Top 10 Things Italy is Famous for

Italy, and the spring and first love, all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.” In this one sentence, Bertrand Russel has rightly described the beautiful atmosphere of Italy by comparing it to the most beautiful moments in life. The country has the mesmerizing cultural essence and captivating modern power that makes it stay forever in the heart of the visitors.

Italy, the 30 million km2 land extended in the southern region of Europe, is a dream city for billions. With the capital city of Rome, the country defines uniqueness and serenity in the best possible way.

Class, Culture, Champions and Cheese, are few words that perfectly describe the mesmerizing blend of old and new age endeavors delivered by this place. The heavenly scenery of Venice, the fashion in Milan, the Renaissance treasures of Florence to the landmarks and art of Rome, each inch of land in Italy holds a special and fascinating background.

Things Italy is Famous for

Although the country is fighting with its internal issues, every aspect of Italy from the history, geography, religious beliefs, culture to cuisine, is enchanting. As the country is filled with numerous attractive places and rich heritage, it is extremely difficult to jot down some limited things that make it famous. But here are few that top the list of Things Italy is Famous For.

  1. Enchanting Vineyards.

Another name of heaven for wine-lovers is Italy. The land is a wine paradise on the face of earth filled with vineyards comprising of more than 20,000 grape varieties growing on more than 20 major growing regions around the country. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia are popular for their vineyards.

Branded and high quality wine are exported all over the world from Italy. Moreover, Italy’s Chianti Wine Festival takes a huge leap in the wine department attracting numerous wine lovers to its zeal and celebration every year. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, Italy makes you fall in love with the vineyards. The scenic view of the gorgeous spread of vineyard automatically attracts the eyes and souls of the viewers.

  1. The Italian Charm.

Italian is a language spoken by more than 80 million people in Europe. The natives of Italy are known for their unique accent and aggression, which is reflected in their speaking styles. Although delivered in anger and frustration, the translation of Italian swear words are rather comic and dramatic.

At the same time, they are also famous for their flattering compliments to close ones as well as strangers. Hence, it can be concluded that Italians know how to strike the right chord at the right time.

  1. Calcio!

Sports and Italy share a long relationship, and the most popular one of them all is soccer. The perfect fit for the aggressive Italians, soccer runs through their blood. Soccer is a religion for the citizens, with the green field being their temple. Legends like Marco Tardelli, Francesco Totti and many more have contributed greatly to this soccer maniac nation. The national team has won the world cup four times, making it one of the best in the world. Plus, the country has major clubs which take part in European Leagues. No wonder, Italian fans are one of the most enthusiastic lot on the face of earth.

Along with soccer, bicycling and other sports like skiing, skating and many more are extremely popular as well. The Italians also enjoy rugby, basketball, racing, tennis and few others.

  1. Governance Issues.

Although beautiful and picture perfect, the country has its own flaws. The major one of them is the instability in the political system. Italy has been immersed under recession for over 20 years now, which has led to severe youth unemployment problems. Moreover, the upsetting judiciary, corruption, and ill treatment of women have also made the country gain a lot of negative attention from the world.

Things Italy is Famous for

  1. The Fashion in Milan.

The renowned Milan Fashion Week is famous around the globe for the high-class display of fashion. Along with New York and London, Milan in Italy is a land of international brands and shops. Some world class brands like Prada, Armani and Gucci are of Italian origin. Famous designers and fashion stars from all over the world are attracted to this place for its popularity in this field.  Not only the wealthy brands get the city spinning, but also the streets of Milan hold some amazing options for window shopping or to buy unique and affordable items that cannot be found at any other place.

  1. The Fantasy Land – Venice.

The city of Venice located in the northeastern part of Italy is no less than a dream. Renowned for the gorgeous setting, and phenomenal architecture and brilliant display of art, the city comprises of 118 islands linked by bridges and has incomparable mesmerizing charm. Even the narrow backstreets and the street side catholic churches have captivating powers. Away from the traffic and noise of cars and buses, the souls in the city float just on canals and boats. The serenity and beauty of the city can be estimated from the fact that the entire city has been listed as a World Heritage Site.

  1. Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Italy is known for its unique architectural wonders. Out of the many, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, located in the city of Pisa, is the most popular one and has its replicas in almost all parts of the world. The history of this architectural beauty goes back to 1173, when this 185 feet long tower made up of white marbles was built with some constructional error. The tilt was observed after several years, and then the name came into existence. Currently, it is tilted 4.5 meters from the perpendicular.

Things Italy is Famous for

  1. Ferrari, Lamborghini and many more.

The most famous and expensive sports car companies in the world, Ferrari and Lamborghini, are of Italian origin. Many other automobile companies, like Alfa Romeo and Maserati, have also gained immense popularity for their impressive design and speed. These gorgeous sports cars on the stunning streets of Italy are a site to watch and enjoy for the tourists.

  1. Enchanting Art and Culture.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many famous sculptors, painters and composers were born on this land. Their original works are on display in many parts of the country. The modern artists from all across the globe come to Italy to gain inspiration from the pieces of work by ingenious and talented minds.

The influence of Renaissance Culture can be seen on the lifestyle of Italy till today. Originated in Florence, the spread of this culture is reflected as an integral part in the art, literature, philosophy, science, and religion of the country.

  1. From Pizza to Pasta.

Finally, the delicious, mouthwatering classic Italian cuisine is a common name in numerous restaurants around the world. Also thanks to Italy, that just by a single call from home, yummy, cheesy and luscious pizza gets delivered at the doorsteps. The other famous Italian delight, Pasta, produces an unmatchable sensation as it softly melts on the tongues of the consumers.
However, these are just the initials of the never ending delightful list of food that is offered in Italy. With the unbeatable desserts and ice creams, the land is filled with magical food endeavors. Gelato, the wonderful ice cream shop is also the invention of Italy. Napes is a city on the map of Italy that is a paradise for the foodies, providing a wide range of incredible eatables.

Things Italy is Famous for

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