Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Never Steal Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

We all have had crushes, haven’t we? The first time you looked at him, your heart skipped a beat. He was cute and you couldn’t help yourself from adoring the way he smiled and your heart did somersaults whenever he talked to you. Each time you met him, you wished you could have him. The feeling is pure ecstasy, only there is one problem. He is your best friend’s boyfriend. Your best friend, unaware of the soft corner you are developing for him, lets you hang out with him and her. But love often makes people do silly things and soon enough you will feel tempted to steal him from your best friend. Though it might seem easy, but hold your horses and have a look at why you should never steal your best friend’s boyfriend.


1. Because she is your BFF

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Number one reason why you shouldn’t d steal your best friend’s boyfriend is that she is the person that has stayed with you through thick and thin. She is one of the rare people who you were lucky enough to have as she has always been supportive and never turned her back on you and trusted you the most. Would you really want to see this girl heartbroken and shattered? No matter how charming her boyfriend might be and how much you are drawn towards him, think before you act. Is he really worth jeopardizing your friendship with your best friend?

2. It is out of moral bounds

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Going behind your best friend’s back is itself immoral and isn’t something that would make you proud of yourself later. She trusts you with her whole heart and repaying it by backstabbing her isn’t what you should do if you believe that you are a good person. With integrity, you have nothing to fear but when you lose your integrity, you will have nothing to defend yourself with. If your best friend is totally head over heels for this boy and if you try to steal him from her, you might not be her as good of a friend as you think you are.

3. Will bring unbearable guilt

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Once you act upon, there’s nothing you can do to run away from the consequences. You will have to suffer the consequences of your actions and take the blame. It will eat you up and you will never be sorry enough. No number of apologies can cover for what you did and you will never be at peace knowing that your best friend, who once loved you, now hates you. The amount of guilt will crush you and you will never be able to look in her eyes ever again. Regret and guilt will never let you enjoy what you have with the boy and your actions would make you feel ashamed of yourself.

4. Will cause too much awkwardness

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Love triangles don’t stay quiet for long. Once you start dating your best friend’s ex, you will always feel uncomfortable around your best friends and other friends. They will look at you with accusing eyes and the burden of their gazes will bring your self-esteem down. You will try to ignore them when you are with your best friend’s ex and ultimately you will be left alone. A relationship that comes with so much hassle isn’t worth and will do you no good.

5. Will shatter her faith in you

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Before you break someone’s trust, remember the amount of time it took you to build it. Once you gain someone’s trust, it gives you enormous freedom, and when the trust is broken, it will never be tainted with your felony. The wounds will never completely heal and will leave scars behind. Your best friend might trust you a lot if she lets you hang around with him. If you take her trust for granted and fool around with her boyfriend, ask yourself again if you were ever worth of her trust in you.

6. There’s no walking back

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

You may later realize that the boy wasn’t worth the trouble and what you did was actually felonious; but it will be too late to make up for it. What’s done is done and there’s nothing you can do to go back in time and mend everything. The mistake has been made and the consequences will be in order, there is no escaping from them. It is better to judge your deeds before going forward. Her boy friend might seem dreamy and may give you butterflies in your tummy, but if you if you steal him from the girl with whom you spent the best days of your life, you may never have her back in your life again.

7. Your relationship will most likely fail

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

If her boyfriend can be stolen, then you should know that he might not remain faithful to you as well. If he can go behind his girlfriend’s back to have a fling with her best friend, there will always be the chances that he might do the same to you. And no relationship can be successful if its foundation is built on lies and betrayal. It will give you no joy in having a boyfriend on the cost of your best friend’s happiness. A castle built using the bricks of lies will soon fall and leave you with nothing.

8. You will lose her

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Remember all the best-friend-forever cards and bands you gave her and told her that you will never turn your back on her and will always choose her over any boy. If you meant what you said then you would never cheat on her with her boyfriend, despite how you feel about him. He should never come first when it comes between choosing him and her. Don’t expect her to stay with you if you put a knife in her back. Losing someone who has kept all your secrets, who has always been there when life gave you lemons, who has always found joy in your happiness is like losing a part of yourself. You will be left with a hole in your heart and there will be no one who could replace her. Think, if losing her is the cost you are ready to pay for a short-lived relationship.

9. Will harm your reputation

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Your reputation will be tarnished if you leave your best friend for a boy. People will not think twice before judging you and giving you names. You will be frowned upon and the tales of your betrayal will spread quicker than the fire in a forest. No one would trust you and you will always be known as the girl who stole her best friend’s boyfriend.

10. Your friendship will suffer

Never Steal Your Best Friends Boyfriend

Even if you don’t lose your best friend and she agrees to forgive you, it will never be as it used to be. She will always be aware of the fact that you backstabbed her and will never completely trust you again. There will be secrets that she may keep from you and little things will create distance among you both. No matter how much you try to make things right, resentment, hurt and the past will always linger in the air.

You laughed with her, cried with her, did most of the crazy things with her, and million other things. So, before you make your move, rethink. Because you can survive without a boyfriend, but you can’t go a day without your best friend or more like your sister from another mister!

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