Top 10 Key Traits of Mentally Strong People

Nobody escapes the misfortunes and tragedies that life tests us upon. If you have been thinking that you are the only one undergoing a trauma or a trouble, then it is time for you to rethink. Walking in a crowd you might be feeling left out or alone, without anyone to go back home to, but there yet might be someone who has a home and acquaintances as well, but ones whom he cannot walk to. Some tend to become a recluse in the face of problems and disturbances in life. They sneak in a rabbit hole and pretend like nothing wrong ever happened to them or things are just as before. All sorts of counseling, assistance and therapies in the world even prove to be ineffective to them. The only reason that hampers their growth here is the fact that they are oblivious of their power to heal and overcome. On the other hand are people who know how to tackle their problems. They see the issue right in the face shedding off their inhibitions. Being humans we all have fears and insecurities. Those who are mentally stronger than the rest know how to sail themselves out of a grief and tragedy.  Here are top 10 traits of mentally strong people. You must have come across them at least once in your life.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Far-sighted

They might be stuck in a problem now, but there is something that keeps them going and look forward to a tomorrow too. It’s being the ability of being far sighted that deters them from stopping at the moment and stressing over the present problems. Mentally strong people understand how to bring about a change in the present situation and also can very well comprehend how effective and useful will it be in their future.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Optimistic

Positivity seems to fly right out of the window, the moment we start fretting over something that has been bothering us gravely. It is indeed a great art and one which many of us still need to master. There are some in the lot who refuse to look at the negative side of the coin and would always dig in to discover and appreciate the positive side of the matter. They are pretty optimistic about their present and future.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Cunning and Alert

Nothing puts them down from analyzing the situation and making the most out of it. People might resort to calling them materialistic, but they are what can be precisely termed as cunning. They have a keen eye which just won’t fail to do its work, however tough the going gets. That is the sort of person we must all strive to be in life.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Motivates others

Yes, they are mentally strong and they do not intend to keep that strength to themselves. Those suffering from anxiety, depression or troubles in any form are guided by them. It is their will to guide others in distress, without taking the load of the others’ mental state upon themselves that adds to them being called mentally tactful.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Eliminate

People having a good control over their minds are very well aware of what is it that triggers their weakness and brings about negativity. They analyze those aspects and work upon them so as to eliminate those factors totally from their personality. This may even involve unpleasant memories from the past. They refuse to give power to unsettling memories and experiences to bother them. And slowly and successfully they become immune to those.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Aware of their emotions

It might be felt time to time by many people that those coming across as mentally strong and powerful tend to have no feelings and emotions. This myth actually has the power to be the greatest understatement of the millennium. It needs to be realized that they whom you find very spiritual and on a calmer note most often or always keep their emotions in check. They are well aware of their emotions and how their psyche has been influencing their personality. They guide their feelings and emotions, rather than of the other way round.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Uninfluenced

They know what is right and what is not so right. Being with a bunch of misanthropes would not make them one too. They have their own understanding and are very firm about their opinions. It is their belief in themselves that keeps them a step ahead of those who tend to depend on others for emotional and material support very often. Not letting others make an influence on you is not as easy as it seems to be in theory for that requires great will and confidence.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Self-belief

Strong headed is the word that can be best used to describe them. They do not let what others think of them waver or sway them from their true self. They are adamant and will prove that to others in several ways. Many of the people who are mentally strong totally dismiss others’ opinions about themselves as they are so comfortable and at peace at how they are. Call them a hippie, they still will not bother to change much about them. It is you who will have to come to terms with how they are.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Embracing change

Being adamant about changing themselves does not mean that they are the same when it comes to adapting and embracing to changes around themselves. They’ll do their best to slip in the slight or the huge changes that have taken place around them, be it the demise of a loved one or a retirement from the workplace that they had been working in since ever. They accept the fact that things would no longer be the same and make peace with it by thinking of ways to deal with it.

Mentally Strong People

  1. Realistic

Mentally strong people do not let the fact escape their consciousness that it is a realistic world that they inhabit. The rules of existence and coexistence are very well embedded in their mind. They are excellent critical thinkers and have a great understanding of what is expected of them in a particular situation. They do not fantasize or romanticize about life. Their feet always touch the ground as they understand that everything is temporary, be it fame and prosperity. As one ought to be, they prepare themselves for the worst even while reveling in the happiness of the present moment.

It might be difficult as well as extremely beneficial to live with people who are entrenched with these attributes in their personality. Try being more around them, as in today’s fast paced world everyone ought to be strong on the psychological front.

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