Top 10 Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Everyone dreams of looking beautiful. Everyone dreams of waking up perfectly, like those in movies. And so, we try and make sure we do. But remember, everything that you see may not seem too glamorous and beautiful. Excessive use of something can actually lead to the worst nightmares you’ll ever make of yourself. If you didn’t know, here are some harmful effects of cosmetics and skin care products that would leave you SHOCKED:

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


First of all, lets look at what these things are. Concealers are basically products that are used to hide your dark circles and spots on your face so that it matches your skin tone. Now, these concealers are made up of chemicals and most of them aren’t considered to be safe. The most used chemicals of concealers are titanium dioxide and talc. Titanium di-oxide is a chemical that, although used in food and other industries, its particles are considered toxic in nature and can, instead of lightening your skin, starts darkening it. It is usually is a white powdery product that is used for its brightening nature, sometimes backfires.

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


Lead is one of the most harmful metals that can be consumed by humans in any way. Yes, you’re probably thinking of Maggi right now, but that’s not the only thing that has lead in it. Did you know that most of our lipsticks that we use today have lead in LARGE QUANTITIES? Least of all, it darkens the tone of your lips to other levels. It doesn’t let your lips breathe and stops the functioning of other pigments used in the lipsticks. It is not only lipsticks. Recent studies have found out that even lip glosses and other forms of lip balms have high proportions of majorly hazardous metals in them such as chromium, aluminium, etc. So girls, I hope you get cold feet the next time you put lipsticks and lib balms as you read this, because this really is a major issue.

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


Hair removal creams are used world wide. Nobody thinks twice about using them because of how convenient they’re become in the recent years. But lets go back to their ingredients. One should understand that hair removal creams are made up mostly of chemicals such as keratin. Keratin is a chemical that consists of a substance that CAN CAUSE CANCER.  Skin irritation, rash, and sometimes major allergic reactions can take place and some of them can or cannot be treated by doctors. It is the worst way for hair removal as it comes with a big price.

PS – did you know that you could burn your skin in no time with this and it would’t go so soon? Yes that happens. Also, there’s something called bleach. Yup, I’m not even going to talk about that now. You got it.

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


Yep, you got that right. What you think is protecting you might not be protecting you, actually. We’re definitely talking about sunscreens and lotions and creams that are SUPPOSED TO protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Lets go into depth once again. These sunscreens consist toxic materials that CAN CAUSE CANCER. Most of the sunscreens were tested and observed and there were toxic materials in those creams that directly leads to all sorts of disastrous skin problems that might not have a solution at all.


Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


As convenient as they might sound, face wipes are the worst sort of tissues to use when it comes to your face. Yes, what they’re soaked in to make them smell all nice and fancy, isn’t anything but chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to levels where you could get permanent allergies and marks on your skin. Most of what it consists of is bacteria. Now imagine you running away from everything in order to avoid bacteria. And then come these wet tissues which give you more bacteria. It absolutely astonishing as to how people are convinced that there’s nothing in these tissues and most of the times, no body even feels the need to look at what its made of.

Perhaps you all know that most of the ingredients are missing from what they put in the labels. Yes, they don’t mention everything. Company confidential. Shh.

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


This is probably the most hazardous substance one uses on an everyday basis. Now here’s whats so outrageous about this. We know its bad and contains chemicals that if consumed (by mistake, of course) CAN KILL. Yes, I’m talking about the chemicals and the amount of alcohol present in these perfumes. Did you know, what is used to make these fragrances are also used in stuff like laundry detergents, candles, cosmetics, etc? Yes, might as well use detergent to make yourself smell nice. We don’t do that. (Should we?)

Acetonitrile, as dangerous as the name sounds, is used in most of the perfumes. This can lead to death,  directly as a result of brain vagueness and other skin related problems. Too much exposure to this can kill you in no time.

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


We use this everyday, yes. The other alternative is soap (we’ll talk about that too, in a fair bit.) You should definitely be aware of what this gel/substance is made of as this is going to blow your mind away. So there’s something called ‘microbeads in sodium laureth sulfate ‘ present in most of these bathing foams and soaps and these substances are a major cause of BREAST CANCER, some studies have shown.

It is the worst way to treat your body. Jungle is a good place to go. Go natural. Just a suggestion….

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


You girls who use make up on a daily basis would know what a body shimmer is. I mean, its understandable by name. To make your body shine. Yes, its literally glitter on your body. Again, if you notice these, they have a particular kind of liquid that contain these glitter particles. When you spray, the liquid pushes the glitter towards the outside and lets your body get covered in it. Now, some amount of liquid also comes out. This liquid contains chemicals that can cause temporary damage to your skin and can lead to problems that even the doctors and some medicines will not be able to solve.

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


Open your class 10th science books and just have a look at what we had learnt about soaps and detergents. Or wait, don’t see what we had learnt, see where we had learnt that. Under ‘Acids, bases and salts.’ (CBSE people would get this.)

The name only suggests. Soaps are the worst to be used on your face. As you may know, or wish to know, that soaps cause burns on your skin as well. Did you know that soaps have bacteria and germs inside them that directly effect all the layers of your skin and as they do, they even damage them to levels where repair isn’t possible? It even removes all possibilities of you consuming, somehow, some vitamin D in your body because of its high pH levels.

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics


Most of the creams are advised by doctors, true. But you should also keep in mind the instructions that are given. Excessive use and long term use of these creams can lead to permanent damages and dependency on other creams which can have affects on the immune system of your body and can affect the internal systems of your body too.

Hey, make up your mind for less make up.

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  • This blog shares the most important thing that cosmetic causing most harmful effect on the skin it is necessary to know that there are many beauty products and skin care product available in the market which does not cause any side effect like ayurvedic product are not causing the side effect.

  • Thanks! while using cosmetic on daily basis our skin gets affected .we have to take care of our skin daily proper natural way .thank you

  • That’s why I am very meticulous of choosing any needs at home especially those personal needs for my family. I always opt those products with safe and organic components.

  • Thanks a lot , I never known talc is toxic . thought its one of the best makeup ingredients. Thanks for this great information

  • Nice post.I am really impressed with your blog article, such great & useful information you mentioned here.
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