEST THING TO WATCH!


Games Dogs Love to Play

Well, this is one game that leaves all dogs puzzled. Figure it out is basically making the dog understand the difference between important things and things that are only for them (material things, of course.) Also, this is a great training exercise for your dog. This is how you go about it.

You have to place 5 things that are really important to you, and 5 things that only your dog can play with. For example, keep your laptop, your pen, your diary, your watch and your favorite music CD. Along with that, keep your dog’s favorite things like a ball, Frisbee, a food item, stuff toy and some lego blocks maybe.

Now what you have to do is, train your dog well enough so that he or she knows what to pick up when you say ‘WHAT BELONGS TO YOU?’ Do this 4-5 times a day. And sooner or later, the dog will understand what you’re trying to do.


Games Dogs Love to Play

So here’s what you do:

Keep about 4 fruits up there (apple, pear, guava, grapes) and get your dog there. Hang those fruits a little higher than the dog’s reach and tell him or her to jump and get them. Keep trying and keep it going till your dog is able to get all of them and have his or her treat!

It is also known to be the best exercise for your dog. Make sure this is practiced everyday.


Games Dogs Love to Play

The most interesting one from the lot, hide and seek is an all time favorite game for both kids and dogs. The rules are quite simple and the only thing is, don’t hide somewhere where it is impossible for your dog to find you. Make it a little easier for them, initially.

Of course, they know your smell so they can very well figure out. So, if you want to make this game a little more fun, hide somewhere far BUT only when your dog has got the hang of this game!

P.S. – There are times when the dog might just get distracted and start looking for someone else. It is maybe because they smell better than you.


Games Dogs Love to Play

When I say it, I mean it. This is the most interesting of them all. Dogs have a very strong smelling sense and so, they remember each and every scent very distinctly. Make use of this and help them find what you’re hiding!

So, this is what you need to do. Take a few things, make your dog smell it and hide them in different corners of your house. Make sure the dog doesn’t get too confused looking for them, and try to work on that. After that, set your dog free and let him or her find what they’re looking for!

Treasure hunt can be played even outside the house. This really helps a lot in the long run. There can be times your dog knows where most of your things are instead of you knowing them yourself!


Games Dogs Love to Play


Of course, it is going to be a little tough for you because dogs, as you already know it, aren’t too comfortable with water. They don’t like it that much. It’s just in their nature. But, once they’re there, they’re the best swimmers you will ever see. As you may already know, dogs don’t drown. They swim their way out and know exactly how important it is. So, take your dog for swimming!

Dogs are the most affectionate and the most adorable pets you can have. So, play with them and enjoy because you may find other people complicated, but not your dog.

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