Top 10 Myths about India that are not true

We’ve grown up with a vision that India is not just slightly, but WAY different that all other countries in the world. Some say that it’s for the better that it is, and some just simply deny that. People grow up with horrendous misconceptions about India, that it is awfully difficult to get them out of our heads.

But here’s a list that would make you think about it all over again. Give it a thought and realize that what you always believed in, wasn’t absolutely correct.

So here are 10 myths about India you thought were correct and incorrigible, but aren’t true at all:



Myths about India

People often have this misunderstanding about Indians that they only speak two languages that are English and Hindi. However, they do not keep in mind the diverse cultures and languages that exist in India, after all. India is a country of bright colors and multi-cultures. Indians have the opportunity to communicate with each other in 22 OFFICIAL languages, but otherwise, there are about 750 different languages that Indians commute in.

So it is not just English or Hindi that Indians are capable of. There’s a lot more to Indians than just these two languages.


Myths about India

And again. This one is very pervasive. It is seldom understood, that there are more ‘elderly’ people in India than there are kids. Truth be told, there are more youngsters in India in today’s times than there ever was in the previous years. And by 2020, India will be the country with maximum number of youngsters in the world.

So in a country where development and growth is happening at such a fast rate, how can one simply assume that there aren’t many youngsters in India?


Myths about India

That statement above is absolutely incorrect. As explained in the previous points, India is a country where religion, language and culture is given utmost importance. It is very unfortunate that people who don’t know much about this country, come to assume that since Hinduism is what makes ‘Hindustan,’ there probably wont be any other religion.

India has 4 major religions, majorly Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism. And it just doesn’t involve Hindus.


Myths about India

It is true that India’s literacy rate (65.4%) is quite less, compared to a lot of other countries in the world. However, it isn’t safe to say that the country is full of illiterate people. India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and has the 3rd largest economy in the world. Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Arts students go abroad and are given excellent jobs and feedback. They’re considered the most intelligent from a lot of angles and this is of pure pride, for the country.

So, the next time you feel India has educational problems, come back and read this article again.


Myths about India

Most of the people who know little about this country, or barely anything believe that this country will not let go of its orthodox cultures and thinking. It is partly correct, that A FEW FEW Indians still have this thought in their minds, but it is A MYTH that this country DOESN’T WANT TO CHANGE. It is growing at such a fast rate and people are becoming more broad-minded and open about their thoughts.

Why is it that it is still thought of as a country with most backward thinking? It is absolute rubbish. Every country has their own orthodox policies that they follow, even though they show no relevance in today’s times. India is changing and is becoming a country which consists of free and like minded, intelligent and wise people.


Myths about India

This is a prime issue in every country, regardless of how small or big it is. Again, please understand that POVERTY is a state of a society. It is present in every society and it is looked after by the government of that country as it is an economic problem as well. We consider poverty a huge problem ONLY in India. And why is that?

According to recent surveys and facts, India comes 83 in the list of countries that live under the poverty line. And you know what’s more shocking? Poverty has started to affect tourism to extents where the tourists would complain ans say ‘how can you live around so much poverty?’

Please understand this, that poverty is NOT A FACT, IT IS A POSSIBILITY. And India is a developing country and is working hard towards this situation. So it is very incorrect to say that India is full of poverty-stricken people.


Myths about India

Everyone tends to believe that healthcare in India again, is A VERY BIG PROBLEM. Well, healthcare isn’t a project or a task that has to achieve its peak. Healthcare is something that grows keeping in mind a lot of other factors. It is seldom believed that India has poor healthcare and because of which, the poor die because of the following reasons:

a. it is expensive.

b. the doctors don’t address them well.

c. it is unhygienic.

In the past few years, numerous hospitals in different villages in the remotest corners of India have opened up due to health care awareness and importance. Youngsters choose to become doctors to support this nationwide idea of providing excellent facilities to even those who can’t afford it.


Myths about India

We find ourselves surrounded by people who would complain about how DIRTY AND UNHYGIENIC India is. Well, if it didn’t cross your mind, then understand that India’s beauty is talked about through out the world. The kind of tourism India has is far more than a lot of other continents and countries.

So, if you think that India is dirty, then why not compliment things that aren’t? Why is it that we focus on things that are wrong and not appreciate the beautiful ones?


Myths about India

And again. Crime is a part of every country and nation. I’m not saying it is correct, but it happens without anyone’s awareness or notice. That does not mean the entire country is full of criminals. People have this view about India too.Why is it that all other nations are considered ‘safe’ and India isn’t? The crime rates in the past few years in not only India, but a LOT OF COUNTRIES have increased.

It isn’t why these crimes happen. It is about why we let them happen.


Myths about India

In case you’re looking for PRIVACY in India and you don’t get any, THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE are not to be blamed. That’s the beauty about India. Indians love sharing everything with each other. Indians communicate and love being there for each other. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t get privacy, the country’s beauty is made up of people like these who you feel are invading your private life.

So go out there and see for yourself, what a beautiful country India is.

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  • Kanika, the arguments you have given are not solid. E.g. the point about crime looks like an acceptance that crime in India is higher than other countries, while in reality the picture is absolutely different.

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