Top 10 Things to do Before you Turn 30

If age is just a number then ‘30’ is probably one of the scariest ones. Time flies, life goes by and before you know it, you will complete three whole decades of your life! It is hard to ignore the fuss around turning 30! For some people, it is the beginning of the end while others believe life has just begun. Nevertheless, turning 30 is definitely a milestone.

So why is it such a big deal? Probably because you have to bid adieu to the carefree years of your twenties when you have more time to do what you like and you can afford not taking life too seriously.  As you grow older, you are expected to ‘settle down’ and take up certain responsibilities.

Once they have entered their thirties, people often tend to regret all the things which they did not do in the previous decade of their lives. Do you want to be somebody who is stuck in the ‘what-ifs’? Definitely no! This is why you should start planning to make the most out of your twenties right away!

Make a list of all the things which you want to accomplish before you hit 30. It could be anything-finding true love, traveling to exotic places, finding the right job or being a part of a festival or concert.

Here are a few things which you may include in your list of things you should definitely do before turning 30.

do Before you Turn 30

10.Attend a music concert

The music, the madness, the crazy fans- music concerts are as fun as it can get. What can be better than watching your favorite artist perform live?  Make sure you attend at least one music concert before you turn 30.

do Before you Turn 30

9.Adventure sports-feel the adrenaline rush

You are young, wild and free. It is time to move out of your comfort zone and try something thrilling! Yes, I am talking about adventure sports. Bungee jumping, rafting, paragliding, zorbing, free falling-there are plenty of options out there. The adrenaline rush which comes with these activities is something you must experience.

do Before you Turn 30

8. Travel Alone

If you haven’t  traveled solo yet, you are missing out on what could be the most memorable experience of your life! Whether you are a travel buff or not, traveling alone is one thing you should definitely try before turning 30. This is perhaps one of the best ways to know more about yourself.Choose a suitable destination, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the bliss of solitude! Nothing beats the exhilaration of traveling alone.

do Before you Turn 30

7. Treat yourself

A little self-indulgence will do you no harm. Buy something really expensive for yourself! It can be anything-the sports car you always dreamed of, pricey designer jewelry you always wanted or clothes/shoes by a super-expensive brand. Buy something which you can treasure for years to come. Remember you have earned it and you deserve it! Go ahead! Show yourself some love!

do Before you Turn 30

6. Go on a road trip with your buddies

Another thing which you need to check out from the list before you turn 30 is going on a road trip with your buddies. Stop wasting time in planning! Be spontaneous and hit the road before life gets too busy and complicated for you and your friends. This will definitely give you memories you will cherish and stories you may tell for years to come.

do Before you Turn 30

5. Give love a chance

Falling in love is a beautiful experience. Now I don’t mean you have to find your soul mate before you enter the fourth decade of your life. All you have to do is give love a chance without worrying about getting your heart broken. You may have to go through a few bad relationships before you find ‘the one.’ Remember, heartbreaks are not the end of the world they may even help you become a stronger, more mature person! This is something you must experience before you hit 30.

do Before you Turn 30

4. Learn to save

Are you one of those 20-somethings for whom life is all about partying, shopping and spending recklessly? Living in the moment sounds good but you may end up regretting it in future! For a secure life ahead you must learn to master the art of saving. Social security and retirement plans are great but the best way to ensure financial security later in life is to start saving while there is still time. The earlier you start the better. A little future planning goes a long way.

do Before you Turn 30

3.Discover a fitter, healthier you

Work hard to shed those extra kilos before life becomes too busy for you to spare time for getting back into shape. The earlier you start with a workout regime, the better. In fact, once the regime becomes a part of your schedule, it will be easier to continue with it later in life! Cut down on toxic habits like excessive drinking and smoking. Your health is vital if you want to live your life to the fullest. Make sure you start living a healthier life before you hit 30!!

do Before you Turn 30

2.Take risks in your career

Most people in their twenties are still trying to figure out themselves. It is no wonder that often people find themselves stuck with a job they hate or realize that they have chosen the wrong career path.  Taking a little risk in your career is okay when you are in your twenties! So if you do not like your job, QUIT. You have enough time to consider the various options available to you! If you have something particular in mind, a ‘dream job’, work for it. In case you are not sure what you want to do, try new things and find out what you are good at. Make sure you have a stable, satisfying career before you cross your twenties.

do Before you Turn 30

1. Learn to love yourself

One thing which you must do before turning 30 is learning to accept and love yourself. You are a unique, amazing individual. Quit wasting time on trying to be what others want you to be. Cherish those who love you and care about you. Let go of those who can’t accept you the way you are or try to discourage you. Stop carrying the baggage of your past and open yourself to new experiences and adventures. Learn to enjoy your own company! No matter how busy life gets, remember to take out some ‘me time’ to do the things you love.

Turning 30 does not mean you are old! It does not mean that life will cease to be fun once you cross your twenties! New adventures await you at every stage of your life!  However, it isn’t really a bad idea to set a few goals to ensure you are making the best use of what are probably your most carefree years.
When ‘30’ finally knocks at your door, welcome it with a big birthday bash! Use all the lessons you have learned from your early youth to lead a healthier and happier life.  So how many items have you crossed out from the list so far?

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