Top 15 Health Benefits of Yogurt

Even after reading the topic are you still interested in reading the content? Okay! Then I guess you prefer natural stuff over the supplements available in the market. So here we are talking about yogurt. Some may carry the myth that yogurt and curd are the same for them Yogurt is made by fermentation of milk by a bacteria and Curd is a dairy product that is obtained by curdling with an edible acidic substance like lemon or vinegar and then just draining off the liquid portion. Still interested in reading? Okay, let’s open the treasure box of a miraculous product that finds its place in almost all the food cuisines, from Besan (corn flour) Curry (Indian) to Ayran that is the National drink of Turkey made from yogurt and salt.



Are you really tired of spending lots and lots of money for your skin in the parlor and are still unsatisfied by the result? If yes then stop doing that from now. According various Dermatologists Yogurt can help in making the softer along with removing tan and can also correct the problems like decolouration of skin without any side effects and damage to the skin as it contains lactic acid which is used as a skin polishing agent as it exfoliates the top layer of the skin which can clear up blemishes and can prevent fine lines and wrinkles.



Nowadays we all have got super busy schedule leading to unhealthy lifestyle which results in various health related issues causing deterioration of the quality of your hair, hair fall, dandruff problems, decolouration of hair etc. for all these problems your kitchen has got the solution. Pick up a bowl of yogurt immediately if you are facing all these problems. Yogurt contains conditioning properties that can make your hair look softer and smoother and can also replenish the lost natural oils due to irregular oiling habits.



“Obesity” a term we all are familiar with. But a myth that comes free with the term is that a person who is obese eats too much isn’t it? For all those people who believe so here is fact. Actually, that fat that deposits in our body especially in the belly region produces a hormone cortisol which commands our body to accumulate even more fat leading to a flabby belly. This is where our hero “yogurt” enters. Have 18 ounces of yogurt a day and you can drop a size this is because calcium in yogurt signals the fat cells to release less cortisol and amino acids keep on burning the fat.



Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential vitamins that our body requires as it maintains the red blood cells and also takes care of proper working of our nervous system too. The basic source of vitamin B12 is animal fat which we get from chicken, mutton, fish etc. and Vegetarians can fall short of this vitamin due the absence of such items from their regular diet, for them Yogurt is just like a boon as eating more yogurt can fill the nutrient gap due to the presence of Vitamin B12.



Proteins are the building blocks of our body. They perform repairing functions in our body and protect us from “wear and tear”. Yogurt can be a great source of protein. Although different varieties of yogurt have different amount but still all of them do contain protein. Traditional yogurt contains approx. 5 grams per serving whereas Greek yogurt contains 20 grams per serving.



We all love tasty, spicy and salty food. It is like obvious for us for us to crave for such food items that just blow our taste-buds, after all, we are blessed with “TASTE-BUDS” and this world we do take advantage of everything we have without even thinking about what all harms it can cause us. Studies show that on an average a person consumes almost twice the salt required by the body in a day leading to problems like Hypertension (KNOWN AS NAMAK KI BIMARI IN VILLAGES), kidney disorders and heart associated problems. So for all the FOODIES in the world (I belong to your community only), we have our ultimate rescuer that is “YOGURT.” It contains potassium that helps in flushing excessive salt out of the body, in turn, saving us from kidney disorders and maintaining and regulating Blood Pressure levels.



Imagine a day when you eat chocolates, sweets and toffees and don’t get caught by dreadful cavities, wouldn’t that be like the best day of your life? But hey see I’ve got something new. We have got one such thing that contains sugar but doesn’t damage our beautiful smile. Yes, this is absolutely true. Although yogurt contains sugar content but it doesn’t cause any damage to tooth enamel.



Colon is basically the largest part of the large intestine and smallest part of the digestive system. It extracts salt and water from the solid waste before the body throws it out. Cancer is a disease which is caused by the excessive growth of cells within the body and colon cancer occurs when this growth is initiated inside the large intestine, but our hero Yogurt is fighter of colon cancer also. Having Yogurt once a day is the best natural way to rectify all the problems associated with intestines. Yogurt contains absorbable calcium and Vitamin D. the by-product of yogurt helps in preventing the formation of tumors.



Yogurt produces the same bacteria that is produced by our gut. Along with that, some yogurts contains the good bacteria, they are also called probiotics. These probiotics help in irritable bowel syndrome, gas, abdominal pain but the benefits depend upon the strain of probiotics. Actually, let’s make it simpler for all the readers to find out the whether the product contains probiotics or not? So whenever you read the term “live and active cultures” just buy it. They contain Probiotics. It is an add-on to your health.

a miraculous product that finds its place in almost all the food cuisines


Low white blood cell count and you just hate having pills? Thinking what can you do at home boost up your immunity? If yes then Yogurt is the right product for you.
The Good-for-you bacteria that is the probiotics present in yogurt (selected) are our immunity booster as they promote the growth of white blood cells which are the infection-fighting or the antibodies of the gut. The production of these cells can make you resistant from many diseases.



Osteoporosis is a disease that strikes mostly to post-menopausal women. It is a condition in which bones start weakening. Vitamin D and calcium are essential for reducing the risk of osteoporosis that can even lead to fractures and in old age it is difficult to recover from such problems. Yogurt contains calcium that prevents the quality of bones from getting deteriorated.



From the right amount of carbohydrates to the right amount of proteins yogurt, particularly Greek Yogurt is one of the most beneficial snacks that you can grab immediately after having the workout or within 60 minutes of your workout. The protein present in this Greek yogurt provides amino acids that our muscles require for repairing purposes.



Yeast vaginal infections or “CANDIDA” ae common in women with diabetes. It is basically excessive growth of yeast in the vagina that causes irritation. Having sugar rich can promote the growth of candida in the vaginal region. Researches show that if a diabetic woman with chronic yeast infections consumes 6 ounces of frozen aspartame-sweetened yogurt a day it can lead to decrease in PH of the vagina along with a relief in vaginal infections.



The term lactose intolerance talks about the people who have cannot digest lactose. It is a sugar found in milk. If you are lactose intolerant that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from all the dairy products. Just go Greek. Try Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is comparatively thicker than the normal yogurt, this is because the watery part is strained out which is rich in lactose. Also as compared to other dairy products aged cheese and yogurt are easier to digest. So now there is no need to keep yourself away from this treasure box of health.



Today all we want to do is excel in what so ever we do which really requires a great concentration and dedication towards what we do. Along with that boosting up your mental capacity is important so that you can recall what easily whatever you stored in your Short term memory or long term memory. Yogurt specifically Greek yogurt can help you in boosting your mental capacity as it is rich in calcium and is a great vitamin and mineral source shortage of which can lead to anxiety, irritability and slow thinking.

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