Your Hobby is Actually Your Passion: 8 Signs to Know

Every single one of us has his or her own interest that can actually become a business, a job or a career. From simply writing your own travel experience, cooking your favorite recipe or putting your beautiful surroundings into canvass, your hobby can actually become your passion.

As you persistently do it, you will know it is your calling because it becomes so natural to you that you enjoy doing it effortlessly. Besides, you have that sense of achievement and gives you the reason to wake up with a smile on your face.

Below are the 8 signs your hobby is, in fact, your passion:

1. You find joy in doing it

You know it is your passion if you genuinely feel happy doing it. It is something that keeps you smiling no matter what you’re doing – eating, having a date with friends, doing your daily thing perhaps. It gets you excited! It gives you that extraordinary energy because you love doing it.

Signs your hobby is your passion - you find joy in doing it

2. You give it your all

You are extremely excited doing it that you would even talk about it to everyone, like your first crush. It is something that you love doing that procrastinating it is not in your vocabulary. You would want to do it as fast and as best as you can. People around you would know and feel it because the energy and passion you are putting into it become contagious.

Signs your hobby is your passion - you give it your all

3. You push yourself effortlessly

You know it is your passion when you constantly think of ways of doing it best. You just don’t stop until you are satisfied because you just do not go for “good enough.” No feeling of frustration; instead, you have that inner feeling of self-fulfillment because you believe you’ve given your very best.

Signs your hobby is your passion - you push yourself effortlessly

4. You don’t give excuse doing it

It is something you keep on doing no matter what. Even if it is difficult, you find a way to do it easily without hesitation, without complaining. You infuse both time and talent and would want to finish it in no time at all.

Signs your hobby is your passion - you dont give excuse doing it

5. You see development

People around you would notice that what you have been busy with is good because it comes so naturally to you. It simply becomes authentically you. Best of all, you do not stop there. You would still look for ways to do it better than what you did before that because you believe you can still improve. And the outcome would make you truly happy.

Signs your hobby is your passion - you see development

6. You lose all sense of time doing it

Perhaps, anyone can attest that losing track of time is the most noticeable sign you’re doing something you are passionate about. No distraction of any kind can win over that thing you really love doing. Also, you are willing to be inconvenienced at the expense on it. You enjoy doing it so much that you yourself is astonished at the amount of time spent doing it without feeling exhausted. Most of all, you take so much pride of the extraordinary outcome of your work.

Signs your hobby is your passion - you lose all sense of time doing it

7. Money is not a motivation

Certainly, money is not your motivation when doing something you are passionate about. Your motivation comes from that inner feeling of joy and pride that is why you simply do it perfectly and consistently. If you will be able to monetize out from it, that is just secondary to you.

Signs your hobby is your passion - money is not a motivation

8. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, purpose and pride

Certainly, there are things that you may excel at but you do not consider them your great achievements, nor they give you that sense of pride and purpose. You know it is your calling when that thing that you do gives you that inexplicable joy and that you are absolutely proud of. You feel you truly have accomplished something worthwhile. Because you are satisfied and joyful, you feel energized and would always look forward doing it, giving it your all.

Signs your hobby is your passion - it gives you a sense of accomplishment purpose and pride


Now what runs through your mind going through the list?

Worry not if you have not gone through these 8 signs, though. It could just happen as long as you desire to start doing something you are interested with. It is not to be coerced. Pretty soon, you might find yourself doing what you are passionate about.

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