Top 12 India’s Most Haunted Places List

The strange screams, the wicked laughs, white spirits disappearing into the thin air, the cold breezes, the mysterious deaths, are all fun as bedtime stories and printed articles. However, encountering such situation is real life is a task of brave hearts. The thoughts and descriptions are enough to get our hands sweaty and heart beats fast in horror.

India is a land of many well known haunted areas that could take away your night’s sleep by mere mention. There are also others that are as intriguing but still remain as myth in the small villages around the country. If your guts are strong enough, you could actually try exploring some of these live thrillers present on land of India. Here are a few of to try out –


  1. GP Block, Meerut.

This two storied building in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh has been scaring the natives away due to the paranormal activities observed here. The people claim to have seen four friends sitting on the terrace around candlelight enjoying beer. Some have even mentioned about a girl coming out the building wearing a red dress. Due to the spookiness, the place has been abandoned for years.

  1. Dow Hill, Darjeeling

The schools in this hilly region of Darjeeling, Victoria Boys School and Dow Hill Girls Boarding School for Girls, have experienced numerous supernatural activities. Many cases of ghost sighting have been reported in these schools. People claim to have heard footsteps in the corridors of the Boy’s school during vacations. Moreover, the forest surrounding the schools has taken the life of many. The woodcutters have seen a headless boy walking around in the woods even in broad daylight.

  1. Delhi Cantt

The paranormal story of Delhi Cantt is much like the ones heard in our bedtime horror stories. The place is surrounded by greenery, and in between the lush of trees and branches, a road passes. The passersby in cars have seen a lady in white sari waving hands for lift. If the driver does not stop the car, then the lady runs at equal speed and sometimes even goes ahead to get in front of the car.

  1. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Beaches are the places to chill and get your body at ease, but in Dumas Beach the situation is different. The beach is said to be a place where dead bodies are burnt by Hindus, hence many scary activities are observed here. People claim that spirit of the dead ones flow with the wind of the beach, and claim to have heard abnormal whispers. Some tourists are even found dead after walking in the beach alone.

  1. D’Souza Chawl, Mahim, Mumbai

The landowner of the place, a lady, fell into the well while drawing water and died screaming for help. Since then, the residents have observed a figure in white apparel roaming walking around in the nights. However, it doesn’t hurt anyone therefore visitors are common to the place.

  1. The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

This historical delight in the Pune region of Maharashtra is well known for the spooky incidences in the full moon nights. The legend goes back in time when a 13-year old prince was assassinated and brutally tortured here before he finally died. The spirit of the prince still remains in this beautifully architect fort. The people camping nearby in full moon nights have claimed to hear screams of  little boy from the walls of the fort. Hence, the visitors prefer to go to this place only in the daylight and avoid visits in the night hours, especially in full moon nights.

  1. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

One of the most popular places of country, where numerous movie shoots occur, has scared many due to the paranormal activities in the hotel. The lights on top of the hotel building keeps falling off and the light men has faced many accidents acquiring injuries. The food kept in the room gets scattered by itself and some have heard knocks on the door at the middle of the night. The women guests here are more targeted than the male. Girls have claimed invisible force tearing their clothes off and knocking the bathroom doors even when the room is locked from inside. This has caused many to avoid this hotel.

  1. Jatinga Valley, Assam

Humans are not the only enemies of supernatural spirits. One great example of this is Jatinga Valley in Assam which is popular for the bird suicides. The migratory birds once visiting the village don’t get a chance to leave. The birds flying over the valley drop dead over the streets due to no apparent reason. The case is especially prominent in the moonless nights of September and October, during 6.00pm to 09.30pm. Even the scientists have not been able to find any valid reason behind the same.

  1. The Church of Three Kings, Goa

The legend behind this spooky church goes back in time, when three Portuguese kings fought for the kingdom of Goa. One of the kings named Holgar had called the other two for a meeting in the church and poisoned them to obtain the throne. Later, when the locals found out about the incident, they gathered up to kill Holgar. Since then, it is claimed that the spirits of the warriors roam around this area as all three kings were buried in the same church.

  1. Bengal Swamps, West Bengal

Aleya Lights or marsh ghost lights have been observed in the marshes of Bengal by the fishermen. These lights confuse them causing them to lose their way. The lights lead the fishermen to the depth of the water, where they drown and die. Many floating dead bodies have been reported in the sides of the water and the locals attribute it to the Aleya lights.

  1. Savoy Hotel, Mussorie

A French visitor in the hotel was found dead in 1911, under mysterious conditions. It was later revealed that she was poisoned. Since then, many deaths have occurred at the same lobby of the hotel. Most of the times, the reason is unknown. Visitors have also heard strange noises and seen spirits walking in the lobby.

  1. Bhangarh, Rajasthan

The scariest place in the map of the country, the Bhangarh Fort is popular for the supernatural activities observed here. According to an old story, a magician fell in love with the princess of this area. However, their match was impossible as the princess was in denial. In order to obtain the love of the princess, he decided to cast spells on her. The princess came to know about it earlier and hence killed him before he could do so. But during his death, the magician cast spells on the entire fort which resulted in its doom. The area is not inhabited by anyone since then. Strange activities occur in the palace till today. Although promoted as a tourist spot, the visitors are not allowed to enter the area after sunset.

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