15 Best Ways to Get Your Crush to Like You

It’s everyone’s dream to have their crush like them back. When we have a crush on someone and found out they have the same feelings for us as we do, we’re getting excited!

Most of the people are too shy to approach the person they admire, give hints for their feelings or chat them. A lot of times, when you admire someone, it looks like there’s a barrier between both of you.

Check out the 15 surefire ways for your crush to start liking you and get these tips if you wish to grab your crush’s attention and let them look at no one else except you.

Following the helpful tips below will surely help you ignite the spark.

1. Be Yourself

Get Your Crush to Like You

Don’t laugh and cringe, as being yourself is vitally significant. A lot of individuals get around their crush and act like a totally different individual. Why do you think they are doing this?

You’ll feel calm, happy and relaxed when you’re acting as yourself and for sure, your crush will see it and want it too. Additionally, when they responded to your feelings, they will like you for being you and not for whoever you are pretending to be.

2. Be Around

Get Your Crush to Like You

If you’re just watching from far away, how can they like you? The opportunity is gone for them to get familiar with you. Wherever your crush is, be around. Now, keep in mind, it doesn’t give you the approval to stalk on them and appear out of nowhere. No stalking, please!

However, if they are going somewhere with a group of friend and you are invited, grab the opportunity. As much as possible, be there, they’ll surely notice you.

3. Talk to Your Crush

Get Your Crush to Like You

Talk to your crush, get up! It is important for them to know you for who you are and to have a conversation with you regularly for them to decide whether they admire you or not.

Have a conversation with them about yourself and also their hobbies and interests. Let them know you more by being open to them. Here’s how to keep the conversation going with the opposite sex.

4. Giving Hint

Get Your Crush to Like You

Lessen the drama, instead, give them some hint that you are interested in them. If your crush asks you if are going at a specific event, then answer “I’ll go, if you’re going, too.” And maybe, add some smile to get their interest.

It will imply that you wanted to be wherever they are and shows no interest to others around.

5. Dress to Impress

Get Your Crush to Like You

It’s harmless if you’ll try. Have an effort to dress well whenever you are in front of your crush and make sure not to overdress.

6. Take Part in their Interests

Get Your Crush to Like You

If you’re requested to join into some exciting hobby of your crush with a troop, then you should go! You should mingle with them and show interest in the activity – if you have a genuine interest too.

It just shows you can indeed jive with their favorite past time and of course, with them; an absolutely desirable trait that a potential partner can have.

7. Don’t Overthink

Get Your Crush to Like You

Overthinking your word, text, and move will not going to help you instead lessen your chances. Breath deeply and let things go with the flow. Being relaxed and letting it happen naturally is an effective way for them to admire you back.

Overthinking will just make you choked up, nervous, and tense. Relax and go with the flow.

8. Bring Out Your Personality

Get Your Crush to Like You

Your awesome self needs to come out from the shell. Let your personality come out and holding back is not an option if you want your crush to start liking you back. Your little quirks are what they’ll like about you.

9. Flirt

Get Your Crush to Like You

Flirt it out! Unleash your inner flirting techniques and let them blush. It will let them feel you’re interested and boost up their interest as well.

The chemistry will come out naturally and it’ll make things happen easily.

10. Make them Feel Jealous

Get Your Crush to Like You

Hidden feelings come out naturally when jealously strikes in. Many people only realize their feelings after they felt jealousy. It’s always the first emotion they will feel before realizing you are special for them.

11. Justify your Compatibility

Get Your Crush to Like You

Let them feel you can jive with them. For example, if he is a workaholic, make some time for him on his day off. If the girl you admire loves environmental issues, then show them your desire to go green. Without changing anything, show them you can be compatible with each other.

12. Always Communicate with Them

Get Your Crush to Like You

Texting them every time is the best technique to do. It keeps the line open between the two of you, you’re going to learn about each other when you do it regularly.

Additionally, it takes off the nervousness in talking to him and helps you increase your flirting scheme without being frightened.

13. Be Friends with their Friends Too

Get Your Crush to Like You

Being part of their company is crucial. If you wanted them to admire you, start it by making friends with his troop. When their friends talk about you and praise you for being awesome, that for sure, they can’t keep it to themselves; they will start to admire the positive side of you.

14. Be Fun!

Get Your Crush to Like You

Everybody wants to have fun, right?
If you’re the reason for them to have fun, they’ll want your company every time. They will miss your presence if you’re always adding fun whenever you’re together and in return, they will also admire you back.

15. Be Adventurous

Get Your Crush to Like You

For others, cuteness and shyness may work, however being adventurous and outgoing is far way better for them to admire you back. When you’re ready for anything, they would always look for you when they have plans. Being alone with him, perfect!

Go with the flow and be yourself, that’s the main key. Nevertheless, a few tricks will help you increase your chances for your crush to admire you back. Know the 10 Signs that Reveal her Feelings with You.

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