Foods to Effectively Gain Weight

18 Foods to Effectively Gain Weight

Doctors normally recommend gaining weight for those who have lower-than-normal weight because it can be a cause of health problems. If a person is underweight, he is prone to different health problems like infertility, developmental delays, poor immune system...

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags

11 Best Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags

Ladies have this common problem: Eye bags! If you don’t know how to eliminate those dark, puffy area around your eyes, now is the best time to do something to vanish them. Below are the 11 best ways to eliminate eye bags: 1. Limit Salt Intake Go easy on the salt...

Most Dangerous Kids: Lizzie Borden

World’s 5 Most Dangerous Kids

Would you like to be shocked, amazed, and entertained with these five worldwide most dangerous kids? Don’t miss our top spot from the list below. We have stories to tell in each kid and indeed you will be surprised. Let’s start! 1. Paul Bernardo Image source:...

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