10 Healthy Habits for Seniors to Keep

Physical exams, medications, dental check-ups should be on seniors’ health lists.

If people in their youth have healthy habits, they can become healthy even in their senior years. Having healthy habits has a positive impact and can make a great difference even to seniors who are prone to diseases and haven’t made health a priority before.

Below are the 10 healthy habits for seniors to keep:

Healthy habits for seniors - prioritize prevention

1. Prioritize prevention

Preventative health care visits, which include health screening for colon cancer, heart problems, cholesterol levels and more. Seniors also need to get vaccinated for the prevention of pneumonia and influenza.

Healthy habits for seniors - eat healthy

2. Eat healthily

Our digestive system is slowing down with age, so it is important to include foods high in fiber: whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Since seniors are vulnerable to dehydration, drinking water is essential for them to stay sharp and energized.

Healthy habits for seniors - get medication management information

3. Get medication management information

Regularly review and ask about the medications of seniors with their doctors. Look out for any drug interactions that can occur and note any new symptoms like loss of appetite, drowsiness, allergic reaction, and others when they start the medication or change it.

Healthy habits for seniors - improve mental health

4. Improve mental health

Geriatric Mental Health Foundation recommended that seniors try new hobbies, write, and read to help them engage around the world and stimulate their minds.

Healthy habits for seniors - be physically active

5. Be physically active

Exercise improves memory and energy and can alleviate depression. Short walks or long walks that physician has approved can make seniors healthier for a long time.

Seniors can stay active and do more if their health is in control – which is crucial in their well-being.

Healthy habits for seniors - have some sleep

6. Have some sleep

Among seniors, insomnia and frequent waking at night are common. Turn off the lights to stimulate drowsiness and make sure that their room is quiet, cool, and comfortable.

Healthy habits for seniors - screening for vision changes

7. Screening for vision changes

The prescription of seniors who wear glasses should be checked yearly, and their eyes should be screened for health issues. Having the right glasses can help reduce the chances of falling.

Healthy habits for seniors - socialize

8. Socialize

It will help seniors feel connected if they spend their time with grandchildren and family, especially if they have mobility issues.

Healthy habits for seniors - dentist visits every 6 months

9. Dentist visits every 6 months

As we age, the risk for cavities also goes up. Additionally, there are a lot of mouth infections that might link to serious health conditions, like stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. That’s why seniors must regularly see their dentist.

Healthy habits for seniors - free physical exam

10. Free physical exam

Take advantage of any free physical exams offered by the government or health insurance.

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